Horoscopes by Triana April 16-22, 2018 - Mercury Now Direct in Aries, Chiron Moves to Aries on Tuesday, Sun Moves to Taurus on Friday Featured

We have some big stuff coming up! Now that Mercury is direct and things are righting themselves, we see Chiron (the Wounded Healer) changing signs on Tuesday. Chiron is an asteroid/planetoid that has gained importance in astrology over the past four decades or so due to its tangible influence in charts. Chiron was a centaur in mythology. He was immortal as a demigod and took a hit with a poisoned arrow during a battle. Not able to die but forever lame, he is said to have retreated into a cave and taught future heroes such as Achilles.

Chiron has an irregular orbit and stays in one sign for a variable amount of time depending on his proximity to the Sun. Chiron has occupied the sign of Pisces for eight years and on Tuesday will move into Aries, where he will be (with the exception of a retrograde) until 2026.

What does this mean? Well, astrologically Chiron represents what we (individually and collectively) are trying to heal on a deep level. Since Aries is a sign that puts self first, we can expect to see the damage of self-absorption in ourselves and our society during the next eight years. Chiron was in Aries during the early 70’s so we will, collectively, readdress the issues of self-expression, self-absorption, self-examination, self-esteem and anything else to do with our culture of individuality. This should be super interesting!

At the end of the week the Sun enters Taurus, signaling a spirit of abundance, celebration, the finer things in life, the love of chocolate and the good things that spring brings. Endurance and loyalty are the hallmarks of Taurus, and as we continue to live in the tumultuous and complex world we have become, we must take the time to appreciate the simple things and the preciousness of our planet that sustains us.

Given these parameters, grab the week, seize the moments that are glorious to sustain you in less glorious ones, indulge in at least one good meal/dessert/movie/other luxury and as always, look after each other!

Aries (March 21- April 19): At last, Mercury is now direct in your sign! This begins a wowser of a week for you as you gain lost ground with refreshed energy and a new outlook following the New Moon in your sign. Planetoid Chiron (the Wounded Healer) enters your sign on Tuesday, marking a period of life where you are called upon to polish old skills for a new use due to an inability to be able to do what you used to do. Thus we begin a period of learning new things, changing direction, letting go. It can be kind of scary, but once you hit your stride you’ll be dancing.




Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Mercury is now direct in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings and it’s time to correct any transgressions committed if there are any. The recent New Moon in this same sector will give you insights into your manner of getting what you want. You have a quiet determination about you and when you have your eye on a goal there is little that can outlast your endurance in gaining it. You have a lot going for you now, so use your great sense of beauty and loyalty to create a new situation or enhance your current one. If you’re an artist who has been experiencing a dry spell, this week will bring inspiration.


Gemini (May 21- June 20): Your Ruler Mercury is now direct in your sector of Friends/Goals and you’re able to clearly see which way the wind is blowing in your social or work circle. With the New Moon having just occurred in the same sector, you’re able to understand why certain people in your life have to go, even if it hurts or is inconvenient. You may bellow, “Not fair!” but if everything were fair, we’d never learn to live by our wits, and this happens to be what you’re best at! This week is a good one to scout around for new ideas, pick up some new reading material and reignite your imagination.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): With Mercury now direct and the New Moon over with in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential, you are likely to see changes beginning to occur that you either initiated or triggered in some way. Even if you feel that your role isn’t important, your very presence is a catalyst for your environment. so don’t underestimate yourself. As we move further into spring and witness new life bursting all around us, see your own new growth as hard won and take good care of it. It’s yours, no one else’s.


Leo (July 23 – August 22): Mercury is finally out of retrograde in your sector of Expansion and the New Moon in the same sector has just passed so you’re more than ready to pull up the anchor and set sail for a new adventure or a change of scenery. You’ve had itchy feet for some time, wishing to either hit the road or make a change but the past three weeks have held you back due to Mercury going backwards. Now that you are gaining a new perspective, you’ll have a better idea of which way to go in the coming weeks. For now, you’re making strides toward your goal; keep putting one foot in front of the other and stand still only to listen.


Virgo (August 23 – September 21): This week begins relief due to Mercury coming out of retrograde in your sector of Shared Assets. The recent New Moon in that same sector will have the effect of having to cut some losses and reassess your position. Venus and her comrades are still very much on your side with fresh seeds and nourishing earth to make that new start. You have doubts and may even feel cynical now, but listen to that inner voice that compels you to try. There is support for you! Your gutsy Earth Mother inner core is stronger than your external fears and you will see the fruits of your labor even with the first step forward.


Libra (September 22 – October 23): The New Moon has passed and Mercury is now direct in your opposite sign of Aries, in your sector of Relationships. This may have been a story weekend, but it’s time to pick up and carry on, wiser for the events. Hopefully you’re learning that strategy and not control is what is important; making choices is what creates circumstances. Making informed choices is what strategy is all about, but even in this age of unlimited information, control is something that eludes us. Keep good music and good reading handy, enjoy your favorite pastime and catch your breath this week!


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22): A show of strength is yours this week, now that Mercury has gone direct and the New Moon has passed, both in your sector of Work/Health. Thanks to the strength of the continuing support of Venus in your sector of Relationships, you have forged a circle of power around you that is formidable. Your sharp eye is alert for danger to your tribe and during these difficult times in world events, you’re more determined than ever to stay strong and encourage others to do the same. You and your loved ones draw strength for each other, and while this can be taxing, it is also rewarding.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): Mercury in your sector of Creative Expression is now direct and you’ll finally be able to untie your tongue after three difficult weeks of feeling like every word written or spoken has run afoul. The New Moon in the same sector has strengthened your resolve to aim truer, broaden your horizons and focus on your own betterment. You have the continues support of Venus in trine with Mars and Pluto across your sectors of Work/Health and Finances/Resources respectively so stay on track with your financial affairs and padding your bank account. Be sure to make time to play as well, because your sign is the vanguard for play and fun.


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): You’re still going strong and even more so this week now that Mercury is now in direct motion in your sector of Home and the New Moon has passed there as well. You’ll now be able to focus on a new look for yourself, a reflection of your statement you wish to make to the world. A makeover is in order and you’re up for some pampering after a spate of hard work. Don’t forget to give thanks to those who have helped you along the way and kept you buoyant. This week, take advantage of Venus’ support since she will move to new digs next week.


Aquarius (January 21 – February 20): Now that Mercury has gone direct in your sector of Thinking/Communication, you’re ready to roll this week and get stuff done that you had to drop before. You’re the type that juggles many plates on the sticks, each plate stacked to spilling with items that are impulsively added; if one item falls off, so goes the whole show and you have to go into retreat to hide your embarrassment! This week your energy is better spent in your community, however you define that. Very soon you’ll have the capacity to examine the best way to express your ideas and have them executed without confusion.


Pisces (February 21 – March 20): Woo hoo, no more missteps and bumbles, Mercury is now direct in your sector of Finances/Resources! Now you can regain lost stuff if you wrote a check for a wrong amount, miscalculated your taxes or dropped money out of your pocket. You still have support from Venus and her friends in the choir and this week will show how much resilience you have. Gain ground early in the week because the end of the week has messy planetary aspects happening. You don’t want to procrastinate! Take the calm path and stay away from angst and drama.

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    I have really missed your horoscopes and uncanny intellectual insight. It's wonderful to you back in my life, you bring such clarity , wisdom and guidance. Thank you.


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