Alexander: Supports Brandli for District Court Judge

I have known and worked with Steve Brandli since he moved here. I have worked with and against Steve many times over the years and I have seen first-hand the respect with which he treats others, even opposing parties. Steve’s depth of knowledge and experience is just what our Court needs. As a lawyer whose practice includes District Court in many Washington counties, I see the desperate need for an experienced judiciary in other counties. Small Claims and District Court is where many people who cannot afford expensive legal help end up for resolution to their legal issues.


Brandli explains “Transactional Practice”

I write to correct some inaccurate information concerning my campaign. I have been very open about my intention, if elected as District Court Judge, to continue a very part-time practice. That practice will be limited to transactional matters, e.g. largely document drafting and advising. Transactional attorneys never see the inside of a courtroom. And my transactional practice will not create significant District Court conflicts.


Grout: Supports Jewett for District Court Judge


At the recent League of Women Voters candidates forum on Orcas one of the most disturbing statements emerged in the race for District Court Judge, between Carolyn Jewett and Steve Brandli. Brandli admitted that if elected he would keep open his private law practice “for transactions.”


Zimlich: Vote Yes for Homes

IN FAVOR OF AFFORDABLE HOME INITIATIVE: Orcas multiple listings today show four homes under $300,000: two Eastsound condos and two livable houses. Could a salaried worker on Orcas buy one of these? Let’s work the numbers.

First huge hurdle: banks require a down payment of at least 20% – e.g., $60,000.


Brennan: Vote No on Initiative 1639

Proponents for I-1639 say it is an initiative for ‘Safe Schools and Communities’ gun control. However all three major law enforcement organizations in the State of Washington are asking you to vote NO. As a recently retired officer with 30 years of experience I can tell that no one is more interested in ‘Safe Schools and Communities’ than law enforcement, but the Washington State Sheriffs Association WSSA, the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs WACOPS and the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association WSLEFIA all agree IT WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP A SINGLE CRIME.