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Avatar_SJILibraryI know this might not be a question you get asked much, but do you know of any local ghost stories? On Friday, October 28th at 6:30 pm, the San Juan Island Library will host a "Live & Learn" program called "Trick or Treat? Ghost Stories of San Juan Island" for an evening of spooky stories, just in time for Halloween. Perhaps you have one you would like to share with us that evening?

Even if you don't
believe in ghosts, or haven't had any "encounters", has someone told you a story about a local ghost, or haunted house? I understand that ghost stories aren't for everyone, but it is my sincere hope that this program will be a way for members of the community to come together in the spirit of fun for an evening of stories by the fireplace, and perhaps shed some light on our local history and the lives of San Juan Islanders from many years ago.

In preparation for this program, the Library is partnering with The Town of Friday Harbor Historic Preservation Program and The San Juan Island Visitor's Bureau to gather up as much background information as we can on local lore & ghost stories.

As Sandy Strehlou, Friday's Harbor's Town Historian, recently explained, it is our hope that the "event will be an entertaining way to combine local history, historic buildings and sites, and Halloween in a fun and intriguing way." Being the expert Historian that she is, Sandy is hoping to have enough time to find some old photographs of people or places that correlate to the ghosts, buildings, or "haunted" places in question.

I have had so much fun working with Sandy and Robin Jacobson on this project, and it has been a great way to learn more about our island's fascinating history. Believe it or not, there are some good ghost stories out there. And, I know there are more - so please share them with us!

You can contact me at the Library, or e-mail . I will pass on your stories to Robin and Sandy, who will do their best to help us learn more about the history, people and places related to your story, which should make our program on October 28th all the more haunting!

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