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Browser Fun! Create Bookmarks/Favorites For Your Most Visited Sites

Avatar_MollyONeilWhat browser do you use to surf the Internet? I use three, 1) Google Chrome, 2) Internet Explorer and 3) Firefox. I also have Safari (from Apple) on my computer. It's good to have several browsers on your computer so when you go to a site that doesn't work with Google Chrome for example, you can switch to Internet Explorer or Firefox. Using 3 (or more) browsers can almost assure you that you'll always be able to surf the Net if your computer is connected.


Today we're going to look at Bookmarks: Google, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and Favorites: Internet Explorer. Whether it's Bookmarks or Favorites you have the ability to save your best web pages in an easy to reach place. I have my most visited sites in my Bookmarks Toolbar, which is called Links in Internet Explorer. The bookmarks are stored on the browser for easy clicking. I use the Bookmarks Bar/Links for my most important web sites and I keep the rest in my Favorites/Bookmarks menu.

ctlr.gif, 18kB

To add Favorites/Bookmarks to your Favorites/Bookmarks or Favorites Links Bookmarks Bar, surf to the site you would like to add, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard then tap D. The box below will pop up. When I save Bookmarks I usually change the name (make it shorter) and if it's important and I want to get to it quickly, I'll save it in the Bookmarks Bar for easier access.

Favorites/Bookmarks Edit Windows

image003.gif, 40kB

On my Bookmarks Bar below you can see lots of folders, I create different folders for different work projects, subjects, etc. I create the folders so I can add more favorites/bookmarks to my browser.

image005.gif, 56kB

You can also see that I have many folders within the Biz Info folder. It's sort of like being a hoarder of Bookmarks, except no one sees it unless you show them. Now you know about me.

image009.gif, 98kB

Organizing Favorites/Bookmarks

image014.png, 89kB

Now we'll look at how you can manage your Favorites/Bookmarks.


The Internet Explorer Favorites organizer is my least favorite! On the left you can see the very user unfriendly window. I like to see my folders on the left and files on the right.

You get to the IE organizer by clicking on Favorites – Organize Favorites.

Good luck!



image019.png, 183kB

The Google Bookmarks Manager is much more intuitive than the Internet Explorer organizer. I can see both Folders and Files.

To get to the Manager, click on the wrench on the right side, then click on Bookmarks Manager.

Also, you can import/export Bookmarks by clicking on Organize ?.



The Firefox Organizer is my favorite. Folder and Files showing on left and right. Below the Title Bar are choices for organizing, viewing and importing/exporting. This Organizer is very easy to use.


image025.png, 182kB

image031.png, 110kB

Safari has historically been a Mac browser, now we all can bridge the PC/MAC divide using Safari. The feature I don't like in this organizer is the large black window showing what bookmark you are on. Just seems like a waste to me. You get to Bookmarks by clicking on Bookmarks at the top of the window and then "Show all Bookmarks."

Sadly, not many choices in this Organizer.

Other Browsers There are many, many browsers available on the Internet – all free. I'm adding some links to sites listing and describing "alternative browsers." Try some for me and let me know how they work.

image033.jpg, 40kB

10 Web Browser Alternatives (Mac and PC)

image038.jpg, 20kB

And finally, an Internet browser is your window to the web, where you can find almost anything from the comfort of your own living room. Today, the Internet is widely used for media, research, communication, shopping and entertainment. The better your browser, the more you will see and experience.



horse.jpg, 34kB
Debi Rassmussen Photo

The month of August will be a time of renewal for me. I will get away from technology by working as a laborer at the Fair, full time. It's time for me to be outdoors, doing physical work and recover from my computer blues. My horse Belle Starr will join me at the Fair where I will be able to play with her on my breaks and time off. We are registered for the harness class.

I will also be at the San Juan Islander booth where I would love to see you. Check out sanjuanislander.com - located next to the roll-up door in the main building - and at the booth for the times I will be there.

Let's enjoy these last weeks of summer!

Take care,


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