Hancock: Vote for Joan White for county clerk

Dear Editor:

We are writing to express our support for Joan White’s re-election as San Juan County Clerk.


We frequently have the opportunity to interact with Joan and her staff in the Clerk’s office, and Joan’s long-time professional and responsive leadership sets a welcoming tone. We appreciate the professional and cordial demeanor set by Joan’s leadership and the competent manner in which the Clerk’s office is administered. In addition to providing information and assistance to attorneys, Joan and her staff also assist members of the public with courtesy, patience and humor.

As Clerk, Joan has many responsibilities, including overseeing the filing of legal documents by attorneys and members of the public, working with the Court Administrator to coordinate the Judge’s calendars, communicating with courts in other jurisdictions and keeping all of us informed on new procedures. There are many other facets of the Clerk’s position that can only be learned through experience, and Joan White has that experience.

Joan has been our County Clerk for eight years, and her leadership and wealth of experience shows. We are voting for Joan White for San Juan County Clerk.

Diana & Jerry Hancock

Diana G. Hancock, Attorney at Law

Lopez Island

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