Horoscopes by Triana April 30-May 6: The Rumblings of Uranus Preparing to Change Signs: Nothing Cast in Stone Featured

  I’ll admit it, sometimes I have to really delve deep into my treasure chest to write this column, especially with the acceleration of changes, the precarious political situation everywhere, the pushing and shoving of change that can be imposing on entire communities to the point of fracturing the unity and mutual support that was the lifestyle.  


Neptune is doing his job of throwing out illusions in terms of what we are told and who’s behind what we are told, then Uranus fires us up and we shake our fists and go to battle but often to no avail because the money holders are the ones able to buy change for an entire group of people. I see this happening in our own islands, where prices for everything have become so exorbitant ($5.00+ for a loaf of bread? Really???) and property taxes and rental rates have created a crisis for many people who have lived here for years and contributed to the community.

Uranus is about to move from Aries to Taurus, and this will herald a period of very pronounced battles for locals armed only with pitchforks but who are the bedrock of the community. This will be everywhere, not just where we live. We all feel it, we all see it; a radical upscaling of what was once a lovely place to live. If the heart of a community is broken and divided, room for conquest is created without a shot being fired. This holds for our local community (which is a microcosm of the larger society) and large cities.

What Uranus is saying as he’s getting ready to leave Aries after a years-long tour is, “You’re expendable. Move aside, there’s something better coming.” May is going to be a month of shifting dynamics, the beginning of the taking back of what’s been taken. It’s going to be a powerful month as we watch what’s happening in the bigger world that has now encroached into our dear home. As with any planet, Uranus will do a last hurrah before moving into Taurus.

Other aspects spell out a sometimes frustrating week for some, a week of progress for others. It’s a good time to come together to help each other out, offer a leg up and generally take back our feeling of being local, being a cohesive community.

This month we can look forward to using what we have in different ways, being willing to listen to each other, being open to the endeavor of a feeling of community rather than a collection of people living in the same place but concerned only with themselves. Uranus moving into Taurus will encourage a better quality of living and a resurrection of what’s been good from the past.

It’s going to be an amazing month; watch and see, get together for chats, love where you live and as always, keep looking after each other!

Also, a very joyous Beltane to those who celebrate this fire festival and commencement of the season of abundance.  


Aries (March 21- April 19):  As we roll into a new month, keep your sights close to home; there is still instability out there that will thwart your plans if you aim too high, but do push your comfort zone a bit. Just don’t aim too high! You are an achievement oriented sign and you want to always be on top of the heap; normally that’s not a problem as long as you yourself don’t become the heap! This first week of May might be a bit weird for you but as the month matures, things will pick up, then get downright exciting. Hang on!


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):  This looks to be a good week for you as long as you don’t get too comfortable and become one with the couch! You ambitious Bulls will have plenty of china shops to peruse this week, so pick your project(s) and move on them. You’re likely to be ahead of the pack now, even though you’re not known for speed, and this is because you have the benefit of a heavy Earth influence in the planets right now. Money is important to everyone and having enough is critical to your well-being. I mean, how can you buy quality stuff without it? And chocolates?


Gemini (May 21- June 20):  You may be more gullible than most, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a good belly laugh sometimes out of it. This week you have plenty to sort through in terms of where to jump next and you may feel like you’re a moving target. Play your cards close to your chest and don’t talk too much to people you don’t know well about matters close to your heart or work. There is a lot of chatter out there to sort through and even with Venus’ help to guide you, your sectors of Work/Health and Friends/Goals are at odds with each other. No blabbing! It will hurt you!


Cancer (June 21-July 22): This first week of May is a bit rocky in terms of your relationships with others, but if you can get through the week without making any enemies or losing any friends (or a spouse for that matter), you’ll be in fine shape. This trend will pass but don’t underestimate Uranus’ preparation to change signs (he’s the Bringer of Changes and Chaos and has been touring your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential for a number of years). If you feel like you’re losing your marbles, you’re not alone, especially with the powerful Scorpio Full Moon that just passed. Relax and enjoy a nice cuppa something when you can and focus on good times.

Leo (July 23-August 22):  Don’t let this week fool you into thinking that things are going to be this cantankerous forever! The jitters abound now due to several tricky aspects this week; the ones filtering down to you are still those pesky sectors of Expansion and Work/Health. A shift in power is occurring on many levels, including within yourself. It all peaks this week then levels off, so let the hard work you’ve put into something see itself through. The operative word for the week is “detachment.” You are a possessive sign, but this week, practice letting go and realizing that you’re part of something bigger than you are. The obvious will make itself known and you will know what to do if you’ve been listening to your real self.


VIrgo (August 23-September 21):  This week will have its quirks due to some snarky aspects but the path will smooth out next week. With taxes paid (or refunded, or at least filed) and other financial concerns pressing you, your sector of Creative Expression is once again ramped up and ready to help you maneuver through the bumps and potholes. Difficulties could come your way via your sector of Shared Assets; you may discover a miscalculation or error in the arena of investments, an inheritance or other assets that you share with another. Stay calm and get the help you need to get the situation settled quickly.


Libra (September 22 – October 23): The beginning of May won’t be your greatest performance, as some stresses come to a crescendo this week. You can’t please everyone around you without wrecking yourself completely, nor can you bend everyone’s will to yours so now’s the time to do your famous balancing act. A lot of stuff just isn’t fair, but fairness is in the mind of each person and therefore subject to change at any given point. Do try not to be too cranky though…it’s spring and time to turn your eyes to the beauty around you even if you have to look for it. Finding beauty is one of your outstanding talents, so go on a treasure hunt! Share what you find.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22): After your own Full Moon, you’re ready to tackle the week with all cylinders! The week has its bumps in the road in the areas of Thinking/Communication and Work/Health. You’ll want to keep a watch on your health and the health of your pets now, and be especially careful not to put yourself in a position to get hurt. That said, Jupiter in your sign is beautifully aligned with Neptune in your sector of Creative Expression so you may be expanding on an idea you’ve been working on for quite a while. There is a lot of noise out there in the wild; be aware of it but don’t let it wreck you. What you are doing is worthy, so keep up the good fight.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): This week holds some surprises for you, kicking a new financial prospect into focus. If you’ve been short of change, now is the time to network and gather some ideas. Whatever it is you want to do will likely be met with some kind of restraint from higher authorities, but being a Sagittarius, you’re likely to give it a go anyway and try your luck. Right now, your greatest asset is your friends and supporters. With Venus in your sector of Relationships, kick your ideas around with those you trust and who will give you the real picture, not a mindless “go for it.” Then you can start to work your magic and get your targets lined up. Work hard this week and it will pay off next week.


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  You will be revisited by the home/family situation this week, and if you’re engaged in a running battle with some family members, don’t try to change their minds if you’re outnumbered. You know yourself better than anyone, so if you’re feathers are ruffled, go to your friends (chosen family) and seek their perspective since they don’t carry all the baggage that family does. Things will shape up this month so don’t judge the entire month by the first week. It’s cranky, but you’re well acquainted with crankiness. Remember to take the high ground of the mountain goat and look down to get a better idea of the terrain and distance yourself from psychodrama. It’ll be okay!


Aquarius (January 21 – February 20):  This week holds all kinds of conflicting elements but you’re determined to go your own way regardless. Sometimes blowing a raspberry at the angst and running away with the fairies for a bit. This gives you the break to passively think and get brilliant ideas about stuff. Venus in your fellow air sign Gemini shines down on your from your sector of Creative Expression, so your mind is your strong point now. Engage in stories, fables, myths and other such ancient writings to uncover the timeless wisdom that you can put your own spin on. You almost always come out on top, and this situation is no different. Things will calm down by next week.


Pisces (February 21 – March 20):  This week holds some surprises, mostly out in the wild where you have no control. Think deeply on what’s happening, because you of all people will be able to recognize the pattern and depth of what’s going on and how it affects humanity. Your compassion is unparalleled, but only if you’re coming from a clear space yourself. Spend time around water as much as possible because Jupiter is beautifully aligned with your Ruler Neptune in your sign. Your stories and analogies will have rippling effects now so pull them out and use them! You can sense when the river is going to change course so adjust your level of swimming as needed, ensuring you will arrive at your desired destination.

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