Welcome Back

Grace Happens

Another Day Begins

Complaints Choirs

The Fair Must Go On

Deer in the Street

Nothing Stays the Same Forever

Vulnerability & Love

It's Started


Writers Write

Bundled Blossoms

My New Camera

Shaking Things Up

Five Magic Words

Mowed Grass


A Week for Dogs

Mother's Day

Stone People

It's Hard to Believe

Was That Stupid, or What?

Happy Easter!

Oh, Thank Heaven

Getting Back on Track

Plastic Door Mat

The Joy of Technology

Whatever Life Brings

Playing Well With Others

A Little Help From a Friend

Another Celebration

Then What?

Heaven and Earth

Why Wait for Tragedy?


They are not the Enemy

The Dancing Seagull

Feeling Unsettled

It's All Relative

The Way Things Look

What's It All About?

The Drippy Season

A New Holiday

Swift Changes

Modified Sequence

Alternate Reality


Homecoming in Two Acts

Classroom Failures

Beyond Words & Notes

Insistent Insect

Brutal Awakening

Eat, Pray, Serve

Anybody Listening?

The Choice is Yours

Doing Nothing


Free Falling

Life's Incongruities

Culinary Heresy

Manifesting Peace

The Good Stuff

The Day of Celebration

Retirement Parties & Festive Wakes

The Loser's Bench

Coming To Our Senses

Dinner with a Caterpillar

Shared Appreciation

Now Showing

I'm A Princess

Strange Activities

No Use Worrying

Slightly Out of Focus

Setting Limits

A Deleterious Spring

Something Out of the Ordinary

Making Plans

Hunting for Easter Eggs


Unintended Lessons

Remembering What You Said

Multitask Schmultitask

Who Do We Think We're Fooling?

Life and Fun

Noticing Changes


Traffic Cones

Unexpected Kindness

Too Many Choices

January Fools' Day

Blown Out Midsole

Relaxing into the Holidays

I'm Done

The Waiting Season


Breaking Tradition

Another Busy Week

The Leaves of Autumn

Picking at Scabs

Photographing the Moon

Standing Tall

This Adventure Called Life

Controversy and Truth

Coming Home

Unanticipated Gifts

Safe Harbor

Island Luminaries

Living Life to Its Fullest

Thwarted Plans

Learning from the Fair


Screaming Ninnies

False Alarms


The Place to Be

Slow, Stop

Happy Holidays

Why We Are Here

One More Reason To Celebrate

Best Friends


Uninhibited Singers

A Splendid Opportunity

The Symptoms of Spring

Weeding Lesson

Worth and Value

Enjoyable Pursuits

Spring Is Here

Won't It Be Fun?

Choosing to Be Amused

Common Threads

Shadow Angel

Lunch With a Crow

Must Be Nice!

The Drive for Perfection

When a Celebrity Dies


Morning Frost

Intergenerational Fun

The 3rd Day after the 2nd Snow

Hope for the World

Two Cats

Toy Tops

Holiday Decorations

Mistaken Identity

When the Willow Weeps

What You See is What You Get?


Living Hard and Loving Well

What Could It Mean?

Which Offers Would You Refuse?

Rediscovering String

The House Down the Street

Seeking Comfort

Did You Ever Wonder?

The Unexpected Visitor

Rumors and Experts

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Friday Night Fun

Only a Red, Not a Blue

Wedding Rehearsals

Planting Seeds

Fickle Folk


Damage Assessment

Becoming Less Verbal


Tomato Plants

Thank Goodness for Butterflies

Recognizing Alarms

A Way to Play Today

On Performing

Mother's Day

Waiting for the Rain

Just Say Oops

Remember To Breathe

Posed To Do It

Being Found

Signs of Spring

Our Great Work

Who Makes the Rules?

Universal Language

What Keeps Me Going

No Satisfaction

Going to America

Exploration & Growth

Ordinary Heroes

Little Boxes

Stomping through Mud Puddles

Being Heard

An Honest Mirror

Now What?

Winds of Change

What Else Does One Do?

Simply Magical

Sun Breaks

The Long Season

Slowing Down

Teaching Moral Values

Struggling to Understand

Why I Live Here

The Times are Changing

Letters to Santa


Going Crazy

Give Them Dignity

Folding Clothes

Right Here in the USA

Feeling Full

Life is What You Make It

Morning Fog

All Hula Girls Must Smile

No Guarantees

The Stand-off

Making the Sale

One Size Rarely Fits All

Beyond Being Right

Watching Sea Gulls


When All Else Fails

Complex Problems

Zealous Community Involvement

Treasured Memories

But It Looks so Different

It's a Guy Thing

My Undewear Won't Let Me

Laughing at Ourselves

Shades of Green

Another Day In Paradise

Making Up Stories

Hard Choices

Common Solutions

A Community Conversation

Still a Child

Predictions, Please

My Signature Red Coat

The Listening Heart

For the Love of Books

The Daily Parade

Dire Predictions

Knitting Lesson

The Magic of Snow

Letting Go

Angels Everywhere

Indisposed, Not Indispensable

Attention, Please!

Rubber Ducks Can't Fly!

Beyond Tolerance

The Aftermath


Fear and Passion

Remembering Those Who Have Died


Looking Up

16-Stroke Masterpiece


What a Great Plan!

Being Called


The Last Big Blowout

Like It or Not

Four Days in August

Exposing Ourselves

Oops, Wrong Locker Room!

The Joys of a Small Community

Unexpected Mentors

Party Hats

Listening to your body

Celebrating Independence Day

Knowing What to Do

The Role of Father

Making Memories

More Fun and Less Frustration

Ignoring the Facts

Visionary Expression

No More Excuses

You're the One

Are You Listening?

Promotional Techniques

Easter Eggs

Don't Worry

God Moments

Reduce Heat and Simmer

Doing It My Way

Thriving Daisies

A History of Change

A Power Greater than Yourself

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