A whole lot of planning going on

Depending on how voters respond, in the near future there could be a new hospital district on Orcas Island, a new or expanded library on San Juan Island, a new convalescent center in Friday Harbor, a merged SJI EMS and SJI&R Fire Department on San Juan Island, a county-wide Real Estate Excise tax for affordable housing and a new civic campus for county government offices in Friday Harbor. 

How this all plays out will be interesting to watch. Will voters be overwhelmed by the plans? Will they be capable of supporting all of these needs or will they end up prioritizing and supporting what they consider the most pressing needs?

The vote for the Orcas Island Hospital District is set for April 24, 2018.

We will do our best to keep readers informed of the plans. Below are links to more information on most of the various plans. San Juan Island Library will be starting public outreach next month. 

Read about the civic campus here.

Read about the potential merger of SJI EMS and SJI&R Fire Department here. 

Read about the Community Long-Term Care task force.

Read about the REET for affordable housing here

Check out for information about the potential Orcas Hospital District on the coalition's website.


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