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Interesting, Educational and Funny Websites for You and Your Computer (PC & MAC)

Avatar_MollyONeilMost of the time I can find what I want on the Internet, then there are those other times when it's just too overwhelming. This week I thought I'd list some PC and Mac website to narrow down your choices and hopefully make your surfing better. Both Mac and PC users can view all these sites.


Mac Users


Mac Everything Site My favorite Mac site. This site lists helpful Mac websites (lots) and its own Tips and Tricks, Getting Help, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and more. There are also many topics on the site for beginning and experienced Mac users. This site has everything a Mac user could wish for.

Basic Mac OS X Security
Mac Security?? Although this site has old information (2006) it's still relevant today.

iWork Pages Tutorial
Learn Pages This site will help you with Pages, the Apple alternative to Word.

Microsoft Help for Office.Mac
Microsoft Does Mac

Office: Mac includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The tutorials are helpful and there is lots of information about these Microsoft core applications.

Learn iWorks

This Apple site has tutorials for all the iWorks programs - Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Other Sites

PCWorld -5 Reasons Why People Hate Apple

Who Could Hate Macs? This is funny article written by Mitch Wagner.


MacLife Magazine Trendy online magazine with everything Apple. Lots of fun and educational information.

Some of Apple's Famous Ads, including their 1st ad in 1984 Apple Ads. I understand these ads are the reason some people watch the Super Bowl.


Computer Hope Give Us Hope! This is my all-time favorite computer help site. It's free, it's easy to use and it has what seems to be infinite computer information! You can find phone numbers for large corporations, computer history and news, a computer dictionary and tons of computer help - and it makes sense. There are some things for Mac users too.

Best PC Freeware

Gizmo's Best Freeware Gizmo's lists hundreds of freeware programs on its site. Easy to read and easy downloading. Give it a look.

Best 101 Free Computer Software for Your Daily Use

Best 101 Free Computer Software Make Tech Easier also lists hundreds of free shareware programs. Programs are listed by categories such as Office Suite, Security and Browsers, etc.

Tweaking Windows 7, Vista and XP

Tweaking Win 7, Vista & Would you like to make your Operating System run faster and have a different look? This site is for you. All sorts of tips, tricks and tweaks for your Windows Operating System. Fun Sites

For Horse and Music Lovers

Horses Singing Very cute site where you click on the horses to get them to sing and to change the voices.

Wait, Wait

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me NPR show which turns the week's news into a comedy fest and contest.

Percentage Calculator % calculator O.k., so I admit it, math and I don't relate. This site gives percentages and help for math. It's good for kids and adults.

Pug Screen Washing Pug Love

Very sweet.

And for the Politically Minded Election Ads that left us Wondering and Some Apparently Worked . So what's up with candidates anyway???

Hope you find these sites helpful and entertaining. If you'd like you could send your favorite sites to me.

Contact Molly at GadgetGal@sanjuanislander.com.


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