Larsen Welcomes EPA Move to Halt Bristol Bay Pebble Mine Proposal

For those who attended the Friday Harbor Film Festival and saw Red Gold this is welcome news.

WASHINGTON—Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, today praised the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) move to stop the proposed Pebble Mine near Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Larsen opposes development of the Pebble Mine, which would hurt Washington fishers by damaging a critical salmon fishery.


Around the Web: Pine smell 'limits' climate change

This information about a recent discovery by scientists is expecially relevant in the islands as the county government wrestle with rules and regulations aimed at protecting the environment. It is a good illustration of how much we don't know and why environmental protection is vital.

The article "Smell of forest pine can limit climate change" on explains how the scent of pine forest positively affects the impacts of global warning.

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