Horoscopes May 11-17, 2020:   Mercury Enters Gemini, Mars Enters Pisces; Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Retrograde Featured

Well, then! Most of us have a good dose of quarantine madness and no end in sight; we are also warily eyeing the protocols of reopening phases as our local governments attempt to move forward during this insane pandemic. Here’s the thing: it’s still up to us. It’s not up to the government to keep us safe, to help us get through this scary and deadly virus that’s sweeping the land. It’s up to us. Now I realize there are some that think it’s all a load of old codswallop and there is no need to wear a mask or use physical distance and there are also tourists and others coming to our islands. There really isn’t anything we can do to change that except to stay away from them as much as possible and use our own common sense and let the cards fall for them where they may. Looking at where the planets are in general now, there is rage, a lot of it, on all levels. There is also a lot of confusion, screw-ups and backtracking due to almost half of the planets being retrograde. This throws a wrench into the works and leaves us feeling rather abandoned in the mess.

One thing I encourage is not overthinking. Due to the high level of uncertainty of life as we know it now, it’s only natural for us to try and guess what will happen next; we want to be prepared because this thing hit us like a freight train and changed the landscape of our lives for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s killed people and damaged others for life. Many others have had mild symptoms and fully recovered, yet others have had it and not even known they were sick. It’s this uncertainty that is scary. Where will any of us, or our loved ones, fall on the scale if it finds us? Who will be the one to bring it to us? A local? A stranger? We don’t know. And not knowing is a scary thing.

As we move further into May, we find an intensity of feelings growing in our communities as summer approaches. Events are canceled, vacations are canceled, Independence Day is iffy in many places and there are emotions flying all over the place about it. The one thing it is really unwise to do is turn on each other. If someone is acting up and a gentle reminder doesn’t calm them down, let them blow themselves out and get it out of their system. If a group decides do go all rebellious and put others at risk by protesting and not wearing masks or distancing, that’s a whole other problem. Thankfully, that’s only happening in urban areas for now.

As this continues and various states attempt to reopen in spite of the fact that spikes will reoccur and continue, it really does appear that it is up to us look after ourselves and each other. Every community is different, with its own strengths and weaknesses. What the outer planets continue to do is expose the soft underbelly of every level of society, whether we like it or not. The inner planets and their movements and relationships with each other and the outer planets give us a breather and a chance to readjust to make ourselves a bit more comfortable sometimes, but make no mistake, the big stuff isn’t over with by a long shot.

Meantime, all we can do is watch and wait and keep busy and be kind to each other.

Stay healthy and keep looking after each other!

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Aries (March 21- April 19): As long as you focus on your immediate environment, things look good this week. Out in the wild, not so much…emotions run high and people are angry. Mercury sails into Gemini this week, stoking your social fires and networking prowess. This is a good thing because early in the week Mercury will be in a beautiful alignment with Saturn and the pair will enhance your thinking and communicating processes. This is what you want to focus on because there are also some aggravating aspects going on that are just going to make you mad if you put too much attention on them. Stay focused! Your Ruler Mars will enter watery, emotional Pisces this week and prompt you to look back with longing on happier days; nothing wrong with that, but don’t dwell there for too long. These times are also memories of the future so make them as good as you can and stay on course.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):  Mercury leaves your sign on Tuesday and enters Gemini where he is happiest as he rules that sign. A beautiful alignment with Saturn will be set up this week and the pair will greatly accelerate your sector of Finances; if you’ve been angling for a different type of job or waiting for a stimulus/unemployment check, it’s likely you’ll get it this week. If you’re an artist, you’ll have extra drive and inspiration now to produce and express yourself. Your Ruler Venus is also in Gemini and is at odds with Neptune now so you may feel somewhat dashed in your hopes if you’ve been dreaming big; this isn’t a time to dream big. Make things more doable, accomplish one thing at a time in a stepwise fashion and build steadily. That’s your natural pace anyway. As was said, a reward is likely for you this week, so draw on that as your fuel for what’s next.

Gemini (May 21- June 20):  Your Ruler Mercury sails into your sign this week and immediately falls into a beautiful alignment with Saturn in Aquarius. This combo fires your mind up and puts a kick into your step, taking you into an organized and spirited adventure of some type that delights you with possibilities. Mars moves into Pisces and tries to derail the fun with some kind of emotional distraction, but Saturn overrules Mars in the end and prevails even though Mars’ influence is strong. Do refrain from getting all caught up in things going on out in the wild because it’s just too crazy. Stay with things that make sense and if it doesn’t make sense, best stay away from it. You’re a curious type but don’t let your curiosity get you into a compromising situation!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): This week is troublesome in the big world but you can keep your world hopping along merrily by sticking close to your dear ones (as is practical) and keeping yourself busy with crafting, a hobby or making things for yourself or others. You are happiest when you’re in your own surroundings and doing something that makes you happy, so make the most of these times by adjusting to a new pace and pretend it’s forever (it isn’t, just pretend). You could even find an outlet to sell your creations and earn some extra cash if you’re out of work. Let’s face it, none of us likes having the pause button hit on our lives but it has been, so making the most of it is our best defense. There are a lot of things to be angry about right now but truly, how many of those things can you do anything about? Make yourself comfortable and use your own common sense when out and about. Calmness is truly a gift right now.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):  This week has Mercury entering his own sign of Gemini and immediately forming a lovely alignment with Saturn in Aquarius. This brings life into your sector of Friends/Goals from within the structure of your relationships. Your communication will be better and clearer, there is laughter to be had and also some fun. Mars moving into Pisces will antagonize Mercury from your sector of What is Shared/Intimacy, but it won’t last for very long because Mercury moves fast. Focus on the good things and let the rest go. It’s hard to not be frustrated and angry and afraid now, which is totally natural given the great uncertainty we face. You would do well to take things one day at a time and not try to look too far into the future. Everything is on hold, so engage in something you can enjoy every day that will be with you for the long haul. That will give you something to look forward to.

Virgo (August 23 – September 21):  Mercury moves into his own sign of Gemini and immediately receives supportive signals from Saturn in Aquarius. This highlights your career and social life, so it looks like you’ll be in touch with your people quite a bit this week. There may be some drama on the relationship front when Mars moves into Pisces and forms a square to Mercury, but Mercury will move swiftly away from that alignment and leave Mars to cry in his beer. This isn’t a time to try and make sense of anything because everything is changing quickly and all you can do is continue to protect yourself as best you can. Your common sense is sharp and you are practical and down to earth; that’s your strongest and best trait now. You may have others coming to you for advice, so keep your own wits about you. 

Libra (September 22 – October 23): Mercury flies into his own sign of Gemini, forming a beautiful alignment with Saturn in Aquarius. If you were born from September 22-28, your natal Sun forms a Grand Trine with these two and you’re golden! In any case, this influx of air will help clear your head and hopefully help you release judgement and use more rational thinking during times when people are really losing their heads. Mars moves into Pisces this week also, sending Mercury a bit of a slap with some kind of emotional drama. Use your discernment and again, refrain from being judgmental. It’s likely that you will have new music come into your life or encounter a new instrument; maybe a Zoom concert of some kind? Music is good for the soul, have lots of it! 

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22):   Mars moves into your fellow water sign Pisces and helps you spread out a bit, breathing a sigh of relief on the one hand and widening your reach on the other. If you’ve taken up a cause, look for attention from more people than you expected now. Mercury has entered Gemini (whom he rules) and is beautifully aligned with Saturn in Aquarius. This opens lines of communication and allows information to flow more efficiently and without distortion or misinterpretation. This is a good thing because it helps you sort through things quickly and get to the meat of matters that mean something to you faster. There is so much going on out in the wild that trickle into your daily lives that it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction so stick to your own protocols for now; we all know the drill, it’s good enough. You have a lot of patience and a long reach!

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): Mercury sails into Gemini whom he rules and immediately receives harmonious signals from Saturn in Aquarius. This reflects into your sector of Relationships and communication with your nearest and dearest will let you know who the keepers are now. You are in a period of restructuring due to Saturn’s presence in your sector of Thinking/Communication and attracting a higher order of people into your life due to your own growth and priorities. This doesn’t make your old friends chopped liver, though, not even! You are the type to take everyone with you because you love company on your quests. Some will come with you, some won’t. Mars enters your sector of Home now and brings your attention to things that need doing on the home front as well. Since Mars is in conflict with Mercury, if you need help with a home based task, be sure you communicate clearly and hire someone reputable who fully understands and is qualified to do the job.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  Get ready to communicate your thoughts, even if they’re angry and quarantine-raged! Mercury sails into his own sign of Gemini and immediately sets up harmonious vibes with your Ruler Saturn. This activates your sector of Health/Work. If you are a health care worker or in the health care industry, no doubt you have much to say during these disturbing times, and this week you will hit the mark because of planetary support. If you are engaged in receiving medical care for a condition, you are likely to get a go-ahead this week for a procedure that you’ve been waiting for. This is a time to focus on your health and try to remove as much stress as possible from around you (turn off the news). Don’t overthink things or make stuff up, enough is going on that’s real and present and doesn’t need your help! Let’s just deal with what’s in front of us, right here and right now.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 20): Mercury flies into Gemini and immediately receives support from Saturn in your sign, freeing up your sector of Creative Expression; Mars will try to crybaby his way into the party, entering Pisces and setting up a square to Mercury at about the same time, but Saturn will win out. Your thinking will be clearer and your communication skills will be sharper this week. Take full advantage of that and spread the joy! Your altruistic attitude can be contagious and at this point of quarantine madness, your smile and a cheerful word can make all the difference. Out in the wild, things are crazy enough so don’t pay attention to that because it’s too unstable and messy with no clear cut answers. Stick close to home as you have been and carry on. 

Pisces (February 21 – March 20):   Mars enters your sign and sets up a square with Mercury who has just entered Gemini. At the same time, Mercury is receiving wonderful support from Saturn so it appears you may be going through a period of self-depreciation for a few days but you’ll come out of the doldrums again since Mercury moves fast. Write these things down for posterity because it may be another century before the next pandemic occurs and future generations will want personal stories just like we do! Your Ruler Neptune in your sign is squared up with Venus in Gemini now as well, so your sector of Home is quite active at the moment in terms of your state of mind when you are at home; if you’re forced to work from home you may be thoroughly fed up with it, you may be suffering from quarantine madness or ready to take a long walk for about three months; hang in there and find ways to cope. These transits won’t last long and you’ll feel better.

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