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Yes. Timothy Ballew Sr. spoke about the slaves who did the menial chores in the community. Slavery is such an interesting word. When corporations were endowed with "human" rights it set the stage for the most inhuman slavery of all. How do we keep ourselves from being enslaved by, and in, slavery systems of exploitation? In these times, we are all corporate slaves in one way or another. It is a slavery that goes far beyond menial tasks. It is slavery that is destroying the very foundations of life on earth. How do we free ourselves, and the planet? How do we save ourselves, and the planet? The Lummi had slaves in the past; they also have the answers to saving the present and the future. Partnership with nature. Knowing ourselves as part of the natural world and not as an unnatural blight on the planet. Knowing the sacredness of it all--all the time. Cyril Connolly wrote: "I believe in two-faced truth, the Either, the Or, and the Wholly Both." The Lummi had slaves and now they have casinos. They learned how to play the white man's game. But they have not forgotten that every moment is an unfolding miracle of life-on-earth.