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Connie Odegard 1935-January 23, 2020

Consuelo “Connie” Odegard, was born in ’35 and died, January 23, 2020 from a variety of cumulative ailments. She was an important member of the San Juan Islands Volunteers including The Friends of the Library, the early missteps of the Mullis Senior Center, worked hard to create the Logistics Team at the fire department with Ron Garner, and framing fine art at Waterworks Gallery from ’95 to 2007.

She had hoped to die at home and with dignity, but in the end, was forced to forgo that privilege, dying. medicated against pain in Hospice at The Village at the Harbor in Friday Harbor.

In the Bay Area she taught 8th grade math for 16 years, was skipper of an all Girls Mariner’s boat, ran the finances of Boardworks, a circuit board prototyping shop, was the first mate of our life when she wasn’t the skipper.

Everything she did was kind, generous, and loving and there are many whom she met through her life who benefitted from her willing friendship. Remember her as she was and be joyful.

The juncos flock through our swamp
fewer than last year but tightly focused
on bugs and seeds. The swamp is full
and filling more, our Spice is flying
with junco’s into the bright future
of sunny days… and warm nights.
we call to her the song we shared: “Ooodle ooodle, ooodle/
ooodle, ooodle, ooodle// ooodle ooodle, ooooooooo"
Not surprisingly we hear her voice echoing our own.

(song from the club girls in the Broadway version of Guys and Dolls),

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