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Squealing Children

Avatar_DavidBentley As I was eating my lunch in the office kitchen, a little girl on the playground ran up to the sliding glass door and peered in. Obviously shocked to see someone sitting at the table, she ran away squealing. “There’s a man inside, and he’s eating!” she yelled to her girlfriends. Soon, there were three little faces pressed up to the glass door. Then there were three squealing voices announcing my presence to the other children. At about the same time, I finished my lunch.

While the three little girls were informing the entire playground that a man was in the kitchen eating, I went to wash my dishes. As I tidied up, I observed the playground through the window directly behind the sink. Soon a whole herd of excited little children came running up to the glass door. Cupping their faces with their hands, they pressed against the glass looking for the mysterious stranger eating lunch in the kitchen; but they saw no one.

Immediately, they all ran across the playground to inform their teacher as I watched from the window behind the sink. Not being able to help myself, I reached across the kitchen cabinet and pulled the cord on the drapes. They closed in front of the glass door as if by magic. Two stragglers noticed this, and ran squealing to their compatriots that the curtains were now closed. Of course the whole herd had to come check out this new bit of information.

Still standing at the window behind the sink, I watched as they all returned to affirm that the curtains were shut. Then, again reaching across the cabinet, I opened the curtains to reveal a dozen or so faces pressed against the glass door. This time, as they ran away squealing, I realized that they were so focused on the glass door that I was still invisible to them, even though I was in plain view at the kitchen sink window.

Now, I’m wondering who the people are in plain view in Washington, DC, and Corporate America, while the rest of us are running around squealing about economics, politics, and the never ending wars.

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