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Late Summer, Indian Summer, Who Cares

Avatar_DavidBentley What a glorious Friday! The temperature was nearly 80 degrees with clear skies and a light wind. About 400 folks enjoyed a free lunch under canopies outside the office of a local dentist Thanks, Doc!). Couples were walking through town holding hands. Children were happy to have started school and gotten to the weekend. The community calendar was filled with everything from memorial services to painting and writing workshops. Who could complain? Well, you'd be surprised.

Some people thought it was too hot, despite the coolest summer that anyone on the island can remember. Others complained about yellow jackets. Yet those wasps, like all the veggies in our gardens, are merely a few weeks later than usual.

Several people were upset that our community has experienced so many deaths in the past few weeks. I understand the sadness this brings, but I doubt that many of the people who died conspired to make it work out this way.

Others complained of being exhausted. To them I suggested checking out a good book from the library, scheduling a massage from any of our many massage therapists, and purchasing a hammock and a light blanket. However, I also warned them to eat indoors due to the current yellow jacket invasion.

I plan to spend the coming week making a gratitude list each night before going to bed. My guess is that the pros of the day will far outweigh the cons; and, if they don't, I can always emulate Pollyanna and play "The Glad Game."

It isn't a huge stretch to be glad I don't live in Texas where the big fires are, on the Gulf and eastern coasts where there is flooding, or in any of the many countries where there is war and bloodshed.

Life is getting shorter every day, as are the length of these fall days in September. Let's not waste even a moment complaining about things we cannot change. Instead, let's be grateful for the things we have and each delightful day we get to enjoy – together, here in paradise.

  • What are you grateful for today?
  • What have you got complaints about?
  • Which list is longer?
  • Would your life really be better somewhere else?
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