Library Amnesty: Start the Coming Year with a Clean Slate@ Your Library

Patrons of the San Juan Island Library who have charges on their account for long overdue books will soon get a reprieve.

Starting November 1, the library will offer a two month amnesty period. Overdue, undamaged materials -- including books, DVDs, magazines and audiobooks -- can be returned to the Library and all billed item charges will be forgiven.

“We’re encouraging everyone -- children and adults alike -- to return their overdue materials so they can get back to discovering and enjoying all that the library has to offer, and so others can enjoy these books and items too. Let’s start the coming year with a clean slate,” library director Laurie Orton said.

After the amnesty period, San Juan Island Library is introducing some changes to its billing rules. Any items that are overdue by 30 days are declared lost and the patron’s account is billed. If the items are returned before they are 90 days overdue the charges are waived. However, if they are returned after the 90 days, the billed amount remains on the patron’s account.

Explains Orton, “Since the Library may very well have spent more taxpayer money to replace these items in order to satisfy other patrons’ requests in the meantime, it’s only fair that the borrower who kept the materials for so long pays the replacement costs incurred.”

So take advantage of the Amnesty period from November 1-December 31 and bring in any overdue, undamaged items—all bills will be waived!

The San Juan Island Library is open Sundays 1-5, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10-6, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-8 and Saturdays 10-5. Please visit our website at or call 378-2798 for more information.

Leslie Baker

Assistant Director

San Juan Island Library


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