Local CenturyLink crew went beyond the call of duty

Last week a vital CenturyLink phone trunk to the county malfunctioned at a difficult time – shortly after we upgraded the telephone system in our County offices and in the midst of a major communications equipment upgrade at the 911 dispatch center in the County Courthouse.


The initial response from CenturyLink’s central office was admittedly slow, however; when our local CenturyLink repair crew got involved, it went beyond the call of duty to cure the circuit problem, then to insure that the County’s phone service got back up and running.

Service was first interrupted Tuesday morning, then restored on Tuesday afternoon, but CenturyLink’s Randy Skels kept monitoring the line and at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday he called Council Member (and former CenturyLink guru) Bob Jarman to report a second outage before the County’s offices were even aware of it (outgoing calls continued to go through via a different route).

Over the next few hours, Skels and Jarman, soon joined by CenturyLink’s Tim Connally, ran tests, replaced components and isolated the problem. But when the line was confirmed back in service, phones at the Courthouse still did not ring. The three of them stayed with us as a resource while our IT staff and the phone hardware vendor identified a fault within our PBX system and got us back in service.

As the County’s IT manager and on behalf of the County’s employees and the citizens who depend on our services, I thank CenturyLink’s Skels and Connally, and Council Member Bob Jarman for stepping in and doing everything necessary to get us working again and for continuing to monitor the line to make sure that vital communications can get through.

Stan Matthews

IT/IS Manager

San Juan County, WA

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