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Allowing Things to Work Out

Avatar_DavidBentley It had been a long morning with several appointments and meetings. Now it was time for an afternoon eye exam on the mainland. In my rush to catch the 11:00 ferry, I'd forgotten to stop by the bank to get some extra cash. As the ferry pulled out of the harbor, I realized it was too late to worry about money. So I enjoyed a long conversation with an island friend, allowing things to work out however they worked out.

With two hours between the ferry arrival and my eye exam, I decided to walk the four miles to the doctor's office rather than take a cab. No sooner had I made that decision than another friend asked if I wanted a ride into town. We hadn't seen each other in a while, so I accepted his offer.

After lunch at a nice taqueria, I decided to just go sit in the doctor's waiting room until my appointment. Since I was an hour early, I was surprised when the ophthalmologist's assistant. called my name only a few minutes after I registered.

The preliminary exam and refraction were completed quickly, and the doctor suddenly appeared to continue my checkup. I was completely finished only 10 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start.

Without enough cash for cab fare and a ferry ticket, I asked the receptionist about buses. The next one would arrive in 15 minutes and cost only one dollar. Soon I was on the bus and headed for the ferry terminal. We arrived a half hour before departure, which gave me enough time to buy my ticket and a sandwich before boarding.

There was more conversation on the ferry as the sun went down. Then we saw the beautiful lights of Friday Harbor in all of her holiday finery. With my eyes still partially dilated, it was a magical sight.

On my walk home, I reached into my pocket to discover a single, five-dollar bill. Everything had worked out exactly as it was supposed to work out. It wasn't the way I'd planned it, but I didn't have to worry.

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