Horoscopes by Triana: August 5-11, 2018 Retrograde Mercury, Seven Others Too! Featured

  Again I must apologize for my two week absence. My precious uncle lost his partner of 50 years and I’ve had my hands full with that as well as working six days a week. Seeing someone die and being power of attorney for them is an enormous responsibility. I had to make every medical decision and help in the process of his transition. At the same time, one has to take the partner (my uncle, 88, who is a darling sweet man with age-related senility) and dear friends and their concerns as well as finances and other parts of life. This left me no mental space for astrology much less anything else since it took my total focus and completely drained me. Still, I’m glad I did it. It’s been an honor. In the coming weeks, my uncle will come to live with me since he’s helpless out in the wild by himself.

Onto the planets: Can you say Holy Retrograde? We have seven planets retrograde now, including Mercury. This really messes up a lot of stuff and if you’ve been following the news lately (or even getting out of bed), you’re noticing it. Things are out of whack. They’re getting worse. It’s hard to watch and hard to live. Fortunately, all things are temporary and so is this. It’s time to get real, be authentic, be decisive and be courageous. These are not easy times and in a sense this is a rite of passage for humanity. We’re living in historic times, walking a path laid down by those before us. We’re wondering why all this is happening. The better question is, how did this happen?

Let me introduce you to Uranus, that beautiful blue giant at the outer part of our solar system. Uranus is a generational planet and defines the generations born during the sign Uranus is in. Uranus has an 84 year cycle and is now in Taurus. Last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934. World War 1 was starting. The Great Depression was just ending. These are only two events from this cycle that we are now repeating. We are still living out the past cycle and try as we might to avoid repeating history, we seem to be collectively heading for it like lemmings. The western world is polarized, violent, argumentative and combative. This has been coming on for some time but has now exploded due to Internet access (which came about when Uranus was in asking the right questions unites us, even if it is only as a nonaggressive conversation. There is a ripple effect.

What we have in common is a code of conduct and a set of values. Most of us are basically good people doing the best we can with what we have. We all have the same basic needs. In our society of “Libtards” and “Repugs,” (doesn’t that sound just plain stupid?!), there is room for thoughtful discourse and problem solving/solution finding. Don’t look for it in big politics. It isn’t there. Look for it in the fabric of human interactions. Politicians are few and we are many. Let us pause and really look at ourselves and remember that we are all a part of each other, for better and for worse.

Finally, the Perseid meteor showers are this weekend! Look for the best display from midnight onward Sunday night through the predawn hours of Monday. We’re already seeing the first precursors of this famous annual meteor show. Keep looking up and looking after each other.

Aries (March 21- April 19):  So far August has been rather chaotic due to Mercury retrograde in your sector of Creative Expression/Children. Also retrograde are your Ruler Mars and the big slow moving planets. This causes reversals of fortune as well as complete changes of plans. Mars and Venus are in a very harmonious alignment now though, in your sectors of Relationships and Career/Ultimate Potential, respectively. This indicates that you draw your strength from your spouse and closest friends now, helping you stay focused and able to ward off the crazy energy swirling around. One thing we can say for sure is that this week will be easier than the past two have been! Keep your gaze steady and your chin up.  


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):   Uranus in your sign in a harmonious alignment with Saturn in your sector of Expansion may have a not so harmonious effect in your life; if you have a long-range goal that is coming to bear, you may be disappointed in the results due to critical components lacking. If this has happened, it is something beyond your control and there is no way you could have seen it coming, so don’t blame yourself. Retrograde Mercury joins the Sun in a difficult angle to Jupiter who is in your sector of Relationships. This is another area you may see some constriction; it could be that everyone is busier than you are or vice versa. This can be lonelymaking stuff. It’s only temporary so just make yourself comfortable for now.


Gemini (May 21- June 20):  Mars and Venus are in a beautiful alignment and both are in air signs which helps you think clearly and take action on your thoughts. Careful though, your Ruler Mercury is retrograde in your sector of Thinking/Communication and is in conflict with Jupiter in your sector of Work/Health. This doesn’t bode well for your work life because while you’re trying to go one way, signals that it may be the wrong direction are usurping you. You could be misreading signals or in conflict. If this is true, cut things down to their simplest terms; overthinking will make everything more complicated than is has to be.


Cancer (June 21-July 22):  This may be a frustrating week due to a fast moving T-Square in Cardinal signs involving the Moon, Venus and Chiron (the Wounded Healer). Fortunately this will be a quick transit but will manifest in your sector of Home. You may be enduring financial difficulties now and feeling like it will never end. Some of you Moon Children may have taken a hard hit from natural causes such as fire or flood; it’s important to know that items, property, etc. are things that can be replaced (most of the time), but whatever difficulty you may be facing, hang tight before applying for aid because of retrograde Mercury. This is the time you don’t want things lost in the shuffle or falling through the cracks! 


Leo (July 23-August 22):  Wow, Leo, are you ever scattered! Mercury retrograde in your sign, the Sun in your sign with both of these heavenly bodies in a hard angle to Jupiter in your sector of Home and Mars retrograde in your sector of Relationships. You feel like no way you turn you can’t win and it’s making you tired and cranky. This isn’t an easy month even though it’s your time of the year, but it will ease up toward the weekend so try to get away from city lights and see if you can catch the Perseid meteor showers on Saturday night or predawn Sunday morning. Right now there is too much that is out of your control so back off and settle for being a passenger. Give yourself a break.


Virgo (August 23-September 21):   You’re either running around being the gutsy earth mother type for all and sundry or you’re trying to duck at every turn and find a place to hide! You are likely one of the signs not being directly affected by the craziness of the past two weeks and this week but the casualties are mounting and you’re getting tired. Retrograde Mercury in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings squared up with Jupiter in your sector of Communication/Thinking may be bringing up painful memories or something has come back to remind you that you have unfinished business. It’s going to be yet another intense week but the intensity will ease up by the weekend so hang in there!


Libra (September 22 – October 23):    How do you keep yourself from caving in under the current pressures? So much is way out of balance, things are changing rapidly yet our individual lives continue day by day. Being one that loves justice and fairness, you may have recently been overwhelmed with the emotions around you and even within you. Your strategy bag may have run dry. If that’s the case, you know what? Fill your days with music. Music carries you into a dimension beyond the mundane and inspires you with clues and ideas. This week will be good for that because most days will be for keeping as low a profile as possible. With Mercury retrograde in your sector of Friends/Goals (and hidden enemies), you’ll want to observe as much as you can without reacting. Much will be revealed by the end of the week when we have some clarity.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22):  Jupiter in your sign is in a hard angle to the Sun and retrograde Mercury in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential. This may cause some of your projects to run afoul of others involved (which is why you prefer to work alone) and you may also be caught out collecting information in a stealthy way. You are a sign of enormous depth and no fear of those depths so you’re a force to be reckoned with. Jupiter in your sign amplifies your natural talents so you’re likely to triumph eventually. You’ll get tired in the process though! You may feel the need to retreat and have some isolation time because the noise of the changes, challenges and reversals of declarations frustrate you to no end. Choose your battles carefully this week.  


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): Your normally happy-go-lucky personality is being worn down with the negativity all around as well as the volume of it. Hopefully you’re able to withstand the undercurrent and still aim true; but be aware of some planetary elements working against you in terms of the sheer volume of events coming at you. You are one to rise to the challenge with your usual optimism, then go to battle when you have to. This week will take unexpected turns and things that will tempt you to go off course. Now is not the time to wander, Archer! Keep those arrows nocked and ready. You know how to stay alert and keep a sharp watch. The end of the week will ease up and you’ll be able to relax then.  


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  This week will continue to see you slack-jawed as you watch what’s going on around you. The past two weeks have been especially crazy what with the lunar eclipse, Mars being so close to earth in your financial sector, Mercury retrograde and antagonistic to Jupiter in your sector of Friends/Goals, etc. Order is not the mode of the day and you really can’t stand chaos. One thing that’s really been annoying you is people not showing up on time (or not at all), not keeping their word, and in general letting you down. You’re one who does show up and who does keep promises, which is why you make promises sparingly. This is a temporary trend and with others so rattled by life events that they are scattered about, you’ll just have to be patient and expect nothing.  

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20):  Yikes and oh dear! Retrograde Mercury and the Sun in your sector of Relationships are in an antagonistic alignment with Jupiter in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential. This may well cause clashes with others at close range and in your marriage/partnership. Mars, close to earth, is in your sign and opposing the Sun and Mercury. This creates tension because Mars is urging you to be more aggressive and rebel against the status quo. Since you are the least understood sign of the zodiac, your methods will likely not be understood and met with resistance or hurt feelings. Not the best of weeks, but better than the past two weeks for sure!


Pisces (February 21 – March 20):  There are so many aspects now that to name them all would be meaningless, so let’s just say that this is a good time to focus on having a good time! Jupiter is still on your side in your sector of Expansion, propelling you to new depths that come in handy in our chaotic world. Mercury is retrograde in your sector of Work/Health and this could manifest as critical miscommunications at work or the doctor’s office/insurance billing/diagnoses. If you have a small pet, you’ll want to keep an eye out for injury/illness/running away. Does that sum it up? In between dancing through the minefields, do take time to enjoy the beauty around you and be reminded that yes, there is order and pockets of peace around.

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