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I enjoy these essays. If one is realistic given the trend lines of human population, resource consumption and cascading socio-environmental disruptions there is really very little evidence that things will be turned around any time soon. And now there is climate change on an unprecedented scale and rapidity. Such self-awareness and willingness to sacrifice personal comforts for the betterment of earth and other living things resides it seems in very small numbers of people. No surprise here, it has always been so.

Here even without the destructive elements of an historic and rigid class system, incredible poverty and dangerous mythologies of hundreds of religions we are also cranking along creating jobs for more and more people on too small a planet. Our mantra has always been "growth is good" and we, as well as the rest of the world, are about to pay the price plus interest.

In my humble opinion, no amount of meditation, incense- burning, writing elected officials or riding a bicycle will undo that we have collectively wrought. Certainly not regular jet travel across the globe. Happy outcomes are limited to fables. Hopeful thinking on any larger scale, say the water quality of the Ganges River or say about recovering the SRKW after a hundred year destruction of everything they evolved around for may hundreds of thousands of years is simply delusion without wide spread drastic action now. Or a savage, deathly bacterial revenge and unprecedented short term suffering for the masses in a complete reboot of the grand experiment of modern humanity. We have been around a very, very short time and screwed everything up royally. Why sugar coat the inevitable? Welcome to the Anthropocene.