Avatar_DavidBentley I offered to grind some coffee beans for a friend. I didn’t have access to a commercial grinder, but the one I did have was a rather substantial home model. So I filled the hopper with roasted beans, set the desired coarseness of the grounds, and turned the machine on. That’s when I got the first inkling that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. Still, I had promised to help my friend.

The vibrations from the grinder made it move around the kitchen counter like a wind-up toy. Furthermore, since I hadn’t completely closed the drawer that catches the grounds, the moving grinder was leaving a trail of ground coffee all across the counter. It made me laugh at first. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that the continuing vibrations were causing the drawer to open further. Suddenly, a brown powder covered everything.

I turned off the grinder and shut the drawer tightly. Then I cleaned up the grounds strewn across the counter. Finally I turned the machine back on while holding it in place so that it couldn’t move. Within a few seconds, I realized that the beans in the hopper were becoming stuck. This meant that I had to shake the machine to get them moving again. Unfortunately, as I picked up the grinder and shook it, the lid on the hopper came off and beans went flying all over the room.

After cleaning up again, I turned on the grinder and picked it up while holding the drawer shut with my right index finger and keeping the lid tight on the hopper with my left index finger, all the while shaking the machine to keep beans moving into the blade assembly. With a little practice, I finally got the hang of successfully grinding the coffee beans and putting the grounds into a jar without making a big mess.

Like most successes in life, my coffee grinding adventure did not unfold easily. It required a little agitation and shaking things up, a number of mistakes from which to learn, and the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances

  • What life adventure are you on today?
  • Are you making mistakes AND learning from them?
  • Have you encountered a bit of agitation and some shaking up of things?
  • How will you remain flexible while adapting to changing circumstances?

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