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Special collections highlighted

Avatar_SJILibraryThis week I'd like to highlight some of our special collections at the Library.

Public libraries carry all sorts of materials, and even though Dewey is the library standard for classifying materials, not every library will choose to organize it's collections in a similar manner. Nowadays more and more libraries are even "giving up Dewey" and opting for a more "book store approach" to organization.

Yet, many libraries that continue to classify nonfiction by the Dewey Decimal System still opt to maintain separate collections. This is often to highlight a particular area of community interest, or to make certain collections more accessible for browsing.

Most public libraries separate items by material type, so audio and video materials are shelved separately from print materials. Then, of course, many libraries create a children’s area and shelve all children’s materials in a special location. Sometimes libraries do this for Teen materials, too. This makes three distinct collections (Adult, Children’s, and Teen) and within these collections are print materials and AV. This is how we do it at the San Juan Island Library.

But, did you know that the Library also has several special collections within our Adult, Children’s, and Teen sections?

The Children’s area includes picture books, easy readers for young people learning to read, board books, books with an attached CD or cassette, books on CD, music CDs, magazines for kids and parents, and reference materials. Of course, you probably knew about these collections, but, there’s more...

The Children's section offers a whole collection of parenting materials in all formats (print, audio, and video) on a variety of topics relating to parenting.

Graphic novels and Manga materials are also separated from regular nonfiction and shelved together in a special location. The Teen section also has Manga and Graphic Novel collections.

In the adult area you'll find three very special collections - Local Interest, Northwest, and Spanish.

If you're looking for local history, directories, or anything San Juan Island specific whether it's leisure reading or factual information, you'll find these types of items in our Local Interest collection.

The Northwest Collection includes nonfiction books with a regional emphasis such as flora, fauna, history, general interest, and more.

Our Spanish collection includes Spanish language videos, magazines, and books for people of all ages.

We are very proud of the special collections in our Library. Please ask us for assistance if you need help finding a particular title or wish to browse one our special collections.

Marjorie Harrison

Library Director


San Juan Island Library www.sjlib.org


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