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Metta Musings... This is the Time

  • Written by Deb Langhans

Many years ago, Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro retold an ancient Jewish parable about creation (paraphrased here) …

In the beginning, God created a single brown, black, yellow, red and white human from all the colored sands of the earth. God beheld this being and said, ‘This one is in my image, for this one includes all creation in one being.”

Then, to ease its loneliness, God divided this one human in two, female and male. And these two divided themselves even further until the unity of that first person was lost in the divisions created by the many people who followed.

God was saddened by these false divisions, so he summoned all the people to a great valley and placed before them a divine mirror. As they stood before the glass, they didn’t see themselves reflected, but rather the images of everyone else. Many recognized this experience as God’s reminder of their unity with the whole world; but some became frightened and ran away to hide. So, God shattered the great mirror into millions upon millions of tiny pieces, and then placed these in the eyes of every human being, so that when they looked into another’s eyes, they would see reflected the entire world as well as the One who created it.

The Rabbi’s final words to his congregation seem especially prophetic:

“You are the children of these… It is time for you to carry on their work: to learn to look into the eyes of another and see the whole world and the One from Whom the whole world flows. If you fail, if you see only yourself reflected in God’s mirror, the lie you will live will burn the world to a cinder. The whole world is waiting for you, my children. You must see the truth and proclaim it. You must open your eyes and see.”

Last Saturday during his acceptance speech as President-Elect, Joe Biden told Americans, “This is the time to heal in America.” The day before, he stated,

“We just need to remember who we are. This is the United States of America, and there has never been anything, anything we’ve been unable to do when we’ve done it together.”

As we move forward post-election, we have the opportunity to accept Biden’s challenge to help heal our nation. He is choosing to be color-blind about red and blue states, about political parties; we can follow his example. And he’s right: It’s our choice.

Some of our families and friends have endured much conflict—even estrangement—due to strongly opposing views about our country’s leadership and the election just concluded. If we do decide to honor Joe Biden’s vision for America, we’ll need to be willing to heal some of our own fractured relationships with family, friends and colleagues. That work is never easy, but the empathy, compassion and forgiveness required for such healing can be life-transforming.

Biden also urged us to recognize our opponents as fellow Americans rather than enemies, “to see [and] to listen to each other again…” and “give each other a chance.”

One of the most important practices I teach my wholistic life coaching clients is cultivating “full presence:” listening with ears, eyes, heart and undivided attention. This kind of communication softens and expands the heart and offers us the chance to create new possibilities in our relationships. It allows us, even amidst fear, to more easily recognize what we share in common.

There’s a line from the parable I shared that’s continued to touch me over the years:

“… all held tight, one to the other, and God sighed a great sigh of hope.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to co-create that depth of healing? Think of what empowerment and relief we’d feel if we could all fully see and listen and recognize our ultimate unity with one another--not only as a country, but as a family and a community. Each of us desperately needs such restoration. And if we choose, we can start right here on our own island.


May I, we & all beings choose to look into the eyes of another and see the whole world and the One from Whom the whole world flows.

My best,



Deb Langhans has worked in the wellness field as a coach/counselor, writer & speaker for over 25 years. She currently owns & operates Journeys to Healing on San Juan Island where she offers "wholistic" life coaching, mindfulness & grief recovery coaching, reflexology, Inner Journey Collage© & a developing line of products designed to encourage healthy habits.

Most services are available in Deb's studio or via phone or Zoom. For more information or scheduling, please go to www.journeystohealing.com (website). bethechange5@rockisland.com (email), or 360.317.4526 (texts preferred).

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