Horoscopes by Triana January 22-28, 2018: Tough Stuff Peaking Now, Then Party! Featured

I really don’t like delving into politics in any matter but will say that what’s happening in our government right now is something I saw coming yet refrained from writing about. You see, the sign of Capricorn rules government and institutions and after that unprecedented number of planets recently occupying Capricorn including transformative Pluto and all of them hitting a square with chaotic and rebellious Uranus in aggressive Aries, what else could have happened other than a shutdown and a lot of arguing? My friends, it’s time to recognize that we are in a very powerful cycle with Pluto and Uranus being squared up. This is a generational, global and long lasting aspect that is a harbinger of major changes. It gets personal with inner planets align with either of these two power houses, but we are in a matrix of flux and transformation. Many of us won’t live long enough to see the results of this phenomenal time, but we are living in horrendously interesting times and therefore we are going down in history.

Many are poised to react to anything they don’t like that’s filtering down from the upper echelons of power. Many are afraid of a nuclear war, a financial meltdown, a natural disaster or whatever else is being emphasized to get us to spend money to quash our fear. Meh. Don’t go there. The cycle we are in is a repeat and our job is to find creative and innovative ways to cope with it, change the direction of the momentum, learn from it, observe and document it, and get inspired. This is a time of opportunity in terms of finding better ways to take care of each other, uplift each other, propel each other and make each other better than we were yesterday.

This week makes stuff personal because of Mercury being exactly aligned with Pluto. It doesn’t get any more personal than Mercury because he is the ruler of thinking, communication, commuting and learning. We can use the energy of this conflict to turn something around, to demonstrate goodwill toward others regardless of our differences, to turn our attention toward solutions that will make a small difference with a rippling effect rather than a big attention getting boom. Less is more now, and our power lies in our most precious people. It’s a “we” thing rather than a “me” thing. Although the random acts of kindness thing has become a tired cliché, our job is to do what good we can in any given moment. Yesterday I was in a supermarket on the mainland and the man checking out in front of me was using an EBT card to pay for his food. He was just over $2.00 short for his purchases and I thought for a few seconds before I acted. He wasn’t buying a lot of garbage, he was clean and well dressed, he had an aura of goodness emanating from him and I could be wrong in my assessment but decided to help anyway and gave the cashier a fiver to cover the item he was going to pass up. No fanfare, no looking for praise, nothing. I just did it. When the man was ready to leave, he smiled at me and thanked me. I simply said, “I’ve been there. Take good care.”

These times are about taking care. This week is about taking care. My phrase “look after each other” is heartfelt because we need to do that. We are each responsible for the structural integrity of our families and friendships and neighborhoods and communities. Let’s be proud of who we are, collectively, for better or for worse.

Get some good stuff done, stay on task and look after each other!

Aries (March 21- April 19):  This won’t be a good week for negotiating much of anything due to Mercury in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential forming a nasty angle with Uranus in your sign. You may feel that something is unfair or completely at odds with the way you think things should be, but attempts to correct the situation will come off as being demanding or controlling. This isn’t necessarily coming from you but it’s how you will be perceived. Step gently and with empathy when dealing with others because they are also being hit by this aspect. Some people do well under pressure and others don’t so you would be wise to know what you’re dealing with before you make your pitch. Feel things out.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):   Mercury and Pluto in your sector of Travel/Spirituality/Higher Education are at odds with rebellious Uranus in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings. You may receive some type of correspondence that puts the kibosh on something you were planning or a client may suddenly terminate an agreement; whichever way it goes there may be a sudden termination or flareup or something that needs to be ironed out. Fortunately, your natural patience and endurance will prevail and see you through it. Wednesday is the peak day so you’ll know by then what you’re dealing with.


Gemini (May 21- June 20):  The airy and whimsical nature of the Sun and Venus in your companion air sign Aquarius is still working for you as you plow through a variety of things that you find both amazing and irksome; would you have it any other way? A Gemini in a rut is a sad thing indeed, and this week sees a tapestry of events for you to work your magic on. Mercury in your sector of Shared Assets/Intimacy is going to be problematic though; Mercury is your Ruler and he is in a compromised aspect with mighty Uranus in your sector of Friends/Goals. Since Mercury will conjoin transformative Pluto on Wednesday, the handwriting should already be on the wall in terms of which way things will go, and midweek will be the release of pressure from this aspect. Don’t vector splatter over anything and control your impulses.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): This may be an emotional week for you; Mercury is conjunct transformative Pluto in your sector of Relationships. The pair is at odds with rebellious Uranus in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential. This could see a major change for you in terms of receiving or sending important correspondence that has the capacity to shift you from one place to another or advance you in some way. If something is trying to break now, don’t try to plug all the leaks because it’s going to break anyway. Mars and Jupiter in your sector of Expansion are on hand to help you, so if you can manage to pause and look deeper and refrain from being reactive you’ll be able to gain an upper hand.


Leo (July 23 – August 22):  This week sees communication getting garbled because of Mercury and Pluto in a difficult aspect with Uranus in your sectors of Health/Pets and Travel/Expansion, respectively. Since the conflict involves communication, you may have to iron out a problem with a health care professional or veterinarian. A slip in communication or a postponement on your part will not bode well for you so make the time to be thorough and cross check everything. This aspect peaks on Wednesday, so a release will occur at midweek and you can begin to tie up the loose ends after that. Don’t pressure yourself unduly because you don’t really have control over what’s happening other than making sure your side is as clean as it can be. You do have an advantage with the Sun and Venus in your sector of Relationships, so use it!


Virgo (August 23 – September 21):  Your sectors of Creative Expression and Shared Assets/Intimacy are at the fore this week due to Mercury and Pluto being locked in a conjunction and in a difficult aspect to Uranus. This translates as a mashup of communications regarding what you want versus what you get. If you’re doing a remodel of your home or a project that involves hiring a professional, one thing may get overlooked that has a critical component to it and a cascade of annoyances could result. You’ll need to be thorough and present if you want things done right. Wednesday is the peak of this trend so after that you’ll have more clarity about how to handle the situation. Don’t procrastinate or assume anything this week. Stay on task and you’ll ride this out just fine even though you’re going to be pretty tired.


Libra (September 22 – October 23):   You may experience a blowup in a significant relationship due to rebellious and mighty Uranus in that sector of your chart being at odds with both Pluto and Mercury in your sector of Home. Mercury is the planet that will bring something into your personal sphere that was on the outside. This could involve anyone living with you such as spouse, roommate, relatives or children. A flaw in communication is what is to be addressed, so you’re going to have to assert yourself in terms of boundaries and protocol. You often defer but that won’t work this week so focus on strategy to turn things around. This aspect peaks on Wednesday so don’t waste any time. The Sun and your Ruler Venus are there as a safety net for you so if you think outside the box and draw a line in the sand and back it up with action you’ll be fine. Don’t waffle!


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22):  Be happy that Jupiter and Mars are in your sign cheering you on this week because your Ruler Pluto and Mercury are both at odds with chaotic Uranus in your sectors of Thinking/Communication and Health/Purpose this week and you will need all of your powers of observation to counteract the fallout from that. You are one to see through people but be warned that any ulterior motives you may have are likely to be squished or backfire if you say or do something to bend things to your advantage. Your mode of communication is direct or nothing. This week you’ll have to speak up and say exactly what’s on your mind because subtlety won’t work; the energy is too loud for others to be able to pick up any hidden messages. You get really mad if things go sideways, so don’t let them.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): It’s all about money and resources for you right now, and you could really put your foot it in it you procrastinate or feel you can’t be bothered to take care of annoying paperwork. Get on it! Mercury and Pluto conjunct in your sector of Finances are in a nasty aspect with chaotic Uranus in your sector of Creative Expression; if you are trying to get ahead, you’re going to have to make up a way to make the mundane fun or set up a reward system for yourself. This week, especially the first half, is work before play. Your reward will be setting up play time so that you can have something to look forward to. The Sun and Venus in your sector of Thinking/Communicating give you a big boost of inspiration so that you can accomplish the things you hate doing in a manner that can have you dancing all the way through it. Go!


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  The pressure is on! Mercury conjoins Pluto in your sign and they are both at a hard angle to chaotic Uranus in your sector of Home; this sets up a tense situation if you are involved in any real estate matters or have uncooperative people in your house. You’re going to have to bend a bit in order to get what you want, so reassess the pros and cons of your current situation. Where can you improve, where do you want others to improve? How big a deal is it in the bigger picture? If your words run afoul of a heated situation, have an exit strategy to buy you some time. Jupiter and Mars in your sector of Friendships are there to assist you if you ask advice from trusted friends or professionals. Trust is the key word. Sometimes we have to let someone guide us if we’re blind and that takes a leap of faith.


Aquarius (January 21 - February 20):  Mercury and Pluto are conjunct in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings and both are at a hard angle to your Ruler Uranus in your sector of Thinking/Communication. This could be problematic in an area that you’re trying to start or put an end to. What’s working for you is the Sun and Venus in your sign, boosting your morale and self-esteem. This gives you the staying power to see the problem through rather than losing your patience and ditching it. This is something you can’t ditch so you’ll have to work your way through it. It’s not all bad, just a dance you have to do. Other areas in your life are glittering right now so you can go after the shiny things when you take a break from the task at hand and get recharged. This all peaks on Wednesday, then you’ll see some results from your efforts.


Pisces (February 21 – March 20): Mercury and Pluto conjunct in your sector of Friends/Goals are squared up with chaotic Uranus in your sector of Finances/Resources. This may bring tension regarding a loan, shared money or property or a good deed done that ran afoul. While you may feel that undue pressure is being put upon you, take care of whatever it is with positive action rather than words or excuses. You’re not always Johnny On the Spot with things, and most of us prefer to settle things without conflict but if you find yourself in a situation that’s out of hand, deal with it head on and get it over with. This doesn’t mean to cut your nose off despite your face, it means using foresight and wisdom. You can do this! You have Jupiter and Mars cheering you on from your sector of Expansion and they will help you know what the parameters are.


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