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After a long hiatus and a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided to return to San Juan Islander to offer you my astrological insights. I missed writing for my community and since my return to Lopez nearly three years ago I’ve had a lot of people express their desire to read what I have to say. San Juan Islander has kindly taken me back and I’m happy to be here!

Needless to say, the drastic changes in our society and world come as no surprise to me as I’ve seen this coming for a long time. Yet I feel compelled not only to share my astrological observations with you but also my personal philosophy and knowledge of chaos theory and other mathematical truths that enlightened me three decades ago.

Let me introduce you to the core of chaos theory: As the edge of order is approached, chaos begins. Contained within chaos is order, and as chaos takes over, new order emerges, but in the same pattern as before. Hence, history repeats itself and we as humans recover from our own periods of life and mental chaos. The mystery lies in the fundamental method of how miracles occur, such as certain people appearing in our lives at critical times, sudden reversals of fortune from worse to better, siblings unknown to each other due to one having been adopted out wind up at the same university at the same time, taking the same classes yet not knowing they are full siblings, etc. Each of us has a list of mysterious happenings that have given us pause; a light in the darkness that helps guide us. This is the hidden order at work that underlies everything. We can’t see it, touch it, will it to happen, force it or own it. It is independent of us yet we are bound to it. We call it whatever we will, but it is the template that reemerges every once in a while and gives us pause.

This year will take a calmer tone in many ways; Saturn in his own sign is the Architect, the Keeper of Boundaries. We will see his handiwork in these next couple of years, and if you are old enough to look back about 30 years you will see what was happening then and how people responded to it (hint: The Cold War, the New Age Movement, a change in music, spirituality and a similar government in the U.S.). This will be an amazing year in many ways and it’s time to shake off the differences of the surface features (political affiliation, creed, race and whose cereal is best) and extend a hand in friendship. Friendship is stronger than family in many ways because of the work that goes into a friendship, plus we choose our friends. With family, we get what we get but it’s our friends that understand us on a deeper level because of lack of family baggage and stereotyping. With Saturn setting the tone and form of the next two years and eventually conjoining transformative Pluto, watch for a real showdown.

As always, keep looking after each other and it’s great to be Home! Please have a look at my Skygazing info too, which will be offered at the beginning of each month. This is astronomical information from my affiliated observatory in Sonoma California, the Robert Ferguson Observatory where I was a docent for two years.

Aries (March 21- April 19): Since this year began with stern Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn and we have several other planets in the same sign, you may feel somewhat restricted (okay, really restricted) and impatient. Your sector of Career is demanding that changes be made or you may have to let the door hit you on the way out. Ugh, not the best collection of influences to further your goals, but this is about things ending; hence, new things will begin out of necessity. Jupiter and your Ruler Mars in your sector of Finances/Shared Assets are at a harmonious angle to those Capricorn guys, so if you play it straight and honest, you’ll be fine.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20): 2018 has started with a heavy dose of Capricorn (earth) energy and this bodes well for you since you are an earth sign yourself. One thing you want to avoid is getting into a rut though. You do like for things to be predictable and practical, but too much of that makes you boring even to yourself. You Taurean artists should have quite a bit of inspiration now since your Ruler Venus is also in this sign; your sector of Relationships is also lit up with Jupiter and energetic Mars at a terrific angle to the Capricorn dwellers. One thing to watch for is Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn, the flavor of 2018. Your distant horizons may shrink some. Pay attention to your bone health because that’s where your weakness lies this year.


Gemini (May 21- June 20): Oh for Pete’s sake, your year has begun somewhat backwards, largely because of stern Saturn moving into his own sign of Capricorn and occupying your sector of Finances/Shared Assets. You are likely to have already seen major changes in your life in the past few months in a way that has left you feeling like someone clipped your wings; you hate feeling like that. Don’t get all crabby and nasty though because you’re not the only one suffering, nor are you the one suffering the worst in your crowd. Five planets in practical. authoritative Capricorn is what we will wind up with later in the week, but Jupiter and Mars are together in your sector of Health/True Purpose are well placed to help you see the lesson in all of this and move forward with more clarity. You’ll have to dig deep to reap these benefits because they’re not on the surface.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Well, now! Your sector of relationships is very dynamic now with no less than five planets occupying that sign, so the influence of someone very close to you will do one of two things: Make you really crabby or make you happy that you’re getting attention. I think it’s probably the latter, because friendly Jupiter and energetic Mars are both in your companion water sign Scorpio (your sector of Creative Expression, Lovers and other fun stuff) and they are singing away at the other five I just talked about. This sets you up to get a spine, set your stride and get stronger even if it isn’t fun. This will be a powerful year for you!


Leo (July 23 – August 22): Lots of stuff going on this year for you that will ultimately turn out to your benefit; Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn will show up in your year as the drive to discover or redefine your purpose in life. This month especially emphasizes that, with five planets in that one sign, but your sector of Home is where benevolent Jupiter and energetic Mars deepen your perspective. If you’re accustomed to people that dwell on the surface, prepare to go scuba diving because you’re ready for some real meat in your life. In order to get that, you may have to chase it a bit, but fortunately you are a lion and therefore used to chasing things that are meaningful because it’s your nature.


Virgo (August 23 – September 21): You’re one of the lucky ones that get to dive into the solid, stable energy of Earth! Five planets occupy your companion Earth sign Capricorn now, and they are touring your sector of Creative Expression. What’s more, benevolent Jupiter and Mars are beautifully aspected to the quintuplets. This gives you a feeling of security and well-being as we begin the year. The Jupiter/Pluto aspect right now has the capacity to transform just about anything and expand that transformation fairly rapidly. You can use this to your long term benefit by planting the seeds now, whatever way you see fit. With such an emphasis on Earth signs now, don’t expect anything to happen fast; focus on it happening well.


Libra (September 22 – October 23): The New Year brings changes with it for you, especially in the area of your home. Five planets are touring your sector of Home for the next few weeks and the most powerful of them are Saturn and Pluto. Saturn will be there for a bit over two years, making sure you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. If you’re in the process of changing location, you may be frustrated by available (or the lack of) offerings in terms of a place to hang your hat. You appreciate beauty but your environment may be stark. Whichever way Saturn leaves his mark, it will change your perspective this year. On your side are Jupiter and Mars in your sector of Finances/Resources so you will receive assistance or resources in ways that aren’t obvious or the first thing that comes to your mind.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22): Jupiter and Mars in your sign start your year off with a bang, especially since they are beautifully aligned with no less than five planets touring your sector of Communication/Learning. You seem to have a real sense of purpose now, in a practical manner as well as one of some kind of leadership. You prefer to be in the background as an observer or analyst but now you’re in the spotlight and you’ll do just fine. You are one that keeps secrets and refrains from gossip or breaking confidentiality and people either trust you or are afraid of you. Fortunately, you’re in a benevolent mood now, so you won’t have to give anyone a reason to fear you just yet.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): Your year begins with stern Saturn having left your sign, bringing relief in one way but the need for discipline in another. Saturn and four other planets are touring your sector of Finances/Resources so it’s time to make good use of what you have and build for the future. This week won’t bring you lots of laughter or spontaneous goofiness in any great quantity but you will make great strides in getting mundane tasks done because you have a boost coming from your Ruler Jupiter and Mars in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings. These two are beautifully aligned with the aforementioned five, giving you the insight and depth of perception that propels you to do stuff you hate doing in order to attain the end goal. This will set you up for a good year, so carry on!


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): Your Ruler Saturn is in your sign now, and four others join him. This puts pressure on you in some ways because having so much weight in one sign is burdensome. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all in your sign. You will be more in tune with world events than others due to the two outer planets touring your sign; if you are prone to depression, keep watch because it may become pretty strong. If this happens, seek help and do what you can to keep your head above water. Helping you are Jupiter and Mars in your sector of Friends/Goals; things show up just when you need them and people are there for you in ways you may not be aware of. This year will be a leap of faith for you, and being the type that wants proof for things, it may be tough for you to relax into it; do it anyway because resistance is futile!


Aquarius (January 21 - February 20): 2018 has begun for you in a manner that sees you focused on decluttering and getting rid of things that aren’t doing you any good anymore. Saturn has moved into your sector of Endings/New Beginnings, and four other planets are joining him there. Expansive Jupiter and energetic Mars are in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential and sending you subtle signals regarding your deepest desires and as they bubble up to the surface you will see that this year holds goals to be made manifest. You will be less glitter and more serious now since you have seen the writing on the wall in certain areas of your career. Follow your instincts and keep an ear to the ground.


Pisces (February 21 – March 20): This year has begun with a sense of solidity for you as you emerge with friendships intact that have seen you through a rough period. With five planets touring your sector of Friends/Goals for the next couple of weeks, your hard work will be realized as you find that your depths have been comprehended and appreciated. Jupiter and Mars in your sector of Travel/Philosophy give you the gift of discovering hidden treasures which your sharing nature is prone to use to enlighten or comfort others. Your role in calming nerves is emphasized now as you have what it takes to cool the fires of conflict and discord. This is your year to really make a difference, so put it to good use!



  • Rebecca Cook Monday, 08 January 2018 16:12 Comment Link

    Have missed your words of advice, friend. Thanks for rethinking things! Best. R

  • Debra Madan Monday, 08 January 2018 08:41 Comment Link

    So glad you are doing this again for us! I have missed reading your wonderful insight on things.

  • Gretchen Krampf Monday, 08 January 2018 07:55 Comment Link

    Welcome back, Triana! We have missed reading your insightful weekly messages and I know a certain circle of women who will be delighted to see you’ve returned.
    Happy New Year!


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