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2012 High-Tech Gadgets Or Do We Really Need this Stuff??

Avatar_MollyONeil Once again we stumble out of the Hellidaze! Let's take a look at a potpourri of Gadgets knowing that shopping does not have to lead to buying. In fact, I've listed some reliable charities that you can help, or not. Most descriptions of the Gadgets are not mine; I have listed the site where I found them. Enjoy.


For starters let's look at the Dynamics Card 2.0. You'll need cash to buy your stuff.

Wow! Twice as Easy to Get in Debt


The Dynamics Card 2.0 looks like a regular credit card, but it's actually a multiple credit cards rolled into one.

To complete a transaction on your preferred account, just press the button that corresponds to that account. According to ComputerWorld, "the Dynamics Card 2.0 technology was named the Best of Innovations Winner for Personal Electronics award at CES."

Now, let’s look at some spiffy outfits to wear.


2 OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are light emitting panels made from organic (carbon based) materials that emit light when electricity is applied. OLED are used today to make beautiful and efficient displays, but it is also possible to use the technology to create white light panels for lighting. We're not sure what to make of hats or suit jackets covered in tiny Recom OLED screens, but they definitely turn heads in a crowded conference hall.

Black Eyed Pea Fergie goes on stage with an OLED outfit

Fergie had a 'leather cat woman' outfit that has 75 white Lumiblade OLED panels. The panels were controlled remotely - and were synchronized to the music and lighting sequences.

The Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000

4This embroidery machine is designed to make high-precision stitches faster and more accurately.

A control panel displays the desired pattern and thread colors; the 10 colored LED lights, located below each spool pin, correspond to 10 of 300 colored thread spools.

An integrated camera lets you select the perfect starting point or hone in on problem areas.

5 Your Body as Part of your Computer
These pants may be just a concept, but they're also the ultimate in utility wear for any gadget-loving geek. Designed by Erik De Nijs, these pants use wireless USB to connect to your computer.

Peripheral devices built into the jeans include a full-size wireless QWERTY keyboard, a wireless mouse that fits into a specially designed back pocket, and built-in speakers at the knee.

The stitching for the jeans was inspired by the look of printed circuit boards. De Nijs recently founded a product design. Computing on your Thigh!


A List of Charities and Nonprofits right here in San Juan County. These lists show you many diverse charities and nonprofits in our county. Bravo!!

Public Charities


Power Pooper Scooper

7Tired of picking up after Rover's daily droppings? Do it the easy way with this inventive and battery-powered poop vac that can pick up 150 pieces of waste between charges.

The Pet Pooch Power Shovel weighs 4.25 pounds, and its motor spins at 30,000 rpm to get even the toughest waste off your lawn.

The waste goes directly into a biodegradable plastic bag, and never touches your hands or the machine.

Check out the Pooch Power Shovel in action on the Pet Power Products Website Warning: This video is rated NSDL (Not Suitable During Lunch).

Animal Legal Defense Fund Winning the case against cruelty

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) fights to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. Founded in 1979 by attorneys active in shaping the emerging field of animal law, ALDF has blazed the trail for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and more humane treatment of animals in every corner of American life.

Fun Doggy Do Do

8 For most dog owners, their furry friend's bodily functions are the least attractive aspect of keeping a pet.

But a new toy which teaches children how to use a 'pooper scooper' is set to become a hit.

The 'Doggie Doo', which costs £22.99, boasts working bodily functions, as it converts the clay used to 'feed' it into lifelike - but bright yellow - droppings.

Perhaps this Dachshund could teach your children that picking up dog doo is fun and they’ll continue well into their teens and beyond. Alan Simpson, from the Toy Retailers' Association, pointed out: 'Kids like poo, but it's yellow, so it's OK. It's not a normal game, it's wacky.'

Sonic Grenade And we wonder how home grown terrorists are created? This grenade may not explode, but it can still make a lot of noise. Just pull the pin, toss it, wait about 20 seconds, and the grenade lets out an annoying beep that puts your alarm clock to shame.

To silence it, hold down the trigger arm or replace the pin. The sonic grenade has three volume settings and is powered by three AAA batteries. Buy it from Firebox for about $15.

The Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster is the hottest Nerf Gun of 2011. This is it. It's the Nerf gun everyone is going to want for the holidays.


Nerf fans have finally got their wishes answered. Finally there is a Nerf gun that shoots far and is accurate thanks to the innovative shooting mechanism.

And yet another gadget to encourage home grown terrorists.

Cheese! Police!

ipizzaNo, that's not a 9mm handgun you're looking at, but a 16mm still-image camera. The Japanese-based Doryu Camera Company made the Doryu 2-16 from 1954 to 1956, according to Camerapedia. The Doryu 2-16 was apparently a police-issue device in Japan, and to make it seem even more like a gun, you'd load the camera with magnesium bullet cartridges and then just point, aim, and fire. The magnesium cartridge wouldn't discharge out the "nozzle," but come out the top and act as a flash for the camera; it would also make a large bang in the process. Very cool design, but something tells me you wouldn't want to be snapping pics near any national monuments with this thing.

Doryu 2-16 models are now extremely rare and valuable. In 2001, one specimen sold for close to $25,000 at Christie's auction house in London. Now you can get yourself shot with this camera gun. Don’t worry, very few of us will be able to afford the Doryu 2-16.

And now from the people who are protecting us from terrorists:


$11.1 billion Global Hawk program last year, the Air Force said the per-plane cost had increased 11 percent to $100.8 million since the program began in 2000. Donley, the Air Force secretary, didn’t give the new cost per plane in his letter, dated April 6.

Hope for the Warriors  " no sacrifice forgotten, nor need unmet"


The mission of Hope For The Warriors® is to enhance quality of life for U.S. service members and their families nationwide who have been adversely affected by injuries or death in the line of duty. Hope For The Warriors® actively seeks to ensure that the sacrifices of wounded and fallen warriors and their families are never forgotten nor their needs unmet.

Cool Gadgets from Jenifer Jolly

13I love this one! This is an Etch A Sketch protective covering for the iPad. It’s actually low on the protective features, but makes up for that in how totally cool it is. Course the kids think it’s oh-so-retro. I just think it’s just totally cool. It’s a hot item right now on Think Geek. Nouveau stealth, retro awesome.

The problem with fancy electronic devices is that people want to steal them. There are how-to guides out there that teach you how to deter thieves by uglifying your digital camera to make it look like an old film camera. But you can't really ugly up an iPad and make it look like something it's not. Sure, you can put it in a notepad-style case, but thieves know to look for those. But what if your iPad looked like... an Etch-a-Sketch? Nobody would look twice at an Etch-a-Sketch in the backseat of your car.

This iPad case is as functional as it is whimsical. It's a fully functional, protective iPad case made of impact resistant ABS plastic and molded to look exactly like an Etch-a-Sketch. Know why? It's made in the same factory that makes the original Etch-a-Sketch toy. You can even run the Etch-a-Sketch app while using your iPad in its Etch-a-Sketch case, which is so much awesome that our heads might explode.


A cheaper Smartphone for those who lost their retirement due to greedy people. 


Samsung Galaxy Prevail: $180 (no contract) BESY This is a solid Android 2.2 Froyo Smartphone, with a really good camera, decent battery life and it’s a pre-paid set monthly fee phone. That means Sophie and Connor won’t give you a heart attack with bazillion dollar cell “surprise” cell bills. In fact, Boost’s $50 monthly plan includes unlimited voice, text, and data in one. If you pay your bills on time, then the Prevail's monthly rate could drop as low as $35–each set of six on-time payments lowers your bill by a fiver. That deserves a hi-five for smart savings.

Society for Science & the Public  Inform. Educate. Inspire.

Society for Science & the Public (SSP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education. Our vision is to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human advancement: to inform, educate and inspire. SSP is proud to continue to convey the world of science to our global community. Educating and informing students, parents, teachers and the greater community about the evolving and influential world of science, we inspire the endless possibilities they have to offer.

15 Overwhelming Information about Turntables. Good Luck! Remember Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Dead LPs? Get them out of storage because once again you’re going to dance. These Gadgets range from professional to amateur and very expensive to cheaper prices, so I’m going to let you do your own surfing on this one.

USB Turntable Comparison Guide from Knowzy The guide from Knowzy is an excellent way to learn about DJ turntables. How to Use a USB Turntable.

Mobile Power Station $8


Every student on the go – needs a battery charger on the go. There are little packs that cost $100 and charge up your laptops, Smartphone’s and MP3 players… and there’s this little Mobile Power Station that does it for $8. I found out about this when a teenager on the plane next to me fired up her laptop right after mine died. I asked her about it and it sparked one of the nicest plane-ride conversations I’ve ever had.
This power station battery pack by Ctcstore is compatible with i - Phone, i - Phone 3G, i - Pod, i - Pod Video, i - Pod Mini, i - Pod Photo, i - Pod Nano, Nano 2nd, Nano 3rd, i - Pod Touch, i - Features: * Capacity: 1000 m - Ah * Input: 5V 800m - Ah Output: 5V 500m - Ah * Charger time: 2.5 hours * Dimension: 61mm x 51mm x 12mm * Weight: 40g * Compact and lightweight battery for daily use. * Get this long-lasting battery for maximum enjoy Talk time. 200% up! * Cadmium-free. Must be disposed of properly. * Rechargeable with no memory effect. * Advanced Lithium Ion technology provides improved energy density

IGLHRC Human Rights For Everyone. Everywhere.

Founded in 1991, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) is a leading international organization dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Our mission is advancing human rights for everyone, everywhere to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Fun!! Apple iToilet



This is a good example of how unnecessary complexity can be added into an easy-to-use product like your toilet. Like using an apple computer, the user has to drag items which he wants to delete into the waste disposal area, and confirms the deletion. Similarly, the unclogging procedure is series of steps made complicated using Apple computers’ troubleshooting solutions. Of course, this anti-fan spoof was simply made to mock at Apple’s fanatics who buy anything Apple sells.


21 Apple has made another revolution in computer technology with its release of the world’s smallest computer, the Mactini. One-inch long and with only a single key, users have to learn the sequencing of tapping the key to type the exact letter they want. The spoof is made to poke fun at the industry’s preoccupation to make every technology small, and perhaps, ineffective as a result. (via Funny or Die)

Hilarious video demonstrating How to Use the Mactini iPhone


App Magnets

Can't get enough of those small apps icons on your iPhone? Attach those cute icons on your fridge or your bulletin board with this cool set of magnetic iPhone app icons. (via Jailbreaktoys)

Jewish Communal Fund Your personal connection to charitable giving

The Jewish Communal Fund is an independent public charity that was established in 1972. Its mission is to facilitate and promote charitable giving and make it possible for individuals and families to meet their philanthropic and tax-saving goals using donor-advised funds. In partnership with its donors, the Jewish Communal Fund supports voluntary organizations - sectarian and nonsectarian - that respond to needs in all sectors of society: health, education, social services, the environment, religion, and the arts. The Jewish Communal Fund is a community of caring individuals with a shared value system rooted in the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam - repairing the world.

USB Posture Monitor


Toot! toot! toot! You are too close. Please back off. Check out your ergo dynamics. You don’t have to hurt because you’re using a computer.

Hi Tech Kitchen Gadgets Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale


This is the perfect gift for the health-conscious person in your life. Believe it or not, this scale actually reports key nutritional data about the foods you set on it. All you do is enter a code that tells the scale what type of food it is, and the device calculates the object's weight to report USDA-approved nutritional values. It works with both solid and liquid ingredients, and gives you information on calories, cholesterol, carbs, protein, fat, dietary fiber and sodium.

Fistula Foundation Help give a woman a new life

Founded in 2000, The Fistula Foundation is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula globally, the most devastating aftermath of unrelieved obstructed labor. The mission of the Foundation is to raise awareness of and funding for fistula treatment, prevention and education programs worldwide.

The Pizza Sleeping Bag Lets You Live Vicariously Through Your Favorite Food


Some weird/brilliant/food obsessed (pick one) art school student made this thing for a thesis project and is currently selling the sleeping bag on Etsy. It's five-feet-long and has veggies and it can be yours for $300. It's the perfect way to creep out that person you just started dating. Just don't do acid and try to eat it. Along with the sleeping bag come 5 vegetable pillows (unattached): 2 mushrooms, 1 broccoli, and 2 olives.

Liquid Image Co More than Just Scuba Masks

Liquid Image Explorer Series 5.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask


The XSC Explorer Series 8.0MP Underwater Video Camera has a built in Camera embedded into a Snorkeling Mask that makes underwater photography ""Hands Free"" for safer swimming and snorkeling. Photograph or video friends, family or fish. Connect camera to your computer with the USB cable provided. Download the images and video to your computer to email or print 8.0MP images. VGA Quality Video 640x480 @ 30 fps with Audio recording and a 74 degree lens. 16 MB NAND Flash Ram. Micro SD Card Slot for external memory up to 32 GB (Micro SD card not included). Light attachment included - Lights sold separately. Carrying Case Included. Depth certified to 5m (15ft). XSC Summit Series HD Snow Goggle

27The Liquid Image XSC Summit Series HD is a Snow Goggle with an integrated True POV HD Video camera. The goggle contains a 136 degree (FOV) wide angle lens to capture all the action for all Snow Sports. The Helmet Compatible hands free unit has a 12.0 MP camera mode and a video mode that records HD 1080P at 30 fps as well as the High Action Mode HD 720P video at a rate up to 60 frames per second with audio. The Summit Series HD can hold a Micro SD/SDHC Card up to 32 GB. Product includes a 4GB Micro SDHC card and a Rechargeable Lithium Battery for 1.5-2 hrs in the HD Video Mode. With the use of a micro SD/SDHC card, the camera is capable of recording thousands of photos or hours of HD video and can be downloaded to a computer through the High Speed USB cable provided, or through a Micro SD/SDHC card. The Summit Series Goggle can be customized to fit a variety of single and dual vented lenses for different environments. The lenses are made of an optical Lexan material which is durable and impact resistant and 100% UV protected. The lenses come with an anti-fog treatment and include Iridium lens coating for accurate Light Transmission. The Summit Series Goggles can be converted to a MX Goggle by changing the lenses, nose guard, and strap for Xtreme Sport Action during the summer. Water resistant to 3m/9ft.

The 337BLK comes with a S/M Ionized Snow lens in place and an extra Amber lens, Outrigger Locks, the Wedge, Micro Bag, rechargeable 1200mAh Battery, Replaceable face foam, 4GB MicroSD card with SD Card Adapter, USB cable, RCA Cable, User Manual, warranty, and registration cards.

Miracle Foundation  Transforming children's lives. One orphan at a time.

Founded in 2000, The Miracle Foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering children to reach their full potential, one orphan at a time. We are making a significant impact on the lives of orphaned children in India by: raising the standard of living for the children in orphanages; and reducing the number of non-orphaned children living in orphanages. The Miracle Foundation renovates existing orphanages, builds new ones, raises money for construction and finds sponsors for our children. Because the effort is so focused, there is little overhead. In India, our money goes a long way towards healthy food, tuition, better living conditions, clothing, and medical care. Love, affection, and hope for a bright future come from our incredible staff, ambassadors, and sponsors. The Miracle Foundation currently operates four Children's Homes and one home for unwed mothers.

Most Expensive Gadgets


UK designer Stuart Hughes is popular in making the expensive gadgets. This time, he did most expensive iphone4. Diamond Rose Edition is a limited edition and only two are made and priced around $8 million. The expensive iPhone has 500 individual 100 carat diamonds around the sides and rose gold Apple logo with 53 more diamonds. The home button is made of platinum and single cut 7.4ct diamond. The back side of the expensive iPhone is made of rose gold and Apple logo has 53 individual diamonds. This expensive smart phone is packed with Single block of Granite with inside lined with top grain leather. Till today it is the most expensive cell phone made.

29Samsung's Blue Earth handset might just be taking the green thing to a whole new extreme. Made from PCM, a recycled plastic from water bottles, the phone boast an "eco" mode for efficiently adjusting screen brightness, backlight duration and Bluetooth usage, and an "eco walk" app / built-in pedometer to tell you how much CO2 emission you've saved by walking instead of driving. The best part? It's got a giant solar panel on the back that'll apparently charge it enough to make a phone call anytime the sun's peaking out. Of the form factor, Sammy says it "symbolizes a flat and well rounded shiny pebble" -- which we hope means it can skip puddles with the best of 'em. It'll come in recycled packaging with an energy efficient charger. What we don't know, unfortunately, is what makes this phone tick, neither OS nor hardware specs. Not a word on price yet, but UK environmentalists can look forward to this one second half of this year.

The OfficePOD


Part cubical – part futuristic cool fortress of geeky solitude. The POD gives you just over 4 square meters of space, it comes with LED lighting, secure locks, and an electrical connection to your home. All the owner would have to do is move in and you’re ready to work.

Lung Cancer Alliance  No more excuses. No more lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Alliance's mission is to lead the movement to reverse decades of stigma and neglect by empowering those with or at risk for the disease, elevating awareness and changing health policy. 

So how much does one of these awesome lil’ club house for one cost? The OfficePOD starts at $24.089. Plus tax. Plus installation. Plus shipping. Plus optional landscaping. Ya that’s exactly where they lost me on this as well… I’ll just go ahead and spend maybe 300 on some supplies from home depot and build one myself, it doesn’t look too hard to build something that small.

What a list, eh? Given the disease of Consumer Coma I cannot recommend any of these Gadgets, however, I can steer you towards charities/causes you may want to help instead.

Happy 2012 to everyone, with or without gadgets! Perhaps a new awesome gadget will save us from war, environmental degradation and eating compulsively. Good Luck!

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