Horoscopes by Triana: August 13 - 19, 2018 Last Week of Retrograde Mercury Featured

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a very memorable summer in many ways for me. As I watch what’s going on out in the wild and at close range, I’m amazed by my own reactions; when I check with others and their reactions, I find I’m not alone. Case in point is the stolen plane incident a few days ago at SeaTac. I happened to see this happening live and shades of 9/11 came rushing back as I sat riveted to the screen. I think many of us thought the same thing. I also think many of us are feeling concerned and helpless over the whacked out weather we have now, and it’s becoming less predictable and more violent. We all wonder what’s going to happen to us, and that’s natural. And it’s human.

As far as I know, no other animal besides us worries about the future. Other animals prepare as they always have, by stuffing away stores for winter, fattening on the bounty of berries and other foods for hibernation, etc. We, on the other hand, are bombarded with messages to prepare for anything and everything from tsunamis and earthquakes and rogue icebergs to the end of the earth as we know it, radiation poisoning from somewhere, a nebulous financial meltdown and Russians in our computers.

No wonder we’re stressed out! Many say, “Welcome to the new normal.” I say, “adapt and survive.” Neither say anything about fighting back or protesting or storming a politician’s office or setting out to make the world right again. Some of us are actors in these changes, some are observers, some prefer to deny and hide and some have just been born into it.

One thing I will say is that when I see the sheer number of young people devoting their genius to a solution for cleaning up the massive amount of garbage in the ocean, for creating bulletproof wall screens for schools (just read this today in the news), and other such marvels, I think we elders need to realize that the youngsters have been born into this mess and their uncluttered minds have the capacity to solve some big problems. They inspire me way more than ever. I personally think that encouraging this behavior by supporting it rather than throwing our rage all over the place, we could get something done around here.

Having said all that, welcome to the last week of retrograde Mercury! Mercury will be “at station” (appearing to not move) over the weekend, then turn to direct motion on Monday. We can’t wait, right? In the meantime, retrograde Mars still shines his redness at us at night, so close to Earth. Half of the planets are still retrograde, so we’ll still have to do twice as much to get half as much done but at least we’ll be able to communicate better!

Happy new week to you and let’s keep looking after each other!  

Aries (March 21- April 19):  This week shows some promise due to antagonizing alignments breaking up, easing the pressure. Mind you, Mercury is still retrograde but it will be at station midweek and direct early next week. You’ll feel the relief immediately. Venus in your sector of Relationships and in her sign of strength is a strong pull that helps you see yourself through your relationships; those close to you mirror back your qualities and help you see the parts of yourself that you strive to be. No matter your age, there is always room to learn and to nurture the latent traits that are waiting to emerge. You’re up for a fun weekend and the planets will support that, so take care of what you need to and get ready to break loose!


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):   Mercury has been wreaking havoc with your home life or details that are up close and personal. Miscommunications, dropped calls, misdirected messages or statements, etc. have been the bane of your existence these days. This is going to ease because Mercury will be at station later this week and direct next week. Your Ruler Venus is in Libra (the other sign she rules) and beaming strength and power at you from your sector of Work/Health/Pets. She is singing away with Mercury and the Moon at midweek, so any angst you may have at the beginning of the week will see relief, then things just start getting better. Chin up, have some ice cream and keep moving forward.


Gemini (May 21- June 20):  This retrograde Mercury has been a pretty mean one, no two ways about it. It has brought up everything you’ve been denying or ignoring or refusing to face. Be careful not to start screaming “victim!” Fortunately, Venus comes to the rescue and helps you out from your sector of Creative Expression so if you have to apply strategy to something, Venus will help you out. Strategy isn’t your strong point because you tend to not sit still enough to form any; you’re going to have to, and possibly seek advice (and actually take it, not argue your way out of it). Some things you just can’t figure out by yourself. Collect those wise ones and listen to them! Mercury comes out of retrograde next week and the weekend looks good for you to cut loose and do something frivolous.


Cancer (June 21-July 22):   Do try not to be overly sensitive and judgmental now; Mercury will be out of retrograde early next week and things will start to ease up but it may be a bumpy ride until then. Venus is beckoning you from your sector of Home, where you feel best anyway. This is a good week to learn something new and put it to work since we’re in the “research” phase of this retrograde Mercury. Lately you’ve had a craving for something you can’t quite put your finger on, feeling restless and not finding any satisfying outlet. This will ease toward the end of the week and you’ll feel better by either finding something that captures your attention or by gaining inspiration through a person, book or movie. It’s doable!


Leo (July 23-August 22):  This is the last week of retrograde Mercury in your sign! As always, Mercury throws in a little surprise at the end of a retrograde, so hopefully your surprise will be a good one. Your sign is one of style whatever happens so you’ll conduct your business with that unique brand of flair that belongs to you alone. Venus is well placed in your sector of Thinking/Communication now. If you’ve been forming a plan or trying to achieve a goal, now is the time to act because Venus is in her own sign and extra powerful. She’s also beautifully aligned with Mercury and this gives you an edge. Whether it’s a foot in the door or an exit strategy, you have an advantage now.


Virgo (August 23-September 21):    Mercury is in his last week of retrograde, so this is the week you’ll want to research, dig deep and stick to it. Whatever you’ve accomplished in the past two weeks may have flaws that could show themselves in the near future so check details, learn, research and be informed now; you may find something you hadn’t thought of that will be valuable. Venus is beaming at you from your sector of Finances/Resources and is currently well aligned with Mercury. Use her prowess to propel you into success, keep distractions at a minimum and get ‘er done!


Libra (September 22 – October 23):   Since Venus is your Ruler and she is in your sign, she’s extra powerful for you now. This intensifies your ability to see beauty where others fail to see and to use your charm to get the best out of others around you. Venus is also currently well aligned with retrograde Mercury, so any mishaps you have will likely be sorted quickly. If you’re an artist, inspiration comes from this particular retrograde Mercury because it’s in our sector of Friends/Goals and things that catch your attention drop out of nowhere. Mars, also retrograde, has made his way back into your sector of Home, so you may get some surprises in your family life.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22): Jupiter in your sign is now squared up with retrograde Mercury for a bit; with Jupiter’s favorable alignment to dreamy, elusive Neptune and square to communicative Mercury for a bit, you may feel like someone is talking in circles around you. Listen to your guts because people’s words are, as you know, just words. It’s likely there’s a high level of weirdness around you right now because of these three planets, but hopefully you’re grounded enough to let it roll off. Mercury comes out of retrograde early next week, so this is the last week of angst and frustration due to his backward merrymaking! The weekend brings a grand trine in fire signs so you should have plenty to keep you occupied and interested. 


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): If you’ve been feeling like you just can’t catch a break lately, you’re right. Mercury’s retrograde has been pretty annoying and this is the final week of it. Right now you’re all work and no play, but it is for a purpose so keep going (unless you’re not getting paid due to someone using you; if that’s the case, get an exit strategy). This week does have lighter energy, not as oppressive and chaotic as last week. You’re a natural optimist, which helps you on your path when adversity strikes. Lately it’s taken all your resourcefulness just to get through any given day and the thing you need most is rest. You’ll get that chance once things calm down early next week. Until then, pace yourself and just don’t get hurt!


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  Retrograde Mars has backed into your sign again, recalling something that needs to be finished that will require some amount of energy on your part. Even if you don’t want to, do your best to complete the task or participate. There will be great resistance if you don’t and it could be long lasting. It’s easier to just get it over with. Mercury comes out of retrograde early next week and things will lighten up, including your mood. Venus is in her own sign in your sector of Career/Ultimate Potential and she spurs you to not only be at your best, but be at your strategic best. You can drive a hard bargain when you have to, so if there is haggling to be done, Venus is there to help you strike the right balance and gain the edge. Looks like this week contains a fair amount of negotiating, and you can handle that just fine.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20):  Guess what, we’re in the last week of retrograde Mercury! This event can’t end too soon for you, but lucky for you, Venus in your sector of Expansion is helping you get whatever needs to be done, done. She encourages you to be organized and consistent (two of your weakest traits) and you will get good results. Mars has reversed into your sector of Endings/New Beginnings, prompting you to reassess something from a couple of months ago. Something may have slipped through the cracks or gotten swept under the rug, but it will make its presence known to you. Wave that wand like crazy and try not to hit yourself in the head with it!


Pisces (February 21 – March 20):  We’re now in our last week of retrograde Mercury, and what a time it’s been! Life is stranger than fiction, so hopefully you’ve been lending your own brand of strangeness to it just for sport. You have that wonderful Jupiter/Neptune trine going on, which means things you are creating now will have long term effects. Hopefully you’ve been creating good stuff and not crying in your beer! With all that’s swirling about in the world, it isn’t hard for you to feel swamped by the sheer weight of it all. You have natural empathy, but it’s important to maintain distance in order to not get overwhelmed. We’re winding down the summer and getting ready to move into a slower pace but that isn’t just yet so be sure to stay grounded and true to yourself.

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