Liven Up Your Language Learning with Pronunciator

Do you know how to say “Happy Holidays” in Spanish? How about Macedonian, Indonesian, or Tibetan? If you want to greet your friends and family in a new language, the library can help.

Maybe you already know about our books, our CDs, our DVDs. But do you know about the online resource that you can take with you anywhere you go? Meet Pronunciator, a program with fun, interactive games to help you learn 80 different languages! Say, for instance, that you want to impress your Serbian friend. Log into Pronunciator with your library card number and get to know the language by listening to popular Serbian songs on ProRadio. Or follow along with a coach who guides you through activities and pronunciation practice.

Or, you want to brush up on your Mandarin for an upcoming trip to China. Explore the 8-week Travel Prep course, then try out your skills by talking in real time with a coach through ProLive.

For another example, you’re a teacher planning a lesson on South Africa. Why not use Pronunciator’s Learning Guides to learn shapes and colors in authentic Afrikaan? Activities are available for language learners as young as 3 years old. Whether you’re awed about Arabic, curious about Croatian or longing for Latvian, give Pronunciator a try.

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Jill Twist

Library Substitute

San Juan Island Library

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