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Anniversary Sale

Avatar_DavidBentley “You can’t win a prize unless you sign up for the drawing,” advised the cashier. So, after paying for my full cart of groceries, I walked over to the entry box before leaving the store. Taking a blank sheet from the notepad, I wrote down my name and telephone number, folded the paper in half, and dropped it into the slot. It was my 20th entry in the annual anniversary sale at the local grocery store, and I was hopeful.

I always go to the sale early in the morning to avoid long lines at the check-out stand. I get the ad from the newspaper, circle the items I want, and make a shopping list in order by aisles. Then I arrive just as the store opens, make my purchases quickly, and am able take everything home and still get to work on time.

The shoppers I encounter are usually pretty focused, but smiling. We all get our yearly supply of toilet paper, facial tissues, and paper towels at this sale. There are also good deals on canned or frozen veggies and chickens for winter soups and casseroles. Combine all of that with other bargains on staples, necessities, and a few frills, and it is no wonder that customers are happy.

So with my purchases made and put away, I was surprised to get home from work and discover a phone message telling me I’d won a gift card in the first drawing of the sale. After a little happy dance, I made a list for day two of shopping before supper. When I walked in the door of the store the next morning, a smiling cashier greeted me and said, “You see? I told you!”

And she was right. If you want to reap the rewards, you have to take some risk and make an effort. It is sound advice for drawings at grocery store sales, and it works just as well in most other areas of life. You can’t win if you don’t sign up and play the game.

  • Do you ever fail to sign up and become disappointed when someone else wins?
  • Have you refrained from making an effort because the odds seemed against you?
  • Are you waiting for someone else to make you a winner although you haven’t played the game?
  • What will you do differently today?
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