Washington agencies to scrutinize broad threats of coal exports

EIS will consider health impacts in Washington, rail and tanker traffic impacts across the region, and impacts of coal burning in Asia

OLYMPIA - The scope of the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point, in northwest Washington State has been finalized. If built, the project would be the largest coal export terminal in North America, exporting up to 48 million metric tons of coal per year to Asia.


Catch and Release for Puget Sound’s Rockfish: the Catch is in the Release

Puget Sound Anglers distribute recompression devices for rockfish

Recreational fishermen have been practicing catch-and-release fishing for years. Anglers who fish Washington’s Puget Sound waters are no exception. The assumption has always been that the release part of the equation will result in a free-swimming fish that will survive. Barbless hooks, minimum handling, and quick return to the water have all been developed to insure high survival rates.

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