Paulson: Needs answers before voting for EMS levy

Dear EMS, Before I cast my vote for your proposed 40% increase in the EMS tax levy, I would like more information on your actual budget and where the additional revenue will be allocated. I have the highest respect for the EMS personnel but do have concerns regarding the fiscal management of our tax dollars. You state that the need for the increase is due to a decrease in property values.


1) If your tax revenue increases due to a rebound in property values, how will you the deal with the excess revenue?

2) What is the current EMS budget?

3) Will any of the tax revenues help to subsidize a private, for profit, MedEvac Flight business?

4) I know of two San Juan property owners who have been billed (approx 16,000 each) for an Island MedEvac flight even though your policy states that there is no charge to San Juan property owners.

5) How many calls does EMS respond to each year, and what percentage are advanced life support calls?

6) How does the island EMS call ratio and budget, as a percentage of population, compare with areas such as Anacortes, Bellingham and Skagit valley?

7) Is any of the additional revenue you are requesting needed for the new 1.8 million dollar facility you have recently moved into?

Thank you,

Dan Paulson

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