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Guest Column: Visitor's view of stereotyped photographers

Recently, we were guests on your beautiful island. As a senior citizen and a novice photographer, we enjoyed the beauty of your island. We reside on a nearby island. However, we were also treated to some hostility by some well meaning, "locals". I would like to point out that not ALL of the photographers who visit the island violate the wildlife regulations.

Reasons why guest column/letter about COVID at SJCT was removed

From the editor: Readers are wondering what happened to Kate Small's letter/guest column. It was removed Monday after she told me it wasn't supposed to be a letter to the editor and that it contained many inaccuracies. 

Small sent in the following letter explaining her first email. It speaks for itself. 

Sheriff Krebs: Reflections on the devastating fire and aftermath

On April 7th, our town was changed forever by an act of arson.

There are no words to describe how it felt to arrive on scene and see the scope and magnitude of the fire. It was devastating to watch our iconic downtown burn. The destruction was extensive and the unanswered questions of how and why weighed heavily on all of us. An immediate investigation into the cause of the fire quickly resulted in the identification and arrest of the suspect, giving some small closure to those questions, for which I am grateful, and we can now concentrate on healing and rebuilding.

Windermere set up in Islander Bank's former admin building

It's been two weeks.

Two weeks ago, our lives were impacted by the single, criminal act of a lost soul. Millions of dollars in material damage is just a number, but the collective shock and personal suffering of everyone who worked in the buildings along with their families, friends and neighbors has a greater impact than cash ever could.

Greg King's reflections on historic building destroyed in fire

Thank you for all the messages we have received. It has been a very emotional week. Natalie and I purchased this property back in 2004. We were in our 20s and went into this purchase with a dream and not much else. We sold our home and most of our personal possessions and then moved into a small studio in the back of the building. We leveraged ourselves beyond what anyone thought we should and most people thought we would fail.

Greg and Natalie in 2004

Guest Column by Sharon Grace: We Must Change OPALCO to Help the Southern Resident Orcas

The waters around the San Juan Islands are a summer home of the critically endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales.

OPALCO, the islands’ utility co-op, is owned by islanders. Islanders overwhelmingly support recovering the endangered orcas.

Recovering the orcas hinges on recovering chinook salmon populations. The Snake River historically supplied abundant salmon for the whales, as the salmon migrated south along both sides of Vancouver Island on their return trip to the Snake River.

Guest Column by Kyle Kittoe: Fox photographers sorely mistaken about natural order

While reading yesterday’s Fox Photographer Controversy thread that was reposted here from another FB forum; I was disturbed to learn that some fox photo-perturbare’s believe that their clapping and yelling at Eagles hunting for kit foxes has prevented a single capture of last years entire prairie brood. This is yet another example of the backwards mindset held by those trying to justify disrupting South Beach Plain Ecosystem (via inundation).

Our backyard resident Ginger… Gigi to us, morning stone warming. Kyle Kittoe photo

Scott Brennan: Leadership within the SJC Fire Dept.

I was a Sergeant with your Sheriffs Department for 30 years and a volunteer EMT with the San EMS for 15 years. During that time I regularly interacted with the Fire Department, EMS and various other departments and agencies. Because of this experience people have asked me what’s going on with the current Fire and EMS issue. So, here’s my take, based on 30 plus years, dealing with these types of departments.

Trish Lehman: Community deserves clear explanation

My name is Trish Lehman. I am one of five hospital district commissioners, having just served 2 years, and most recently re-elected for another 6 years. I moved to the island in 1971 and am a retired registered nurse. My parents donated the land, and helped build Sunset Point Fire Station on the west side of the island, where they were both volunteer firefighters.

My first job as an RN was at the Convalescent Center before we had Emergency Medical Services, when we had Dr. Heath, our one full time doctor who served our community, and when our medevac was San Juan Airlines.

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