San Juan Library thanks SJICF for supporting English Language Learning Program

We’d like to offer our thanks to the San Juan Island Community Foundation for their support for the Library’s English Language Learning program. This generous grant means that adult immigrants studying English have workbooks in which to write exercises.

More importantly, the grant from the Foundation means that while they are at the library, the only thing parents need to focus on is learning English, since their children are engaged in an enrichment program during class time. The foundation grant supports the costs of the special program for kids who get help with English skills, hear stories, receive homework help, and participate in activities and crafts. Thanks to all of you who support the Community Foundation and helped to make this happen.

The program is well-attended, but there are still spaces for additional students to join.

Laurie Orton, Director

Beth Helstien, Outreach Coordinator


EDITORIAL: What happens next in Friday Harbor following release of District Court's security cam video

So what should happen now that it is inarguably apparent that the manipulation of San Juan County District Court's security camera during a criminal trial was deliberate? Will there be an investigation to determine if this has happened before? Will the county Prosecutor Randy Gaylord issue a Brady Letter due to Sheriff Ron Krebs' conflicting testimony? If there is an investigation - what agency has jurisdiction?

Screenshot from fourth video clip focusing on the defense attorney's papers. 


Sound Defense Alliance: We Hear them – Do they Hear Us?

The recent letter sent by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) to the Secretary of the Navy echoes the region’s concerns in a long list of mitigations and considerations for the Navy to address. Some of these include: adverse effects on historical structures, agriculture and tourism. Members recognized that Growler jet noise would impact more than Central Whidbey.


Janet Thomas: The Science of Exploitation

On my morning beach walks, I bliss out in one direction and pick up plastic in the other. Either, Or and Holy Both. (Or “Wholly Both” if C.S. Lewis is to be quoted precisely.) The Either/Or of it all is having its way with me these days and it is not a pretty sight. Most recently it’s with the WA State Legislative process as they decide to act on behalf of whale-watching industry over the Southern Resident orcas.


Orca Relief Citizens Alliance letter to all legislators about killer whale's "acoustic hell"

Dear Senator Rolfes,

Thank you for your service and commitment to the people and places of Washington State. Because of the snow here in Friday Harbor, I was unable to be in Olympia for yesterday's testimony on behalf of the southern resident orca whales and their need for quiet and undisturbed waters in order to survive.

Here is my two-minute testimony in writing:


Janet Thomas: To Care Or Not To Care

“How do we make people care?” was my last discussion with scientist, Dr. Timothy Ragen, the retired Executive Director of the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission. We’d both been in Olympia on Tuesday to testify in support of noise-and disturbance-free waters for the Southern Resident orca whales.