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Celebrating 35 Years - Welcome to a Year of Reading with the San Juan Island Library Featured

Can you believe that the San Juan Island Library has been in its present building for 35 years?

To celebrate the occasion San Juan Island Library is inviting you to read along with staff this year in a program called Reading Revels 2018: 35/35. We are challenging folks to read 35 books this year, one for each year the Library has been in the building. Every month, a new thematic reading challenge will be posted on our reading blog, Reading Revels www.readingrevels2018.wordpress.com where you can also see the projected theme list for the year.

Readers earn points by submitting titles they read that meet the challenges. Extra points can be earned by submitting a review/summary of your chosen book.

Staff will provide reading suggestions for each challenge and participants are encouraged to share how their reading progresses and offer additional title suggestions to others. Each month a submission, determined by Library staff, will win a small prize. Then when you reach 35 books you will win a book and in December, 2018 the participant with the most points will be crowned the 2018 San Juan Island Reader of the Year.

The winner will be rewarded with some wonderful prizes, and help choose themes for the 2019 contest. We will also feature a list of the winner’s favorite 2018 books.

There will be three categories of final winners:

Island Reader

Under 18’s Island Reader

San Juan Island Library Staff (no prizes awarded)

We hope that people will take this opportunity to connect with others and share their love of books. So please join us in this year-long challenge to read from a wide variety of sources, genres, themes, formats and subjects. We promise you will be challenged, enlightened and entertained!

To join up head on over to the Join the Challenge Page on the Reading Revels blog and fill out a participation form, or pick one up from the Library.

For submissions, questions, updates and information an email address is needed to participate.

For more information please contact lbaker@sjlib.org

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