Gavin Guard: The potential use of a ketogenic diet for traumatic brain injury: part 1

You’d be hard-pressed to say that diet does not have a large effect on the health of an individual. To that effect, we can also extend this notion to diet’s effect on brain and nervous system health. One of the trends I’ve noticed in the healthcare industry is the use of a ketogenic diet (KD) as an intervention in neurologic conditions. However, this is somewhat old news as a high-fat ketogenic diet has been used since the 1920s for those with epilepsy with very positive results.


Janet Thomas: In Memory of Real Honor

My last opinion piece, written on the first day of this New Year, had an equilibrium about it all that I can no longer muster. Witnessing the impeachment hearings and the complicity of so many with Mr. Trump’s devious and defiled behavior left me utterly bereft and bewildered. My commitment to equanimity was blown into irreparable and irretrievable bits of lost intention.


Horoscopes: February 17 - 23, 2020 - Square, Conjuction and Retrograde, Oh My!

This week gets really interesting close at hand and out in the wild; we have two stelliums going on (three or more planets in one sign) this week. One is, of course, Capricorn (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) and the other is Pisces (Neptune, Mercury and the Sun and Moon on Tuesday). Tuesday will be a big day as we have the New Moon in Pisces and Mercury turning retrograde on the same day. Mercury will continue his backward dance until March 10th when he will go direct in Aquarius. What does all this mean? Well, first of all, Pisces is a water sign that knows no boundaries and is the sign of flooding, heavy rain, broken pipes, dams, etc. where water escapes a restricted area. With Neptune in his own sign, this has already been happening in various parts of the world, most recently in the United Kingdom and Europe. Pisces is also a governor of emotions, so we can certainly watch emotions fly everywhere during this retrograde Mercury; and this is the thing to be careful about…be careful what you say when your emotions get the better of you. Best to remain silent and think the things than say something you will forever regret. 

The above sentence segues nicely into the next item: Jupiter and Venus at war with each other. This is a rather nasty alignment (square) but fortunately Venus moves quickly so it won’t last long but it is exact this week and we will see the fallout for a while. Jupiter is expansive and bigger than Venus, so his influence will ultimately win (far and wide distribution) but Venus is a personal planet and her influence will be felt at close range. Best advice here is to lay low this week and just plain stay out of conflict unless it’s you or your loved ones in the line of fire. In other words, self-defense only, and only if it’s really serious. Let’s see what the big stage does with this week.

The good news? I saved that for last. Energetic Mars and Uranus! They’re singing away in two part harmony with Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, Mars is the receiver of sporadic and sudden bursts of solid encouragement. This is good! Hopefully the cacophony of everything else won’t drown these two out…tune in to them!

 Off we go into a new week full of wild thangs and lots to do and think about. Be kind and,

Keep looking after each other!

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Aries (March 21- April 19): You have a mixed bag this week; on the good side, your Ruler Mars in your sector of Career/Social Life  is in a lovely alignment with Uranus in your sector of Finances, same as last week but more solid now. This helps you advance steadily and strategically. The challenge is getting around Jupiter in your sector of Career finishing a square with powerful Venus in your sign; this alignment is exact this week and will be moving away next week, so this is the fallout period. If you feel like you’re playing 52 pickup, this is why. Know that it’s finishing though, so this is the last of it. Jupiter’s expansive nature tends to spread stuff far and wide, for better or for worse, so if you caught the annoying end of it, it will take patience and a watchful eye to unravel. Don’t start anything new this week; Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in your sector of New Beginnings!


Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Uranus in your sign is now receiving harmonious signals from Mars from your sector of Expansion/Travel. If you are embarking on a trip or an adventure of some type, success is just about guaranteed. Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in your sector of Friends/Goals; this may create misunderstandings in your social circle, so be careful what you say and do so as not to step on anyone since it seems everyone is so touchy these days. If you inadvertently put your foot in it, make the effort to put it right before too much time passes and before words spreads that you committed a faux paus. Other than that bugaboo, you’re looking good! Go out and plant stuff.


Gemini (May 21- June 20): Okay gadfly, your Ruler Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in Pisces. This won’t do you any favors since Pisces is Mercury’s least favorite sign to occupy anyway (Mercury is swift and intellectual and Pisces is deep and emotional). You may find that you just don’t have the patience for the demands around you to go deep and examine every little statement and motive. This retrograde occurs in your sector of Career/Social Life and will last into March, so it’s probably better to avoid conversations that rile people up and just keep it light and airy if possible. Mars and Uranus are on your side in solid earth signs helping you stay grounded but at the moment the elements are heavy in earth and water signs. Heavy, heavy. You don’t like heavy. Go to a concert and fill your soul with music.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Powerful Jupiter in your opposite sign Capricorn forms a direct square with powerful Venus in your sector of Career/Social Life this week. This indicates a conflict with a prominent female either in your personal or professional life. Be careful with this one because Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in your sector of Expansion and this could create a real mess if allowed to escalate. If you’re feeling hair-trigger, take preventive measures, assess how bad the situation really is and whether you are just being picky or if the situation is truly toxic. Only you can answer that. Mars and Uranus in solid earth signs will help you keep your feet on the ground; Mars will be especially helpful as he is at closer range and will afford you the help you may need for a shoulder to cry on and a sense of perspective since he’s in your sector of Friends.


Leo (July 23 – August 22): This week  is a mixed bag; difficult stuff first: Jupiter in your sector of Work/Health forms a direct square with powerful Venus in your sector of Expansion/Travel. This indicates a cockup in any travel plans you may have for a winter getaway, so if you already have your tickets in hand, double check everything to make sure you have your documents in order, etc. What’s helping you is a beautiful alignment between Mars in your sector of Work/Health and Uranus in your sector of Career/Social Life. Interesting interweaving between personal and work life here with the planets! Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday and will remain so into next month, in your sector of Shared Assets. Double check everything if you’re filing joint taxes!


Virgo (August 23 – September 21): Those Capricorn planets are still bringing you rewards except for Jupiter, who is now in a cranky alignment with powerful Venus who is in your sector of Shared Assets. This may spark a conflict about who’s stuff is who’s, who paid more, spent more, worked more, etc., etc. It’s about who is worth more in some manner. Stop it now; this behavior isn’t worthy of you or your partner (or whomever this is taking place with). Likely it’s you who has done the most stuff since you roll that way. If you don’t want to do it anymore, just don’t. That’ll show them. What’s helping you a whole lot is Mars in Capricorn grinning away at Uranus in stable Taurus. This should help settle the argument. Moving right along, we have Mercury in your sector of Marriage/Partnerships turning retrograde on Tuesday and remaining so into next month. Garbled communication and faux paus, messed up plans and the usual annoying things are to be expected.


Libra (September 22 – October 23): This week sees some good stuff with the earth under your feet and some kind of icky stuff where you feel like you stepped in something…Mars in your sector of Home is singing away with Uranus in your sector of Shared Assets. This is very good and gives you that sense of security and warm fuzzies that keep you sane. The stuff you step in will come from Jupiter in that same sector of Home in conflict with your Ruler Venus in your sector of Marriage/Partnerships. It seems someone might be in the doghouse over a detail or five over something to do with domestic matters that are quite large…anything from a wrongly placed decimal on a tax return deduction to the division of labor about the place. Oh, but there’s more! Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, in your sector of Work/Health. This is the time to boost your immune system as you may be vulnerable to a virus or the flu! 


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22): Lots for you to sleuth and skulk about this week! The stuff that helps stuff go right is Mars in Capricorn singing along with Uranus in Taurus…you will draw strength and grounding from your Marriage/Partnership while other things swirl about you. Jupiter and Venus in conflict with each other are the swirlies, with Jupiter in Capricorn expanding an argument with Venus in aggressive Aries (your sector of Work/Health). If you have a health issue, you can be a stubborn cuss about having it seen to; don’t be that way! Put on your big kid pants and get to the doc to put everyone’s mind at rest. If it’s a different issue, you’ll do your usual silent radiating from the corner and drive any opposition away from you until you’re over it. That’s how you roll. Mercury is conjunct Neptune in your sector of Home and turns retrograde on Tuesday until next month so it’s possible that the late winter rains may bring a water problem about the place. Be aware!


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): This week has you taking corners on two wheels off and on, so please wear a seat belt! On the good side, Mars in your financial sector is receiving good vibes from Uranus in your sector of Work/Health. This combo brings sudden good fortune in fits and spurts, which makes you happy! An Archer without money to spend is a sad Archer! The two wheels part comes from your Ruler Jupiter in that same sector of Finances in conflict with powerful Venus in your sector of Creative Expression. This is a frustrating combo because you want to feel like you’re in charge but in a way you’re not due to lack of space, lack of time, lack of energy or lack of money in the big picture. Don’t fret though, this isn’t a long lasting transit but it will be exact this week. Do what you can; small steps. Two wheels are better than none! Now for the fun stuff: Mercury in your sector of Home goes retrograde on Tuesday and will remain so into next month. This can bring anything from miscommunications to literal water issues on the home front. Be careful and watchful.


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  Jupiter in your sign goes head to head with powerful Venus in your sector of Home this week and this could precipitate a domestic problem either structurally or domestically. Fortunately, this is a rather fast transit that will be exact this week and passing by next week so it will be bearable and short lived. What’s going well is Mars in your sign in a lovely alignment with mighty Uranus in steady Taurus. This gives you sudden bursts of energy, grounding, chance meetings that bring you inspiration and a feeling of security and other good stuff. You’ll want to be careful with thinking and communicating now because Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday until next month that that always throws a wrench into the works. You know the drill…dot the I’s and cross the T’s, make sure all parties understand each other, etc. 


Aquarius (January 21 - February 20): This week will be an adventure! Treasure and trash are to be had from one degree to another, depending on where your expectations are and what type of mischief you’re up to. Yes, you are the consummate humanitarian but not without humor and a sense of flair and fun! Mars in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings is receiving the greatness from your Ruler Uranus in your sector of Home; you may be preparing to make a move or button something up in terms of real estate. Be careful though, because Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in your Financial sector and signing documents during that three week period is never a great idea. If you absolutely have to though, take extra precautions above and beyond. You may also experience a water problem somewhere, so watch for that. Jupiter in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings is battling with Venus in your sector of Thinking/Communication; this is a fast transit but an intense one where feelings can get really hurt, so watch where you tread through next week.


Pisces (February 21 – March 20): Wow, this is your week to flood the plains and spread out far and wide since Mercury and your Ruler Neptune are conjunct in your sign and Mercury is turning retrograde on Tuesday! He will stay that way for three weeks and this will likely drive you underground because you will feel like you can’t talk right or walk straight and your clothes don’t look right and your hair won’t behave. On top of that, Jupiter and Venus are at loggerheads with each other and that’s never a pretty picture; Jupiter is the ruler of the Universe but Venus…! Oh, Venus! She is at her most seductive, aggressive self in the sign of Aries (your financial sector) right now and she will not be subdued under any circumstances! Don’t despair, sweet Pisces, Mars and mighty Uranus are in your corner in a lovely alignment of solid and steady earth signs, building the aqueduct to guide the water where it can be the most useful. You will have help at hand, so even if you can’t talk and look funny, get out there and do your bit!



School District thanks voters for approving levy

Dear Community,

Thank you, thank you! San Juan Island School District continues to be humbled by the amazing and overwhelming turnout to support our schools and most importantly our students. Because of your support on this week’s vote to reauthorize our capital and technology levy, we will be able to ensure safe and modernized buildings, fully upgraded tennis courts, up to date technology in the hands of our students and staff, a new safe re-routing of our school bus drop-off and pick up at the elementary school and so much more. Because of you, this community continues the tradition of investing in our future, our students.


Real Estate Updates: Are you considering selling your property?

Thinking about selling your property? You may want to consider researching, collecting and completing the items detailed below.

This is not a check list for planting flowers on your porch and painting your front door, you can go to the internet for that information. This list is to prepare sellers in San Juan County for marketing their property. The issues below are for regulatory compliance and contract performance. Attention to these issues will prove beneficial and would be worth the effort during the marketing and transaction management of your property sale.


Horoscopes February 10-16, 2020: Mars Moves to Capricorn Sunday

This week moves much like last week did, but the weekend holds changes due to Mars ending his tour of Sagittarius and moving into Capricorn, joining the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto stellium (three or more planets occupying the same sign). His energy will add some oomph next week, but this week will be for reflection, backtracking, analyzing, figuring things out, finding a way to move forward and throwing off icky thoughts.


Tide Bites: Geology of the San Juan Islands by Darrel Cowan

In 2018, I donated a remarkable color map to Friday Harbor Labs called The San Juan Islands, Washington, by Roy D. McClellan. Here I'll describe the role that McClellan and other faculty and students in geology at UW have played in investigating the very challenging but intriguing bedrock that lies beneath the extensive veneer of softer, more easily erodible glacial deposits.


Horoscopes by Triana Elan: February 3-9, 2020 - Venus Moves to Aries, Fire Promotes Movement

Bad Triana, bad time management so very late column this week! Even though the week out in the wild has been entirely predictable to the point of being boring, there are new developments coming down the pike that are personally exciting for us, not the least of which is Venus moving into energetic Aries and bringing us much needed fire. The earth and water elements have left us waterlogged and sluggish and maybe even discouraged, but take heart now, because things are changing and moving into a more manageable phase due to Jupiter and Neptune working together.