Editorial: Brandli is the logical choice for District Court Judge

One candidate is unquestionably more qualified at this time for the position of San Juan County District Court Judge. Steve Brandli, 55,  has served as a deputy prosecutor for San Juan County, as a public defender in San Juan County, as an Judge pro-tem in San Juan County. He's also been a private attorney representing clients in civil and criminal cases. He has lived in the islands for a dozen years.

The other candidate, Carolyn Jewett, 28, graduated from law school in 2015 and moved to San Juan Island to take the position of deputy county prosecutor. While she is obviously a very talented, exceptionally bright woman, her experience is limited. She would make an excellent candidate for District Court Judge in the future but selecting her now just doesn't make sense. 

Since she is the current deputy prosecutor assigned to District Court cases, she would have to recuse herself from every case she was involved in at the prosecutor's office. It's a bit ingenuous to argue, as Jewett does,  that the cases in District Court resolve quickly and the conflict period would be short-lived. 

A look at the District Court Calendar for October 23, 2018 provides a better understanding of the potential for conflicts. 

There are 18 cases. The oldest is from October 17, 2008.

The others are: 

2010: May 30

2016: May 29; December 5, December 15,

2017: March 28 (two cases), May 29, June 10, June 16 (four cases), September 21, September 27, November 27, 

2018: October 11 (two cases)

What's also concerning is the number of people who are ignoring the life experience and law experience factors and deciding to vote for Jewett because she is a woman. A truly egalitarian, feminist decision would be made on the basis of qualifications not sex.  


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