Horoscopes by Triana March 5 - 11, 2018 Mercury and Venus Move to Aries, Mars to Trine Uranus on Sunday Featured

Now the pace picks up as the element of water gives way to that of fire; Venus, Mercury, Mars and Uranus all occupy fire signs now and this sets the tone for decisive action as well as some surprises that come out of nowhere. Where water tends to be reflective, mysterious and somewhat vague, fire is right there, bright and visible from a distance. As we approach the vernal equinox and the true spring, we’re called upon to dry out the damp corners of our minds and hearts and get ready to roll. This shift in energy is also reflected on the world stage due to the Mars/Uranus buildup; Mars in Sagittarius insists on camaraderie while mighty Uranus is ready to throw bolts of lightning to quicken any action taken and throw some chaos into the mix. The upside of this is creative thinking, the downside is careless words and actions that prompt angry reactions.

Fire signs will benefit from the current trend, with air signs coming in at a close second. These are the negotiators and action oriented folk who are ready to move forward with plans that have formerly been rumors or mere mentions. What was previously hidden will now be revealed and opportunities will arise for those actively searching for them.

A pivotal week for us all as we come out of the winter doldrums and feel the new growth of spring pulsing in our veins; time to pick up the pace and get organized! Be careful out there and keep looking after each other. Lend a hand where you can, when you can. Be kind but know when to stand up for yourself. It’s all a dance, and when dancing with someone else the goal is to not step on feet!  

Aries (March 21- April 19): Okay, so now the focus swings in your direction and for several reasons. First of all, feel the surge of Mercury and Venus entering your sign! This will bring you sharp focus and a determined edge to get what you want. More importantly though is your Ruler Mars in your sector of Expansion coming into an exact trine with unpredictable Uranus in your sign; As the week progresses, expect the unexpected and be sure to be specific when making requests or giving/receiving instructions. Your energy level may give you a feeling of urgency and this can cause you to skip over communication that’s important. Sunday is when this Mars/Uranus trine peaks; stay tuned!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): The pulse quickens now due to your Ruler Venus and Mercury entering the sign of Aries (your sector of Endings/New Beginnings). After quite a while of watery, unclear and vague situations and thoughts, you are now able to move into new territory thanks to some help from your friends. As much as we want to take credit for doing things on our own, we rarely do everything solo. Cooperation is the key to getting things done and you’ve tackled some pretty big stuff recently. Even if things aren’t perfect or exactly the way you pictured them to be, you’re still ahead of the game if you haven’t fallen behind like many others. This surge will gain strength all week.

Gemini (May 21- June 20): Let’s get this party started! Venus and your Ruler Mercury enter fiery, energetic Aries and activate your sector of Friends/Goals. Forward movement will accelerate now and you’ll find the support and action you need to help you get to that next step. You’ll see results fairly quickly, so hopefully you’ve already laid the groundwork. Mars in your sector of Relationships forms an exact trine with unpredictable Uranus who is also in your sector of Friends/Goals and this could indicate a bolt out of the blue in terms of someone showing up that you’d never expect. Hang on!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):  This week has the pedal to the metal in terms of your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential; Venus and Mercury move into that sector and bring much needed energy to a previously sluggish environment. Put that seatbelt on and be ready to roll! The watery energy is ebbing and the element of fire arrives to dry out the corners and reveal a clear path for you. Thoughts turn into action. Mars in your sector of Work/Health forms an exact trine with unpredictable Uranus on Sunday so the week will be filled with things needing your immediate attention; you’ll have to prioritize and be more organized than usual.


Leo (July 23 – August 22): Venus and Mercury move into your sector of Expansion and your desire to shift gears is greatly increased. With the element of water giving way to that of fire, you may not have the patience for anything other than what has to do with your immediate goals since thought gives way to action this month. Mars in your sector of Creative Expression forms an exact trine to Uranus on Sunday and you’ll feel the buildup of this aspect all week. Since Mercury and Venus are in harmony to Jupiter in your sector of Home, a secret may be revealed that will inspire you to change something in your home environment that will better reflect who you are.


Virgo (August 23 – September 21):  Venus and your Ruler Mercury move into your sector of Shared Assets/Intimacy and prompt action to be taken in some area of what you share with someone else. It may be that a special someone finally deserves to know they are special to you, or it could be that you’re ready to invest resources into a joint project for a quick launch. Your mind is quickened and you’re likely to be restless as the season of spring begins to rise in your blood. The element of water has given way to the element of fire (four planets in fire signs now), and with energetic Mars forming an exact trine to Uranus on Sunday, you’ll feel the effects of the necessity to get things done all week long. It will all be for the good, so move that body!


Libra (September 22 – October 23):  Your Ruler Venus and Mercury now move into your sector of Relationships and this bodes well for because thoughts turn into action. Since this pair is still in a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in your sector of Finances/Resources, it looks like the rubber can finally hit the road in terms of a mutual goal. You have an active mind that likes to be occupied and engaged in strategy so now’s the time for that to happen. Sunday brings an exact trine between Mars in your sector of Thinking/Communication and Uranus, and this indicates an urgent need to square things up with a spouse or other person close to you. Choose your words carefully.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22):  Jupiter in your sign is in a lovely alignment to Venus and Mercury who are now in your sector of Work/Health. This ignites a real sense of purpose now and the need to take action after weeks of rumination. Your keen observational skills are heightened now as you think on the fly. A buildup of energy between energetic Mars in your sector of Finances/Resources and Uranus reaches a crescendo on Sunday; this entire week will keep you occupied with one thing or another but all in the name of forward movement. Your focus is sharp and your skills are honed. Keep your eye on the prize and carry on!


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): At last, a spring in your step returns due to Venus and Mercury taking up residence in your sector of Creative Expression; this pair is still in a terrific alignment to your Ruler Jupiter, so expect some breakthroughs now as thoughts turn into action and you are able to see progress. The week accelerates due to Mars in your sign moving into an exact trine to Uranus, bringing an unexpected boost and good news out of the blue. Definitely a much happier week for you as you are a fire sign and four planets now occupy that element. Time to shift gears and come out of hibernation!

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): This week radically changes the pace; Mercury and Venus enter your sector of Home and the pair is still in a lovely alignment with Jupiter in your sector of Friends/Goals. Looks like some social activity is ramping up and you will be doing some entertaining! The elemental dominance shifts from water to fire now so thoughts will be turned into action and you’ll be busy filling your calendar with activities that have had to take a back seat for a while. There is a buildup of energy now as Mars in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings approaches an exact trine to unpredictable Uranus on Sunday. If you feel restless and irritable despite your busy schedule, chalk it up to Mars urging you to take action on something that is not yet clear. You’re not one to jump in with both feet unless you have all the facts, but a sudden insight will ease the pressure and point you in the right direction.


Aquarius (January 21 - February 20): This week has a liberating effect for you because of Venus and Mercury moving out of water and into fire; they now tour your sector of Thinking/Communication and are still in harmony with Jupiter in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential. The indication here is that previously unknown information comes to light and enables you to take action in terms of something that had stalled out. You do much better in a dynamic environment and now that the element of water has given way to that of fire, the pace quickens and you’re much more comfortable. Energetic Mars is moving toward an exact trine with your Ruler Uranus on Sunday so the week will reflect the buildup of energy and your need to stay busy with multiple tasks and projects. We have liftoff!


Pisces (February 21 – March 20): Venus and Mercury have left your sign and moved into your sector of Finances/Resources; they are still in a lovely alignment with Jupiter in your sector of Expansion so now you will see the results of decisions you’ve made and contacts you’ve established as preparation and thought turns into action. Mars in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential is moving toward an exact trine alignment with unpredictable Uranus on Sunday so the week will reflect a buildup of energy that will disperse during the weekend. If you have plans for something social this weekend, you couldn’t have picked a better time! Now that the element of fire is replacing that of water, you’re able to air out the damp corners and move your mind into a more dynamic mode.

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