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Echodu: Vote Yes on EMS levy now; support a better merger later

Please support the current EMS levy under SJC Public Hospital District #1. Without this levy, or a new one supporting a merged agency, we won’t have advanced medical first response in 2023.

An overwhelming majority of San Juan Island Emergency Medical Services (SJEMS) personnel support this levy, for good reasons. While merging Fire and SJEMS per the Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) report is probably a good idea long-term, and in general, it won’t work right now. The current mistrust and miscommunication between leadership at the two agencies is unhealthy.

Leeming: Please vote YES for the EMS Levy.

As a former SJI volunteer firefighter (1993-1998) and volunteer emt (1997-2004) I have the utmost respect for the individuals involved with these agencies.

EMS has served this community for 30 years as a separate entity from the fire department, and it has worked well. Just because something is a “national standard” doesn’t mean it is the right thing for our community….at least not yet.

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Jensen, Olson, Smith: What's it going to take?

It is baffling to us why the SJC Public Hospital District #1 (PHD) will not embrace consolidation with San Juan Island Fire & Rescue (SJIF&R). Citizens want it, it saves taxpayer money, it improves response times, it’s how the majority of emergency service agencies in the nation handle it, and in a community our size, it just makes sense.

Paulson: Vote No on EMS levy for the best interest of the community

SJC Public Hospital District #1 (PHD) has made a decision to ignore the voters of Friday Harbor, the year-long research by the Citizens Advisory Group (CAG), SJI Fire & Rescue (Fire) and PHD boards, and over 56% of district voters, who all recommend merging EMS with Fire. Going against this overwhelming support of consolidation, they are now asking for another levy to try to manage the EMS system on their own. There are very few EMS agencies in the nation that are not part of a Fire organization; in fact, WA state laws are geared towards combined agencies.

Hubbard: Doesn't get any better than San juan EMS; Vote yes on levy

I encourage you to vote Yes on the Public Hospital District's EMS Levy! I have lived on the island over 40 years and up until very recently was a volunteer EMT with San Juan Island EMS for 30 years, co-coordinating the first mock DUI drill for the high school among other things and at the same time commuted to Seattle and worked as a Seattle firefighter for 20 years and just retired.

Hetrick: SJ EMS is a godsend

I am indeed grateful for our superb EMS and it’s excellent response to the many urgent needs for emergency services here in the San Juan’s! My dad and several family members have received their swift and capable responses and help over our 30 years here in Friday Harbor!