Pollard: Time to retire Gaylord

Letter to the Editor:

Let’s retire Randy.

Randy Gaylord should be thanked for his services for the past two-plus decades. But his trail of mistakes in judgement and obfuscation of events should not be a reason to reelect him.


Horoscopes by Triana: September 17-23, 2018 Yes, On a Thursday…Gah. Mars Finishes Third Square with Uranus, Equinox on Saturday

Okay, things had better calm down now so that I can get my column up on Mondays again! Like many of you, I was caught up in last week’s blender on high speed when all I would have said anyway was, “Hang on, this is going to be a rough ride!” It was for many people. But now that the war in the heavens has calmed down and everyone is tending to the wounded (including themselves), we come into the true feeling of approaching autumn; the Equinox is on Saturday and Mercury will be in Libra with the Sun. We come into the time of year of bonfires, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, falling leaves and a general winding down to prepare for winter.


Hospice of San Juan: Thanks United Way of San Juan County

To the Editor:

This is a wonderful community - one that deserves a constant flow of gratitude. Today I’d like to say many thanks to United Way of San Juan County and everyone in the community who gives to United Way, both monetarily and by giving of their time! United Way has supported Hospice of San Juan reliably over the years, and is one of very few sources of “no strings attached” funding for our operational expenses.


Drozd: Supports Gaylord for prosecutor

As General Counsel for the largest public employee labor union in Orange County, California, I represent working people at scores of municipal offices, including those of the District Attorney and Public Defender. I know from my own experience how fortunate San Juan County residents are to have a Prosecuting Attorney with the integrity and experience of Randy Gaylord, and I strongly support his re-election.


Lawrence: Vote yes for Affordable Housing REET

Please join me in saying YES for Homes Coalition of San Juan County in the next election! I’m a lifelong Islander and I’ve seen dramatic change in affordable housing and home ownership in San Juan County, and it’s not for the better. Please consider your neighbors, the elderly, and children growing up here, their teachers, your health care providers, house cleaners, bankers and bakers, when you fill out your ballots this fall.

We owe it to our community to help with the housing crisis in San Juan County. You can do just that by voting YES! https://yesforhomes.net

Lisa Nash Lawrence