Horoscopes by Triana Elan November 12 - 18, 2018: Venus Comes Out of Retrograde in Libra, Mars Moves to Pisces on Thursday

This week the element in deficit is air; there is a balance between fire, water and earth and this points to a plethora of emotions and actions with no real consideration behind them in the big world. No matter your political or religious affiliation, know that this is a temporary and intense time on the world stage, necessary as a reality check and a dose of “What are we doing to ourselves?” kind of thinking. Times like this happen when a wave of simultaneous impacts hit cultures and societies and the synergetic effect of demanding change produces tangible results, for better or for worse. With the lack of mental energy coming from the heavens, we have to rely on our own more.


Brandli: Congratulations and Thanks

My congratulations go to Carolyn Jewett for her election as our next District Court judge. She worked hard and ran a tenacious campaign, and the results prove that it was effective. I wish Ms. Jewett well on the bench. I also want to thank my many supporters in this election for their devotion of time, energy, ideas, and encouragement. Their letters and endorsements were, for me, very moving. These special people carried me through these last few months. For that, I am very grateful.

My biggest thank you goes to my wife, BJ. After 25 years with her, I continue to be blown away by her love and support. As my campaign manager, she poured her heart and soul into this campaign. I have no words to adequately express the depths of my gratitude for her.

Steve Brandli


Horoscope By Triana J. Elan November 5 - 11, 2018 Mars in Aquarius Trine Venus, New Moon in Scorpio Wednesday, Jupiter Moves to Sagittarius

This week holds the key to some big changes due to Jupiter entering his own sign of Sagittarius on Thursday. Since Jupiter doubles as a Personal and Outer planet, his ability to expand what he touches is unique. Jupiter is happiest in Sagittarius and under this influence for the next year, look for breakthroughs in a focus on independence, justice and new ways to have fun. The other nice thing about Jupiter is that he only has a twelve year return to each sign, so think back to 2006 and what was going on. What were your goals? Were they attainable? Jupiter likes to aim high, but also he can make us lazy because of expectations of things being easy and coming to us. We have to make first contact, reach out to grab the brass ring and push the envelope to gain Jupiter’s rewards. Most importantly, we mustn’t get discouraged and give up. We can all take advantage of this placement because Jupiter is a forgiving planet and will bring another chance.


Weise: Yes for Homes and Environment

I am writing in response to the editorial expressing ambivalence about Proposition 1, the proposed Yes for Homes REET, because it’s tied to the existing 1% Land Bank REET. It is true that the two are linked by the state legislation which created them; and it is also true that if the Land Bank REET were to fail to be renewed in 2026 the Housing REET would also be invalidated.

That situation can’t be changed except by amending the legislation, as the editorial suggests. However, to do that at this time would put the housing REET on hold for an indefinite period of time, until the legislation could be amended. Moreover, it would jeopardize BOTH REETS should the legislation not be reauthorized. It would essentially throw out the baby with the bath water.


Boteler: Supports Gaylord for county Prosecutor

I am voting to re-elect Randy Gaylord for San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney. I have been fortunate to know Randy as a friend and fellow Orcas Islander for more than 20 years. I know Randy as a smart attorney with deep integrity. Among his greatest strengths is the remarkable breadth and depth of legal knowledge acquired in his years as our County Prosecuting Attorney.


Ranker: Supports Jewett for District Court Judge

Here in San Juan County, we have an opportunity to have a District Court Judge who truly represents and respects all members of our island communities while being the just and fair judge we need. If you have not already, please join me in voting for Carolyn Jewett to be our next District Court Judge. She is exactly the sort of fair, smart, dedicated and level-headed judge San Juan County needs.

Senator Kevin Ranker


Longan: Supports Brandli for District Court Judge

To the editor and fellow Islanders

I am writing this letter in support of Steve Brandli for District Court Judge.

After 19 years prior legal experience, I moved here in 2005 to take the position of Chief Criminal Clerk of the District Court and in 2011 took a Deputy Clerk position in the Superior Court Clerk’s Office. I have known Mr. Brandli and his family since 2006 when he was hired as the Deputy Prosecutor for the District Court. I have had weekly contact with Mr. Brandli through the years and have found that he has the experience and utmost respect for the Court and the public whether you are a defendant or plaintiff, an attorney or a visitor to the courtroom. He has the experience and perspective of a Prosecutor, a Public Defender and as an attorney all with the same goal of protecting the rights of the people.