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Friday Nights in Friday Harbor

Avatar_DavidBentleyBlue skies, 68 degrees, a $6 box dinner from the deli, and free outdoor music courtesy of the Port Commission - Friday nights in Friday Harbor just don’t get much better than this! Toes are tapping. Bodies are swaying. Boaters parade by while locals chat with friends and tourists wish they could live here. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? This is as close to paradise as people could ever hope for without leaving their bodies behind. At least it is, today.

A couple of weeks ago, when it looked like Junuary was going to last for two months and summer had not yet arrived, things weren’t so perfect in paradise. Everyone was tired of cold temperatures, clouds, and rain. There were numerous events taking place. Multitudes of tourists were milling about, sporting t-shirts and shorts that exposed unexpected gooseflesh. We were all getting on each other’s nerves.

Meanwhile, people on the East Coast and throughout the Midwest were suffering in triple-digit heat. They would have given anything to enjoy the coolness that we were lamenting. They would have preferred putting on extra clothing and rain gear to having their clothes stick to their sweaty bodies despite air conditioners running full blast.

Some days it’s easy to forget how good things are in our little part of the world. On those days we actually find ourselves complaining and trying to blame someone or something for our discontent. Then, on days like today, we are reminded that we really do have our own little piece of paradise right here in Friday Harbor, Washington.

After all, it could be much worse. We could be spending this weekend in the other Washington with all the politicians who wish they could be anywhere else. Yessiree, Friday nights in Friday Harbor just don’t get much better than this!

  • How are you feeling about your life right now? 
  • What circumstances put you in this particular mood? 
  • Will those circumstances ever change? 
  • Where does acceptance fit into your perception of life?
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