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Don't Fix it, Read Something Else

Avatar_SJILibrary If you don't like the book you are currently reading, then there are loads more available at the San Juan Island Library. It's one of the many great things about the public library. There is always something there to read.

The collections at the Library are pretty diverse, too. Simply take a look at our fiction section – mysteries, literary fiction, family sagas, science fiction, romance, horror, historical fiction. I could go on, and on. These books are available in a variety of formats, too. The Library carries paperbacks, regular hardbacks, large print materials, audio books, and even e-books.

People are different and like different things, thus the reason for a diverse collection of materials in a variety of different formats. Case in point, I may absolutely love a particular book and the next person may have great difficulty getting past the first page. Nevertheless, I return to my initial comment about public libraries - there is always something available to read. So, grab another book that's more appealing.

In some cases, the writing style may be so offensive to you that you actually feel the need to "fix" it. But, please don't. Please do not write in our books or attempt to "correct" possible errors. Not only is this a destruction of Library property, but it ruins the book for the next person.

Of course, there are some errors that we would like you to report to staff. Once in a blue moon, the Library will receive a book that looks terribly wrong. Not too long ago we received a book with a hole in the middle. It was like there was a special compartment right in the middle of the book. I've seen duplicate chapters, upside down pages and incorrect page numbers. Once a book arrived with the wrong cover.

These types of errors are usually caught by staff before the item is ever placed on the shelf. However, if we miss a major publishing faux pas, then please let us know.

So, please leave the editing of Library books to the original editor. Let's celebrate our diversity and unique reading interests, and be comforted to know that your public library has all types, styles and formats of reading material available at your finger tips.

Marjorie Harrison
Library Director

San Juan Island Library

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