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Move a little, gain a lot

Avatar_SJILibrary In some ways this week's column is an extension of last week's piece. Last week I highlighted some of our special collections, and this week we've been attending to some of these collections to make space for growth.

Visitors over the past couple weeks may have already witnessed staff shifting materials. We're taking this time during the holidays to move some books around to gain more shelves in various collections. It's still a work in progress, but most of the books have been moved and now we're working on the final touches.

So, what's different you ask?

Our Northwest and Local collections are still shelved near the fireplace, only now we've utilized the adjacent shelving unit to expand the collection. This gives the collections a total of twelve additional shelves to grow. We are able to fit in bookends now, and there is even room to display titles face forward.

Since we've utilized the adjacent shelving unit to expand Northwest and Local materials, you're probably wondering what happened to the Large Print books that were previously on the adjacent shelves. Large Print has also gained numerous additional shelves and has been moved just slightly north. The new Large Print materials are shelved at the beginning of the range.

The Audio Books collection was most in need of expansion. The shelves were so tight many items were being stacked on top of each other just to fit in the area. Our audio books are very popular which makes weeding titles especially difficult. Miraculously, just by shifting books from one place to another unused space in one place is gained in the other. This worked out well, and now there is much more room for audio books. This collection is housed up front following Northwest and Local and flowing all the way to the end of the range.

We're in the process of creating a nice Reference section utilizing the shelving unit in the center near the public computers. The reference books have been moved to the unit already. Our atlas stand will go there as well, and there are some other details to finish. Some of the reference materials are being moved to circulation right now, so please let us know if you have trouble

finding a particular title.

Another special collection being cared for is Spanish Language. It's now near our other special collections in one of the wooden shelving units.

As you visit the Library these next few weeks we'll be busy re-shifting books, organizing certain collections, and adding final touches. A big final detail is signage. Some of it is temporary now, so please ask for assistance if you're having trouble locating a collection.

I am so happy we were able to gain well-needed shelving space in our special collections. It hasn't been easy for staff moving books from one place to another. I truly appreciate their support and hard work.

Marjorie Harrison

Library Director


San Juan Island Library www.sjlib.org


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