Vote Yes on the EMS Levy

Dear Editor,

I'm writing in support of the SJ EMS levy. Recently my mother passed away in her home and for many years prior to the peaceful end of her life, the prompt, expert, caring and gentle hands of our EMS team were with her in her times of need.


She felt safe living in her own home as she knew if something happened they would be there for her and they always were. The EMS professionals provide much more than emergency care when disaster happens, they support their patient and give surrounding friends and family emotional support and important information about what happens next....

The evening my mother passed away several EMS members arrived and as sad a time as it was I realized that each person there had helped her over the years and had become family to her and all of us. She was in their good hands all the way and they were there to say goodbye and give comfort to her family too. Yes, the levy has the support of our family and I hope you will give yours too!


Jaime Ellsworth

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