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Donations appreciated to help San Juan Islander continue

Want to help keep SanJuanIslander.com afloat? Here are a variety of ways to donate to your local independent news site. 


Hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving. I've been searching for ways to keep SanJuanIslander.com afloat. Competition from Instagram and Facebook for advertising revenue is more intense than ever before.

Beginning in December, I'll start a part-time job to help finance SanJuanIslander.
Beginning in January, a Substack subscription will start up. For $7 a month, subscribers will receive a weekly TL:DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) newsletter. It will summarize the week's news - including links to the full stories.
In the meantime, the GoFundMe page is being cranked up again. Thanks in advance for your consideration. - Sharon



Checks, mail to : 

San Juan Islander

PO Box 1298

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Credit cards:  - Call Sharon at 360.540.2819 - MasterCard, Visa, AmEx can be processed

Thanks in advance for your consideration.  - Sharon

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