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I love and deeply respect the Lummi tribe, their rich history in the San Juans and think we need more inclusion and display of their history as a huge part of the tapestry of our current mix of cultures. The intentional and unintentional destruction of all first peoples in North America by aggression displacement, disease and conversion is a tragedy and should never be forgotten or glossed over. I'm sure there were many peaceful times in the long Lummi traditions of fishing, cultivating camas, hunting, etc. But, please also do not forget the harsher aspects of Coast Salish life where a rigid class system and forced slavery was allowed up and down the Salish Sea including here. The lives of the Lummi's slaves were not nearly as peaceful, just as the lives of slaves in the United States at that time, and the estimated 35 million illegal slaves in Thailand, Russia, India, China, Mexico and many other countries today were and are horrendous. It's appropriate to honor and revere the good people and accomplishments of each culture and nation and always to acknowledge their atrocities, too.