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Bad government at work

People who have a gripe with government usually point to onerous regulations. If you want to view an outstanding example of the creation of unnecessary regulations, log onto San Juan County's website and view the April 16, 2015 and the April 20, 2015 work group meetings.

Hardworking, public-minded citizens have been placed in the bizarre situation of creating regulations  the majority of them believe are unnecessary. 

In the case of the marijuana work group, the two pro-regulation folks are neighbors of a marijuana production facility and were involved with a lawsuit against the owner of the farm.  Other members of the committee repeatedly question why the county wants to add restrictions to an agricultural business, noting the extensive state regulations that already exist  specifically for marijuana production, which is an agricultural activity.

The greenhouse work group is asked to create regulations for the construction and use of greenhouses. Members ask what is the problem with greenhouses? And then they are steered back to the task of reviewing suggestions and draft regulations.

The individuals in the work groups are not responsible for this absurd situation, that responsibility belongs to two people - Council members Bob Jarman and Jamie Stephens.

Responding to a few NIMBYs with clout on Lopez and San Juan Islands, they appointed work group members and directed staff to work with the groups and produce draft regulations.

It is not too late to pull the plug on this debacle. Either council member Jarman or Stephens (or both) can vote to stop this nonsense. (Council member Rick Hughes opposed the whole idea of making new regulatons since the beginning.)

Let's stop wasting citizens' time and taxpayers' money. 

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