Horoscopes: March 23 - 29, 2020 - Saturn Now in Aries, Triple Conjunction in Capricorn, New Moon in Aries Featured

Oh man, if I have ever wished for better news to deliver it’s now. I don’t have it. It’s up to us, my friends, because we’re entering a very difficult phase now that is going to be with us into summer (with some relief, which I’ll explain):

First, Saturn is now in Aquarius until June, when he will retrograde back into Pisces. For now though, he is in conflict with Uranus in Taurus. These are two very powerful planets that affect the masses in two very headstrong fixed signs that by nature don’t get along. Aquarius is rebellious and is ruled by Uranus. All that is rule breaking, anarchistic, humanitarian, innovative, progressive and outside the box is under Uranus/Aquarius’ domain. Taurus is slow and steady, does not like to break with tradition, is slow to make up its mind and will not be pushed or make a move until absolutely certain. Uranus is not at all happy in this sign to begin with and even more unhappy that Saturn is trying to impose something on him.

Symbolically, I see Uranus in Taurus standing for the elite, the fat cats that refuse to give up their luxuries and privileges and power even under the threat of this wretched virus traversing the globe. Uranus in Taurus is saying, “I’m going to do what I want to do, and I don’t care what you think.” In his own sign of Aquarius his expression would be very different as it would be for humanity, but in Taurus he means he’s out for himself. Sad. Saturn is happy enough in Aquarius and will set about structuring solutions in a stepwise fashion for the greater good. Uranus will likely squash Saturn because Saturn will be too innovative and promising and, of course, expensive. This is the influence that the powers that be will play out on the world stage. The good thing is, the health scientists will continue to communicate with and learn from one another. They will continue to look for a solution for us all. They are focused and under the influence of Saturn.

Now we turn our attention to the triple conjunction in Capricorn, who represents governments and other institutions of authority; this trio is well aligned with Venus in Taurus (all earth signs). Very practical steps can be revealed to make progress but still, governmental gyrations and politics can easily gum up the works and stall for one reason or another, making things worse unnecessarily. Enter the masses under draconian rules who are stuck without jobs, without their normal coping mechanisms, their entire lives upended and no end in sight; the Saturn/Uranus square may trigger anarchy on a large scale as we have already seen in the defiant beach goers, the spring breakers and the people seeing time off from work and school as vacation time and hitting the roads. These behaviors will make the government clamp down more for the rest of us, possibly to the point of curfews and enforced restriction of movement. The many suffer because of the rash acts of the few.

In the meantime, anger, frustration, desperation and frustration build as no answers are available, information given yesterday is overturned today and nothing is reliable anymore. What to do? Personal responsibility. This is where communities can come up with innovative ways to care for themselves and think of ways to cope and look after each other that are effective and doable. Yes, we will have to be happy with less. Yes, we will have to sacrifice some things. But for our own survival, following the guidelines is the smartest thing to do. Again, that is coming from Saturn in Aquarius.

We must keep things in perspective. How many tested? Of those, how many recovered? Many, many more than not. It has already been laid out what we can do to protect ourselves: Washing hands, using a cloth or tissues or gloves for hand rails, gas pump handles and other things that have been handled by other people that we must touch or handle. Physical distance from others. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or sleeve. Don’t touch your face. Wash hands, wash hands. Wipe down door handles, refrigerator handles, oven door handles, faucets, toilet seat, anything at home that you touch often…TV remote, keyboard, computer mouse. land line handset and cell phone and tablet. You know the drill, practice the drill. The more we do to keep ourselves uncontaminated, the better for the collective. Enough of the lecture.

The planets are just not lined up for butterflies and rainbows right now and this is a time to reach deeply for inner strength and wisdom, calmness not panic, thoughtfulness and not knee jerk reactions. Life won’t be normal for some time, so now we build a different way of doing things and being the clever creatures we are, I have no doubt we will do that!

Tuesday’s New Moon in Aries will help us redefine power and reach down within ourselves to find it. And find it we will, because our lives depend on it now. We can do it.

Keep looking after each other!

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Aries (March 21- April 19): Now that Saturn has begun his tour of your sector of Friends/Goals, you’re finding ways to structure social time in innovative ways that are in line with physical distance yet still fulfilling. You’re not one that likes to follow rules but due to the severity of the consequences of this pandemic, you’re on it! The next few months will find you adapting well and even having fun with it. Things are going to be rough for a while and being the warrior that you are, you’re likely to be fiercely protecting your loved ones and taking no prisoners. Your mind is at its peak now, so follow your hunches in terms of what you think is needed (within reason) since your Ruler Mars is now part of a triple conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, signifying yet another shift in the sand from the powers that be. The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday will help remove fear and doubt.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):  Saturn is now touching your sector of Career/Social life for a few months before he will retrograde back into Capricorn; he is in a difficult alignment to Uranus in your sign, indicating that you are feeling somewhat trapped and especially restricted or resistant to an imposed change. No two ways about it, you do enjoy your comforts and it could be that your inability to find basic comforts now may have you in a very bad mood. Check with your social circle to see if anyone has anything to share to get you through. You’re going to have to get creative now or do without. Adjusting to a major change is not a strong point for you, especially if you’re not the one that initiated it. Tuesday’s New Moon in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings will help you let go of what was and get your head around what is. Remember, this is temporary.


Gemini (May 21- June 20): Saturn is now beginning his tour of your sector of Expansion and this is a bit of an oxymoron since Saturn is the planet governing restrictions and lessons. What’s good is that Saturn is quite happy in Aquarius since he ruled that sign before Uranus was discovered. Your movements have now been restricted severely as has your ability to visit and gather. You are adaptable but this is a hard one for you unless you’re a hermit by nature. Saturn is in a difficult alignment with Uranus, who is in your sector of Endings/New Beginnings. Days gone by are conjured up, possibly making you long for the days of only a few months ago when we were able to pretty much do what we wanted with whomever we wanted, where we wanted. Do try not to let this get you down. Play with technology and find new ways of being in touch and part of things even if it isn’t in person. The New Moon in your sector of Friends/Goals will help you embrace the new way of doing things.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Saturn is now settling into your sector of Shared assets but in a difficult alignment with Uranus in your sector of Friends/Goals. This may bring conflict between you and some in your social circle over the new rules regarding physical distance and safety. You are a naturally affectionate person and if you are chided for getting too close you get your feelings hurt. The other side of the coin is that you are also very self-protective and if someone gets too close to you, you’re likely to wave those claws and tell them off, possibly damaging a friendship. Your sensitive nature is bombarded with the heightened fear in the air, so find ways to fend that off by engaging in activities you love that require attention and focus (a form of active meditation) such as cooking, baking, other domestic arts. Since no gatherings are allowed, this is a great time to try out a new recipe without the anxiety of screwing it up because no one will be there to be disappointed. The new Moon in your sector of Social Life/Career brings more changes in that area, eliminating fear and anxiety. Do your best and carry on!


Leo (July 23 – August 22):  If you were born in the third week of July you may be having a rough go of it due to Saturn and Uranus forming a T-Square in your solar chart with your Sun. This is a very high energy alignment that can bring conflict and that energy will blow out through your sector of Career/Social life, bringing things to a standstill. Not surprising, given the circumstances but it can also affect your closest relationships. You don’t do well not having any personal space and if you share your home, it’s imperative you have at least a corner to yourself that is off limits. Tuesday’s New Moon in your sector of Expansion will help you redefine personal space to give you some fresh air and a feeling of reorientation. Time to carve it out! Your own health will suffer if you don’t. You are a very loyal and noble sign but don’t sacrifice yourself any more than you have to. The New Moon in your sector of Expansion will help you set new limits.


Virgo (August 23 – September 21):  This week brings about a new set of dynamics due to Saturn in Aquarius forming a square to Uranus in Taurus. You will feel this conflict in your sector of Expansion; you are likely really feeling the effects of the new limits placed on physical distance and movement. Being one that enjoys being of service to others, if you are prevented from doing that you are frustrated There is now a triple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, so your sector of Creative Expression is highlighted. This helps ease the pressure of being isolated or cut off and gets you up to speed on how to check in on your charges and make sure they have what they need. Don’t forget yourself, either! And that cluttered room of yours? Oh, never mind. The New Moon on Tuesday will help you get rid of unnecessary stuff.


Libra (September 22 – October 23):  Saturn in Aquarius comes to your aid even if he is in a tough alignment to Uranus in Taurus. This tension energizes you and helps put things in perspective and lessens your tendency to jump to judgement. The new physical distance rules are actually good for you because the space gives you the change to breathe without feeling smothered or obligated to express affection when you really don’t want to, so you’re actually more relaxed. If you’re a musical artist, you have lots more practice time now and may even be engaged in solo performances just practicing, to the delight of your neighbors who enjoy music. Harmony is your forte and you do want to keep things on an even keel; Saturn will help you with that, aiding you in creating new ways to make it happen. Tuesday’s New Moon will help you get rid of relationship tension.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22):  Saturn has now entered Aquarius and wouldn’t you know it, he sets up a square with Uranus in your opposite sign Taurus. If you were born in late October this configuration sets up an energetic T-Square with your Sun. This week holds a lot for you to have on your plate and it looks like the energy is going to express itself in the home itself; could be someone is quarantined or ill, or maybe recently unemployed and under a stay at home rule. In any case, this will be a make it what you will situation, so hopefully you’ll be able to make it good and get some things done that you’ve been hoping to do around the place but haven’t had the time. Knowing you, you’ll unearth plenty of interesting things to learn and do, either on your own or for those living with you to share. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are now in a triple conjunction in Capricorn and this adds weight to your sector of Thinking/Communication; you will pack more of a punch now if you are in need of corresponding with government authorities or those in charge. Tuesday’s New Moon in Aries calms your sector of Work/Health and offers you a good night’s sleep with clarity the next morning.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): Saturn is now settling into Aquarius, and he immediately squares up with Uranus in Taurus. Your sector of Work/Health will be affected if you make a misstep in something you say or do that could be misinterpreted as in bad taste, insensitive or uncalled for. Be careful in that regard because sometimes you do blurt things out without thinking first, especially if you feel threatened or imposed upon. Diplomacy will win out so let Saturn take this one for you rather than Uranus and you’ll be fine. Mars, your Ruler Jupiter and Pluto are now in a triple conjunction in Capricorn, your sector of Earned Income. This can go either way for you financially; boom or bust. If you have been temporarily laid off due to the physical distancing rules, it may be a blessing in disguise as you may pick up a different vocation. The New Moon in Aries will help clear your mind creatively, making room for a different type of creative thinking that will serve you better during these difficult times.


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  Mars, Jupiter and Pluto now form a triple conjunction in your sign and that really adds weight and pressure to you now. What’s helping is that this trio is well aligned with Venus in your companion earth sign Taurus. Look for her steadying signals to present through your sector of Creative Expression/Children. It very well could be that if you have children (at home or grown), they can help shift your perspective and lift your spirits if you feel overburdened. Your Ruler Saturn has now moved into your sector of Earned Income and this may be a harbinger of financial constraint, especially since he now is maligned with Uranus in Taurus. While this aspect situation applies to huge numbers of people now, those with this alignment in a financial sector are especially vulnerable. Before you spend, wait and see which way the wind blows. The New Moon in Aries on Tuesday urges you to clear your internal space of clutter (thoughts, “stuff” that no longer serves you, etc).


Aquarius (January 21 - February 20): Saturn is now settling into your sign, and immediately setting up a conflict with your Ruler Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Home). This is not an easy thing to bear and this alignment affects everyone but since it involves your sign, it’s especially strong. This is pretty much a reminder that there are things “out there” bigger than you that are in charge and there is practically nothing you can do about it. The stresses will show up suddenly on the home front due to Uranus’ placement there and if someone doesn’t back down, it can get really ugly. Even under normal circumstances this is a difficult alignment to deal with but now with restricted movement and coping mechanisms available, it can be extra difficult. What’s going for you is, of course, the Sun in Aries and a lovely New Moon on Tuesday in the same sign that will help you gain perspective on what you have and what is truly yours to cherish. We also have a triple conjunction (Mars, Jupiter and Pluto) in Capricorn (your sector of Endings/New Beginnings) and it’s beautifully aligned with Venus in your sector of Home. See? A silver lining to help you out!


Pisces (February 21 – March 20):   Saturn is now settling into your sector of Endings/New Beginnings and immediately squares up with mighty Uranus in Taurus, your sector of Thinking/Communication. This has the effect of forcing you into new avenues of communicating that are unfamiliar and putting you on a learning curve. Not a bad thing really, and we’re never too old to learn! We have a triple conjunction happening with what remains of the Capricorn gang (Mars, Jupiter and Pluto), and this trio is well aligned with Venus in Taurus. This takes the edge off of the Saturn/Uranus square and brings your friends into the picture in a supportive manner, rather like a fortress of strength! If you need a shoulder to cry on, you can count on them (at least virtually, because of the physical distance thing). Your compassion and desire to help shines now, as well as your ability to draw people together for the greater good. The New Moon on Tuesday will reveal new stories to you as the old gives way to the new.


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