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Survey Says...

Avatar_SJILibrary The results are in, the Plan is adopted, and we're looking forward to starting a new year with a new five-year Strategic Plan. A survey was launched in February to seek input from community members about Library services and programs. 345 people completed the survey.

The survey and planning process was very helpful to me as I stepped into my new role of Library Director. I know much more about the Library and our community than ever before.

It was a very energizing and positive experience. I got to work with terrific people who love libraries. It doesn’t get any better.

Following the survey, Floyd tabulated the results and compiled the information into a colorful, organized document. This document was shared with staff, Trustees, and community members of the Long Range Planning Committee.

The committee used the document as a tool to assess needs and identify goals and objectives for the future.

Here are some highlights from the survey:

  • What services do you want us to add? The number one answer is downloadable e-books and computer classes - it was a tie! Purchasing a generator so the Library can serve the public during power outages is number two.
  • Where would you like the Library to focus its resources? The most popular response is Collections and materials, with staff availability coming in second.
  • What Library services are most important to the community? The most important service is borrowing books, followed by requesting an item from another library and borrowing DVDs.

There were many terrific suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Some of these recommendations we've already started to address. Several of these are in the new plan. A brochure that includes the Library Mission Statement, the Library Core Values, and an abbreviated summary of the Long Range Strategic Plan is available for pick up at the Library.


Survey results are included in the complete version of the Plan. The full and complete version of the Plan is available on the Library's web site.


Marjorie Harrison

Library Director


San Juan Island Library www.sjlib.org


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