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Horoscope By Triana J. Elan   November 6- 12, 2023

  • Written by Triana J. Elan

Mars in Scorpio Opposes Uranus in Taurus; Venus Enters Libra on Wednesday, Trines Pluto; Mercury Enters Sagittarius on Friday

Intensity with a capital “I” this week! Mars opposes Uranus and this is a powerful alignment. In general, it brings about abrupt changes, impulsiveness, a strong desire to break free or strike out. It can bring out sudden outbursts of emotion, accidents from trying to suppress the emotions and therefore not paying attention, or suddenly finding out someone is an enemy rather than a friend. 

There is also an opposite side; we are suddenly free of a constraint, we suddenly achieve a goal, a difficult situation is suddenly resolved. Every opposition has two sides. Since many of us are stuck in our ways, though, we often resist and experience the more difficult side of such a transit.

On Wednesday, Venus enters Libra, which she rules. Venus is the planet governing self-esteem, expression of love, relationships (especially between women), and the arts. Venus is in a lovely alignment to Pluto now and this brings about a dreamlike state of self-discovery where insights about ourselves surface and we are surprised to see facets of ourselves we may not have seen before.

On Friday, Mercury enters Sagittarius, which brings a good mood all the way around. Sagittarius is a naturally happy sign that seeks out friends and adventure, philosophy and teaching. Mercury is quite happy in Sagittarius.

Keep looking up, stay healthy, and…

Keep looking after each other!

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Aries (March 21- April 19): High tension this week due to your Ruler Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Partnership) opposing Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Finances/Resources). There may be a financial outlay you’re not expecting now, so be careful with your expenditures and refrain from impulsive spending. On Wednesday, Venus enters Libra (your sector of Relationship) which she rules. This restores balance in your life and communication flows  between you and your S/O. On Friday, Mercury enters friendly Sagittarius (your sector of Expansion/Travel) and puts your mind toward adventure and further education. Other than the opposition mentioned first, it’s a good week!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Mars in your opposite sign Scorpio (your sector of Relationship) opposes Uranus in your sign this week. This creates tension between you and your S/O (or your closest friends if you’re not attached) and a battle of wills with sudden outbursts. Patience is low all the way around so it’s best to get as much alone time as you can get this week if you’re stressed and don’t depend on your friends to relieve that stress because it’s likely they’re stressed as well. The good news is, your Ruler Venus moves into Libra (whom she also rules) on Wednesday and ignites your sector of Work/Health. On Friday, Mercury enters fun loving Sagittarius (your sector of Partnership), so you’ll definitely be up for something lighthearted and fun. 


Gemini (May 21-June 20): Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Work/Health) opposes Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Endings/New Beginnings) this week and that’s a rough one. You may be in the process of changing jobs or, health wise, you may have warning signs that it’s time to clean up your act. Good thing for you that Venus moves into Libra (your sector of Creative Expression/Children) on Wednesday. This gives you the thought processes you need to make any corrections in a balanced manner that both looks and feels good. On Friday, Mercury (your Ruler) moves into your opposite sign Sagittarius (your sector of Relationship), bringing support from your S/O or closest friends if you’re unattached. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): This could be a pretty intense week with sudden upheavals; Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Creative Expression/Expansion) is opposing chaotic Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Friends/Goals). You may discover, suddenly, that a friend is trying to hold you back from achieving something; this placement can also indicate the loss of a friend through achievement. It can be a painful transit. Venus, however, moves into Libra (your sector of Home) on Wednesday and it is there that you will find your equilibrium. On Friday, Mercury moves into friendly Sagittarius (your sector of Work/Health) and helps you find joy through taking better care of yourself.     

Leo (July 23 – August 22): This week is looking pretty intense due to Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Home) opposing Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Career/Social Standing). This indicates a real push/pull on your time where parts of your life pull you in different directions and there is no way you can be everywhere at once. You will really have to prioritize and not everyone is going to be happy about it, including you. The good news is, Venus is coming to help you on Wednesday by entering her own sign of Libra (your sector of Thinking/Communication). This will help you balance your thoughts and keep you from going into overwhelm. On Friday, Mercury sails into friendly Sagittarius (your sector of Creative Expression/Children), giving you the ability to communicate your needs in a manner that gets good responses.     


Virgo (August 23 – September 21):This week looks to be pretty intense due to Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Thinking/Communicating) opposing Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Expansion/Travel). This is a rather nasty alignment and may bring a sudden feeling of withdrawal in your part, where you need to do some real soul searching. Venus moves into her own sign of Libra (your sector of Finances/Resources) on Wednesday, This will be a time when you can balance your books and get a grip on your spending. Mercury moves into Sagittarius (your sector of Home) on Friday, moving you into a selectively social mood.    

Libra (September 22 – October 23): This week sees Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Finances/Resources) opposing Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Partnership) and this may bring tension between yourself and someone else over a joint financial matter that suddenly comes to a head. Helping you is your Ruler Venus entering your sign, empowering you to seek a balance without giving in or giving up. On Friday, Mercury moves into friendly Sagittarius (your sector of Thinking/Communication), indicating amicable solutions and good relations all the way around by the end of the week. 

Scorpio (October 24- November 22):  This week is pretty intense; Mars in your sign opposes Uranus in Taurus in your sector of Relationship. This may create a standoff between you and your S/O over a sudden disagreement that quickly escalates. On Wednesday, Venus moves into her own sign of Libra (your sector of Endings/New Beginnings and you’ll have a chance to look back and build a bridge between then and now, creating balance that brings peace. On Friday, Mercury moves into friendly Sagittarius (your sector of Finances/Resources), putting you in the mood to purchase something silly and fun to lighten the mood.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): This week has Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Endings/New Beginnings) opposing Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Work/Health). You may find yourself in the position of leaving a job or just starting a new one now, whether or not you are ready. Helping you is Venus entering Libra (your sector of Friends/Goals) on Wednesday, bringing others to network on your behalf and help you balance your life out. On Friday, Mercury enters your sign and you’ll feel much stronger in terms of speaking on your own behalf and setting yourself up for a future project even if you aren’t changing jobs just now. 

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): This week has its intensity thanks to Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Friends/Goals) opposing Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Creative Expression). This brings about opposing ideas and possible arguments between you and others over issues regarding creative thinking in general whether it falls in the domain of the arts, politics, the environment, etc. Opinions can be very adamant this week and feelings may get hurt. Helping is Venus entering her own sign Libra (your sector of Career/Social Standing) on Wednesday, where your reputation is your fulcrum of balance where you can find your point of equilibrium. On Friday, Mercury enters Sagittarius (your sector of Endings/New Beginnings) and encourages you to look back on happy times and bring them forward.   

Aquarius (January 21 - February 20): This looks to be an intense week due to Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Career/Social Standing) opposing your Ruler Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Home). This push me pull you force sees you finding difficulty achieving any balance between community demands and your home life this week and you may feel like you want to just ditch all of it (though you won’t). Helping you is Venus entering her own sign Libra on Wednesday (your sector of Expansion/Travel). This enables you to expand beyond yourself to delegate and find balance. Mercury enters Sagittarius on Friday (your sector of Friends/Goals). This puts you in a social mood just in time for the weekend.     

Pisces (February 21 – March 20): This week has a real kick to it due to Mars in Scorpio (your sector of Expansion/Travel) opposing Uranus in Taurus (your sector of Thinking/Communication).You may notice tension in terms of trying to calm your mind to meditate, an inability to organize your thoughts well, and a general sense of unease. Helping will be Venus entering her own sign Libra (your sector of Partnership) on Wednesday. Someone close to you will be of great help lightening your mood. On Friday, Mercury moves into fun loving Sagittarius (your sector of Career/Social Standing) and this will help you come out of yourself by others seeking your company for lighthearted banter.

Who is Triana?

Triana is a professional astrologer and amateur astronomer who has had a lifelong love for the stars and planets, mythology, philosophy and science.

Due to her mother’s interest in astrology and metaphysics, Triana had access to a large library growing up and cut her teeth on Aesop’s Fables, a set of the Classics that her grandfather gave her and Greek mythology. By the time she was in the 6th grade she was playing with astrology and reading charts for her friends at school. 

Upon completing her university studies in biochemistry, Triana relocated to the United Kingdom in 1988 and began to study the patterns of the stars recorded in the landscape of Great Britain in the form of stone monuments. Using survey maps and a compass, Triana made her way from the islands of Scotland down to Cornwall and made good use of British astrology books and astrological groups and congresses led by the top astrologers of the 20th century. By the time she was 35, Triana’s own style of interpreting the angles and aspects of the planets began to emerge. She began to receive serious attention in the UK for her astrological prowess and she flourished.

In 1996 Triana found success in writing weekly horoscopes through a small newspaper on Lopez Island, WA. Fairly quickly her name spread and her clientele increased, enabling her to travel to different places in Washington State to give presentations and conduct personal readings. Her clientele spanned from the UK to Canada as well as the United States. Visitors came to Lopez Island from afar as she herself became a destination in the islands.

Triana has been featured on television, radio and in newspapers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the UK. 

Her weekly column can be found on sanjuanislander.com and she can be reached at triana.elan@gmail.com.