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FRIDAY HARBOR WOLVERINE FOOTBALL Trivia, numbers, history, ramblings and stuff by Bruce Bennett

Thursday, 9/14 at 5:00 p.m. Friday Harbor (1-1) at La Conner (0-1) 

* This is the first of four league games.

* Last week the Braves opened with a 28-12 loss at home to the 2A Evergreen Wolverines of Seattle.

* Last fall the Purple and Gold defeated the Braves 52-0 at home and 67-18 in Skagit County.

* A year ago La Conner was 0-4 in league play and 2-6 for the season.  

* Since the Northwest B League started football in 1973, La Conner is the only school to have played all 50 years as a league member.

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Ingrid Gabriel: Angel Credits (Part 9 - Seniors Gone Wild Series)

As we edge ever nearer for departure on our eternal journey, we Silver Tops begin to transition from the earthbound to the ethereal.  On the last legs of our journey, we are often surprised to find ourselves living, for lack of a better description, a more righteous, even biblical life.  It’s like we have joined some celestial rewards program and are accumulating points in the Angel Credit Club.  However we may have behaved in our younger days, we are reborn in our autumnal years, and for many of us it’s nothing but tolerance and clean-living from here to Glory.


If one reads the posts on the various Facebook pages, numerous community members are looking for rentals and can't find them. Other participants chime onto the post about the cost of affordable housing on a regular basis and that San Juan County needs to do something about it. Some people are having to leave the island because they can’t find affordable housing, including people who have lived here for a long time. It is apparent, our County officials do not read Facebook.

Mike Vouri: On Hadrian’s Wall 2023: Hobbling from the Heavenfield

The following is the third installment chronicling my second journey along the Hadrian’s Wall path this past summer. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. 

The Chesters bridge abutment. 

July 8

Woke up at 3:30 am that Saturday, possibly because it was only 7 p.m. at home. I was still on Pacific Daylight time. Never fear, by the time I adjusted to London time I’d be home and lying awake there.

By the third day on the Hadrian’s Wall Path, my 2023 experience was not what I had anticipated over years of planning.

Horoscopes By Triana J. Elan September 11-17, 2023

New Moon in Virgo Forms Grand Trine With Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday; Mars in Libra Sextile Venus in Leo; Mercury Direct on Thursday

Thanks for putting up with my absence yet again…I broke my foot but good on August 8th and could not tolerate having it on the floor to sit and write the column until now…fortunately it’s on the mend and did not require surgery.

FRIDAY HARBOR WOLVERINE FOOTBALL Trivia, numbers, history, ramblings and stuff by Bruce Bennett

Friday, 9/8 at 6:30 p.m. Friday Harbor (1-0) at Granite Falls (0-1)

* The Tigers opened last week with a 22-13 loss at Meridian.

* Granite Falls is 1A school and a member of the 5-team Emerald Sound League along with Cedar Park Christian, Kings, Sultan and South Whidbey.

* Last fall the Purple and Gold defeated the Tigers 27-6 on the local gridiron.

* A year ago GF was 0-4 in league play and 2-8 for the season.

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FRIDAY HARBOR WOLVERINE FOOTBALL - 50 Seasons of the Gridiron Sport on San Juan Island


Trivia, numbers, history, ramblings and stuff by Bruce Bennett

50 Seasons of the Gridiron Sport on San Juan Island

This season marks the 50th anniversary of Purple and Gold football.  It all started back on 

September 15, 1973 when the first-ever game was played at Concrete (the Lions won 36-14). 

Except for the Covid year of 2020 the school has put a team on the field every season for half a century.

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Donations appreciated to help San Juan Islander continue

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Personally, it's been a memorable summer, I ended up with my wrist in a high-tech splint for 12 weeks (it was removable and waterproof. Highly recommend it). One-handed typing slowed me down a bit. As did the fractured ribs, and head laceration. No interesting story. Just managed to fall on three different occasions.I was lucky nothing serious happened.  Really appreciated the fact we have an emergency department on island, staffed by dedicated professionals.