Rogers: Ron Krebs for Sheriff

I am Nikki Rogers a Deputy with the San Juan County Sheriff's Office assigned to San Juan Island. I wanted to take the opportunity to offer my support to Ron Krebs for Sheriff. I have worked with Ron for the last 7 years and it has been an honor and a privilege.


The last 7 years working with Ron has been nothing short of awesome. As a fellow Deputy, Ron has always been eager and willing to help without needing to be asked. Ron offers a calm, no nonsense approach to any situation and has a very strong work ethic. Ron has always been a reliable Deputy to work with and I have every confidence when I know Ron is responding as my backup. As a Deputy,

Ron treats everyone he comes in contact with, with the utmost dignity and respect. This trait, in my opinion, is the sign of a true leader. I have every confidence as a Sheriff he will treat all of his Deputies with this same regard and will not hesitate to communicate with all of us. Communication is key in leadership. Ron has, as a peacemaker, not only in the community, but within the agency repeatedly proven himself to be a strong communicator.

As a member of the community Ron is a role model when it comes to giving to the community. Ron has thrown himself into the community in every way possible. Not only are Ron's family roots deep in the community but he channels much of his off duty time to volunteering for the community. Ron is a volunteer with San Juan EMS which consists of multiple callouts during the night AFTER he gets off shift with the Sheriffs Office. Ron teaches boating safety and he has taken it upon himself to reach out to the elderly at the local convalescent centers to teach them how to avoid being scammed. Ron is also assisting with building a website for the local Special Olympics to raise funding for them.

I would like to also mention Ron as a father. Ron is a very strong, involved family man and has brought his family back into this community to raise them here, where his roots are. Ron has a shrine to his children above his desk and it shows another great trait he has to offer to this community as Sheriff.

Nikki Rogers

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