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Those Darned Ferry Boats

Avatar_DavidBentley I had an appointment on the mainland at 12:15 on Wednesday. I tried to get it changed to better fit with the ferry schedule, but that was not possible. Reluctantly I resigned myself to leaving on the 8:05 ferry, arriving at 9:10, and having three hours to kill. After initially being annoyed, I decided I could do a little shopping during my three hour wait. Still, I charged up my iPod and stuck a book in my backpack.

Fortunately, on Tuesday night, I discovered a ferry system alert about two boats being out of service at the same time. I would be leaving at 8:50 and arriving on the mainland at 10:30 after making a few stops along the way. This gave me time to sleep a little longer and eat a great breakfast before leaving the house.

Unfortunately, that 8:50 boat didn't leave the harbor until 9:20. With each stop at another island, we got farther and farther behind schedule. At first I was mad. How could the entire ferry system conspire to make my day so miserable? By 10:30, however, I realized it was a very good thing my appointment wasn't until 12:15. At 11:50, we arrived on the mainland.

The taxi I'd arranged was waiting, but there was another ferry passenger needing to get to an appointment, too. Because his was closer, we had to drop him off first. By that time I'd given up. I knew that I could not do anything to get myself to my appointment any faster. It would be what it would be.

At 12:10, the taxi driver pulled up in front of the building where I had my appointment. I paid him and literally ran through the front doors and up to the reception desk. I spewed out my name, the time of my appointment, and the fact that the ferry was late. The receptionist replied that I'd made it on time with two minutes to spare. Just after I used the restroom, she called my name for my appointment.

How do you react when things don’t go according to your schedule?

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