Avatar_DavidBentley Is it going to snow or not? That seems to be the question everyone is asking. Many students and several adults are keeping their fingers crossed, although they hate to “waste” a perfectly good 3-day weekend. Early forecasts predicted snow on Friday, but we got sunshine instead. Then the prediction was for snow on Saturday night and Sunday. As I write this on Friday night, I’m waiting to see what happens. Did it actually snow?

I love when the first snow of winter is predicted. All the old stories about 15 inches of snow and the ferry being shut down for a week get repeated and embellished. Old timers try to best each other with wild tales. Then customers start stripping the shelves at the grocery and hardware stores and buying tire chains at the auto parts shops. A few folks even test their generators to make sure they still work.

This year, the view of Mt. Baker makes it clear that someone is getting snow around here. We’re also hearing that Alaska has snow measured in feet rather than inches, with piles along roadsides as high as 30 feet tall. Imagine the snowball fight they could have with that kind of ammunition!

The funny thing is that just a few days ago people were complaining about the gray skies and wishing they were in Mexico or somewhere else warm and sunny. Now, everyone is looking for clouds to come back. We’re never satisfied, are we?

Despite all the excitement, the fact remains that none of us knows what the outcome will be. If we get our hopes up and no snow appears, we’ll be disappointed. If we dread the snow and it comes, we’ll be miserable. Either way, life will go on. Day will turn into night, and night will turn into day.

Perhaps the best solution is to let go of fears and expectations. Instead, we could just wake up each morning, look out the window, and be surprised. Then every day would be filled with wonder and possibility. Now, wouldn’t that be refreshing?

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