Horoscopes by Triana June 4-10, 2018: A Choppy Week Featured

This week won’t glitter like last week did; four planets are involved in arguments that can make things really messy if we aren’t careful. Due to our dualistic society and our own style of awakening to what’s going on out in the wild and inside of ourselves, insights we get will be solely for us this week because we can’t trust them with anyone else. If we spill it, we run a risk of it being used against us, so let’s do a “hands on, mouth shut” approach and err on the side of caution.

All we have to do is look at the airwaves to understand that deep rooted resentments and desires alike cause internal turmoil and none of us is free of the reflection of the bigger picture. The struggle is real and this is a time to be gentle with ourselves and steer clear of lunacy. Mercury in his own sign of Gemini (thinking, communication, learning) is at odds with illusive Neptune (chasing rainbows, religion, deception). This week especially, if something looks too good to be true, it is. Don’t touch it. Observe and wait.

Jupiter will help us with the observe and wait part as he is in Scorpio the Observer and Keeper of Secrets. Aggressive Mars in Aquarius is doing his level best to make Jupiter mad enough to spill his secrets but Jupiter is bigger and way more patient. Mars is the one likely to influence us in shooting our mouths off, mostly because we haven’t been clear and forthcoming about something in the past, so it comes to a head. We all do that, but sometimes it’s difficult to know when to say something and when to let it ride. It depends on how important the people/situations are to us.

This week will be one of checks and balances. We’ll be in the mine field in one way or another, but we will definitely feel the tension and the thrill of the triumphs if we’re careful.

In spite of the difficulties, we have each other. We’ll get through it! Time to bring out the best of ourselves even if we inadvertently stumble into our best worst.

As always, keep looking after each other!  

Aries (March 21- April 19):  Your Ruler Mars is now moving into a tense alignment with Jupiter; this indicates contraction of a previous, more expansive agreement. If someone made a commitment or extended something to you, it may fall short without a lot of effort on your part. This doesn’t put you in the best of moods, but you’ll have to wade through the bog to get what’s on the other side when you were hoping it would just be a skip and a jump. This week is peppered with tension of one form or another so expect speed bumps and plot twists.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):  Your mind is still on money, and Mars in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential has moved into a difficult angle with Jupiter in your sector of Relationships. If you’re married, this aspect could indicate problems balancing work with family time or it could also indicate overspending with your spouse. You’re a naturally cautious sign by nature and you don’t mind spending money if it’s well spent, but an impulsive buy or a cutback in your workplace could put you under strain. This will be a week for you to drive slowly to avoid the potholes in the road.


Gemini (May 21- June 20):  Mars in your sector of Expansion now comes into conflict with Jupiter in your sector of Work/Health. Your Ruler Mercury is also at odds with Neptune. You could be in for some frustrating times this week as things you have no control over change and you don’t get a vote. What you are dreaming of and what you’re getting now are not in sync, but it isn’t that you’re doing something wrong; the signals are garbled. Time to take a step back and turn your attention toward what you can do now in the short term so that the long term has a better chance. Patience, patience! 

Cancer (June 21-July 22):  You are likely to be overly sensitive now; your Grand Trine finishes and with a flick of the astrological wand, some conflict comes up. Refrain from being overly reactive because that will just wear you out over time. You’d be well off taking your cell phone or camera with you this week, and focus on capturing poignant moments or scenes of beauty. This will encourage your attention to stay on what's going right during any given day. Curb impulsive actions and behavior because they will have long-reaching consequences. Maximize your natural talents during this time.


Leo (July 23-August 22):  This week signals a change to things more serious; Mars in your sector of Relationships is in a difficult angle to Jupiter in your sector of Home. This is indicative of problems between you and anyone living with you whether it be a spouse, a relative or a friend. Clashes are likely on matters related to the home this week so be prepared. You’ll have to be very grounded this week and do what you can to grab some peace or a bit of fun to lighten your spirits. Be careful with your health now as it could suffer from the stresses of unresolved issues or an ongoing situation that has you agitated.

Virgo (August 23-September 21):   This week looks to be filled with potholes, so prepare for nonperfection! Part of the problem is aggressive Mars in a nasty aspect with Jupiter. This is an unfortunate situation because Mars is being gnarly and rebellious and Jupiter is sitting there watching it all and documenting it for later use. This affects your solar sectors of Work/Health and Thinking/Communication. For you it may manifest as jerks in traffic, people around you breaking rules and making it difficult for you to do your work or feeling like you’re the only one doing it right and the unfairness of people being able to cut corners and get away with it. Whatever hobby gives you bliss, spend as much time as possible doing it this week to help you get through and keep your spirits up.


Libra (September 22 – October 23):  This week isn’t going to be the happiest one in recent memory, but because of your ability to detach, you’ll get through it. The rabble rousers are Mars in conflict with Jupiter and Mercury arguing with Neptune. This translates to a lot of blabbing without much substance or result. Use your discernment so as not to get led astray; even a well-intentioned friend can inadvertently give you bad advice. The psychology/emotion behind these planetary arguments has to do with the achievement of goals or dreams against the poor choices that desire can bring about. Keep things in context this week.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22): Jupiter in your sign is in an argument with Mars (still) and now that the grand Trine has broken up, you’re assessing the fallout. This week has an argumentative tone to it and the prevailing attitude is to fight even the genuinely friendly. Don’t take it personally! Mercury is in a difficult situation with Neptune as well, so this brings about a battle between thinking and feeling, logic and faith, mind and spirit. Internal struggles occur now due to life’s way of challenging what we believe and our ability to assess our beliefs or cling to logic. Expect surprises and things that don’t make sense (you are so intrigued by those!). You’ll have plenty to ponder!


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): This week may be difficult due to Mercury in your sector of Relationships in an argumentative aspect with Neptune in your sector of Home. If you’re in the process of a move or home purchase, be sure to be a straight shooter and ask the hard questions. Even though hurt feelings could result, it’s better to have things out in the open rather than left in the basement to be discovered later. Mars in your sector of Thinking/Communication is in a dispute with your Ruler Jupiter in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings; this hits closer to home for you since part of you wants to lose your temper and protest not being listened to but Jupiter urges you to draw on past experience and just observe and record. In spite of the frustrations, you’ll be able to come out on top by doing what you love most at least twice this week, preferably more.


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  This week’s Full Moon in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings brings to light the need to finish something and move on rather than doggedly hang on. A nice Grand Trine in water signs that began late last week will be active all this week and since it affects your sector of Relationships, you can count on the support of your closest people, along with good company and flowing conversations that are meaningful and thought provoking. This is an all-in-all gentle week. Your mind is kicked up a notch by the current alignment of Mercury and Mars; this focuses on your finances and making them better than they are. Solutions are yours if you look for them and keep an open mind.


Aquarius (January 21 – February 20):  Just as last week was an adventure, this week takes a different tone; Mars in your sign is in a difficult alignment with Jupiter and this may bring about challenges to your ideas or expectations. This week will throw your timing off by a mile, so be careful with your words because ill placed ones could have long term consequences. Mars wants you to be aggressively righteous and controlling but Jupiter is at a position to see every single thing inside and out and wait in a form of judgment should you not be honest and straightforward. Welcome back to the mine field! You’ll get through it just fine if you test the ground before stepping on it!


Pisces (February 21 – March 20):   This week brings choppy cross currents due to Mercury in your sector of Home arguing with your Ruler Neptune in your sign. This could manifest as your refusal to accept something you need to look at realistically rather than the way you want it to be. The other bugaboo is Mars squaring up with Jupiter; this has the effect of wanting to loudly rebel against something immovable but watchful. Ick! If you have a substance abuse problem this could be a bad week for you, but you water babies that are clean may get your feelings hurt and brood a bit. As with all things, this too shall pass. Know where the depths are but keep an eye on the surface and you’ll be just fine.

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